Born Omowunmi on the November 6, in Lagos, Omowunmi popularly known as Imanse fell in love with music earlier on in life when her dad played music from artists like Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, King Sunny Ade, Majek Fashek amongst other. She later discovered that she had the talent to sing after compliments from friend and family from her Queens  [show-hide showtext="Read Full Bio" hidetext="Hide Bio" style =button color=black]College days where she attended secondary school. But she will have to finish school before she would pursue music professionally. That opportunity came after returning from the United States where she obtained a Finance Degree from Howard University. Her new hit Single "Gbona" has introduced her to the world.



Birth Name(s): Omowunmi

Born: November 6

Genre: Afropop/Soul/R&B

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