Blue Pill that cures

All marketers are liars!

Most marketers, companies and organizations will initially tell the consumer what they want to hear because that is what the consumer buys. I was just reading a post from Seth's blog where he states that buyers only buy the CURE; anything other than the cure does not interest them. The buyer is not interested in buying a process to get to the cure, they are not interested in a solution that does not cure their need.

A consumer interested in learning French is not interested that your are offering Chinese lessons. A woman looking for a husband will not take you seriously when you tell her that you only want to kick it with her and then see where things go after 3 months. She will not buy it for too long. A crack head that needs a hit will look at you stupid when you offer him food to eat, he needs money to get high. A man of means who is primarily driven by brand names will not buy a Citizens watch, he will buy a Cartier one or better.

According to Seth, 'no one ever really has a cure for anything, but that is usually what gets sold'. The solution is to be honest with yourself; if you know that you have the process, treatment or best effort to get the cure (based on experience and proven facts), sell the cure upfront and the consumer will buy. Get Seth's book below, it explains more about the psychology of a buyer and what a marketer can do to cater to their worldview.

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