Aristokrat Records Presents: Philosophical Differences


"Aristokrat Records, in conjunction with The Ministry NG is proud present its first project for the year: PHILOSOPHICAL DIFFERENCES by Vic - and yes, the rumours are right - its a GOSPEL ALBUM! 

PHILOSOPHICAL DIFFERENCES is a new age Gospel Project with a distinct feel. The brainchild of The Ministry’s budding Rapper, Song Writer and Producer VIC, the album was born out of his passion for to share “The Epistles” and "The Quartets"  - a production style that utilises 4 musical instruments: The Classical Electric Piano, The Liverpool Bass,Table Percussion and Strings from the standard Modern Violin family. The Album features Ozone, Maka, PShyne andGeezy among many others. The album is dedicated to VIC's Dad who passed away recently and is being laid to rest this weekend.

PHILOSOPHICAL DIFFERENCES by VIC is the first in a series of his "Quartet" compilations. The album would is available on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify and all your popular blogs."


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3 years ago

nice one tho