Bigklef was born and raised in south Nigeria. He grew up in one of the most populous cities in the Niger delta called Warri. The Music in him started developing when he first laid hands on the yamaha PSR-70 which his fater had used in his old music band.
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He played the Keyboard for a local church in his neighborhood. He also learned to play the drums, flute, the snare and kick drum. i made progress and got into writing my own songs @ the age of 13 (nursery rhymes).


He started listening to different genres and collections of different artiste like Fela, Oliver the Coque, Felix Liberty, Don Williams, the Temptations, Barry White, KRS One, Scarface, Heavy D, NOTORIOUS B.I.G,and more which influenced his music.

He has collaborated with a number of local Nigerian artistes and has performed in various shows across Nigeria. Bigklef moved to California to study music recording technology.


Birth Name:


Genre: Hip Hop


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