Lola Rae


Born on the 20th of January, Rachel Funmilola Garton aka “Lola Rae” is a 22 year-old British singer of Nigerian/Ghanaian and British Heritage with high aspirations combined with a great amount of talent and potential to match. Lola Rae garnered national recognition as a dancer in the Street dance group “Myztikal” that competed in (GWI Street dance champions 2008 U18 Champions). It wasn’t until Myztikal auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in 2010 when her singing prowess was brought to the stage, with Simon Cowell singling her out at both the audition and semi-final stage that Lola Rae began to believe her dreams could become reality.
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Since then, rather than go down the conventional route to X-Factor UK - where an option had been offered to Rachel by Syco (Simon Cowell's record label) for an audition, she instead decided that she’d greater benefit from finding herself as an artist and deciding what she wanted to be, as opposed to a mould being created for her. Building up a catalogue of songs, her first singles being an up tempo dance track title “Watch My Ting Go”, High ft Bridge (LOS) and Fi Mi Le ft Iyanya amongst other recordings.
She also starred in Panshak "Ice Prince" Zamani’s “More” video as the singers love interest. Lola Rae’s strengths lie in her jazzy and soulful feel, comparable to the vibe given off by greats such as Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse. Despite comparisons, Lola Rae ultimately prides herself in her uniqueness and it would certainly be wrong to box her solely into the typical jazz & soul mould. Working with producer P2J, she has found her voice offers versatility and her sound should not be put in one simple category.



Birth Name:

Rachel Funmilola Garton
Born: January 20

Genre: Soul/Jazz

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