Show Dem Camp (SDC)


The Show Dem Camp duo, both born in Nigeria, have a wealth of international influence having spent formative years overseas in the UK, Ireland, Amsterdam and the US collectively. While Show Dem Camp’s influences nod to the lyrical prowess of NaS and rhythmic flow of Fela Kuti, it’s the prominence of their narrative- the story of two young men who aren’t willing to compromise their truth for the sake of artificial cool points


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Following the resounding underground success of their street releases ‘Clone Wars Volume 1 & 2’, Show Dem Camp received critical acclaim for their debut album 2011’s ‘The Dreamer Project’, a lyrically poignant, emotionally candid musical account of the multiple journeys of dreamers- notably those wanting to escape their current circumstances through the pursuit of seemingly unattainable goals.

The Dreamer Project’ spawned hits singles including ‘The Dreamer’ featuring M.I & Abasa, the socially charged ‘Talk About It’ featuring 2face, plus hit single ‘Farabale’, with videos each representing the breadth and depth of life in Lagos, often with the inclusion of everyday people, infusing a ting of much needed perspective.

Following the release of their debut album, Show Dem Camp have toured and performed in 3 different continents and earned plaudits internationally with rave reviews following their performance headlining with African icon 2face at his comeback concert in the UK (IndigO2) in 2011 and more recently American business mogul and former teen star Nick Cannon tweeting in support of the duo’s new material and hinting at possible business collaborations.

In 2013, Show Dem Camp have released a new single ‘Feel Alright’ a playful, feel-good record featuring upcoming artists; DRB crooner Boj and the talented wordsmith Poe. The single, produced by Ghana’s DJ Juls, marks a turning point in the evolution of the SDC’s sound as it fuses modern hip-hop drums over a rich sound-bed of traditional African percussions and live instruments.

Show Dem Camp are currently working on a follow-up album which promises to introduce their music and new sound to a global audience. Ghost states: “For us, there’s so much we want to say, whether that’s pointing out political injustices or celebrating the fun and cultural flavour in Nigeria, it’s important that we represent our truth, which may surprise international listeners, but that’s what we’re here to do…broaden your horizons”.

Show Dem Camp

Birth Name: Olumide Ayeni & Wale Davies


Genre: Rap/Hip Hop


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