5 (Five) Niche Websites Launches

The world as we know it today has become an era for information, communication as well as lending a hand to the general public. There is no better way than to survive these moments than to equip ourselves with the required knowledge to help make the best decisions.

These platforms have taken the giant stride to help everyone survive these tough times by providing the required information on insurance, investments, loans as well as child birth.

GetInsurance and Ensuresit are leading online content platforms for everything related to insurance and how it helps you as a person or business make informed decisions. These platforms explore relevant contents that aids decision making in insurance-related situations from things to look out for in a car insurance company to Life Insurance to 7 types of Insurance to the best HMOs in Nigeria

Loanspot, a leading credit and loans content platform in Nigeria focuses on educating Nigerians on loans. The platform is inviting visitors to explore its new website on loans, credit and accessing loans for investment in Nigeria With the current economic situation in the country, it is imperative consumers are informed and educated about loans in Nigeria and leveraging this for personal investment or challenges faced.

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Investsmall a leading investment content platform in Nigeria launches.

The platform is inviting visitors to explore it’s new website on investments and investing in Nigeria. For information regarding any form of investments from Bonds, Stock and Mutual Funds to information on business ideas in Nigeria – Investsmall. is your one-stop-shop for financial industry related contents.

Edie & Amy provides information on getting pregnant, early signs of pregnancy, what to expect during pregnancy, childbirth and early childhood development for African parents and expecting mothers with a strong focus on the mother’s well being.

Another content platforms that provide content guides is  Amala providing ready content for Fzmovies, O2Tvseries, to how to guide such as Spectranet and Etisalat Data Plan to Recharge and Get Paid possibilities to using Kwikmoney

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