Do You Know These 5 Songs By Adekunle Gold Were Inspired By You?


Do You Know These 5 Songs By Adekunle Gold Were Inspired By You?

In an industry where great content-based songs are hard to come by, we love talking about some of the artistes that bring us songs we can relate to and because yesterday, 28th of September was Adekunle Gold's birthday, we are focusing on the talented singer this Monday, revealing the inspirations behind five of his songs that you really love, and guess what? You are part of that inspiration!

These songs are stories that we've either encountered once in our lives by experience or observation and studying us well, Adekunle Gild has made good use of all we've been through and going through... now you see your role?

Let's see these songs you inspired!

1. Paradise:

While on a plane to Abuja, the captain announced to everyone that they are 24,000 feet off the ground and according to Adekunle  Gold, the first line that came to his head was "I dey high in the sky". These words birthed lines that formed the song Paradise... how cool is that?

2. Fight for You:

How many of you listen to your friend's problems and afterward forget about the issue?  Well, Adekunle Gold is not into the business of 'forget and go'. After listening to his friend talk about how he needs to fight for the woman he loves who happened to be with another man, Adekunle Gold took that story and turned it into song for lovers out there wondering what to do about such situation... stop thinking, fight for it.

3. Ariwo Ko: 

This song is loved by so many people because of the level of "Braggado" we have in this world where everybody claims they can do anything. This song speaks to people like that and was inspired by a tweep who Adekunle saw bragging on Twitter.


4. Work:

This is another Twitter-inspired hit. But come to think of it, a wise artiste simply needs to stay and inspiration will never cease with the different kind of people found in that space. According to Adekunle Gold, a Twitter user had said that he wishes he has a sleeve tattoo but he doesn’t have money. (This is the part where I think you should say "your nerve!") Like why want something you do not have money for? I know right? But guess what? he's human hence he has the right to want but Adekunle Gold was fast to remind him that the only way he was going to have whatever he wants is to work for it. Adekunle Gold did not stop at this advice; instead, he went ahead to release a song for it. We hope the Twitter user listened to the song sha... should be a shame if all those advice didn’t benefit the "inspirator"

5. Pick Up:

Have you ever faced class discrimination before where you were asked to "park well" because you were occupying a position that is supposedly meant for the bourgeoisie of the land? Adekunke Gold faced this situation earlier in his career where he was asked not to park his car in the same parking lot others parked theirs... meaning he should park his car outside. The singer prayed to God for an intervention and God picked up and the event inspired him to write a song that will not only make him part if this bourgeoisie but also their superstar... how funny is that?

This song has even gone on to be the prayer point of almost all Nigerians who have been calling on God to do their needful and pick up their calls.

These are all the inspiration we can reveal in this post, watch the full video below where Adekunle Gold talked about inspirations and do tell us your favorite song in his Gold album.