Ajebo Hustlers

Ajebo Hustlers

Ajebo Hustlers


Ajebo Hustlers: Piego and Knowledge - real names, Isaiah Precious and George Dandeson.


Ajebo Hustlers is an Afro urban contemporary music duo hailing from the southern part of Nigeria. It consists of Piego and Knowlegde, and we have our own unique style of music, infused with street slangs and catchy phrases.

God, Our environment and Life Experiences

Life from our own perspective is... hardwork and persistence pays... and whatever you set your mind to achieve you eventually will.

We see our music being globally recognized and we see our self being one of the biggest musical groups out of Africa.


Twitter: @Ajebohustlers @Piego_ah @Knowlegde_ah

Instagram: @ajebohustlersofficial @Piegoworldwide @knowledgeworldwide

Facebook: ajebohustlers

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