Peter Okoye Blames Jude Okoye for P-Square Inactivity

Peter Okoye Blames Jude Okoye for P-Square Inactivity

Post by Demola OG, February 16th, 2016


Several fans have been questioning the current inactivity of P-Square or even if the group still exists. A few days ago, Paul Okoye and Tiwa Savage released a family planning video here on notjustok and majority of the comments were questions about the current situation of P-Square which you can see below.


Earlier today Peter Okoye of P-Square took to twitter to address some of the questions from their fans and why P-Square has been inactive. According to Peter, it appears that he has issues with their manager who happens to be their older brother, Jude Okoye. One of his issues as mentioned in his tweets below, seem to be the lack of a proper business structure and according to his tweets, Peter wants P-Square to part ways with Jude Okoye on the management side of things.

I hope they settle this issue sooner than later.  What are your thoughts on this?





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19 responses to “Peter Okoye Blames Jude Okoye for P-Square Inactivity”

  1. Mandhip says:

    Jude too should step aside from psquare the fans only know peter and Paul. If the artist don't want manager again so be it. You can force yourself on them to remain their manager just because you are the senior brother

  2. Someone_Special says:

    The question is does Paul agree with Peter on this issue or is this all Peter's idea? Some things can be quietly done without making it a public drama. If Peter and Paul does not want Jude as their manager, it could have been handled in a more matured manner. When they were all bachelors, everything moved smoothly but now that they are all married and supposed to be more matured it is one issue after another.
    You just know there will be an issue when Peter started his "P Classic label" last year, then "Dance with Peter" was created which interfered with their tour and this year came "Rudeboy Records" by Paul. And Peter won't be very happy that Paul is writing hits for Muno instead of P Square.
    Paul need to agree with Peter 100 percent for this change to happen. Peter should never have brought this matter to social media. P Square in their early days, used to pour encomium on Jude for sacrificing his music career to manage them. Settle your differences as a family and move on.

  3. I'm really not a fan of "family business," mainly because when business goes sour, precious family ties go down the drain with it.

    It's easy to discard a non-relative business acquaintance when things hit the fan, but the collateral damage to immediate family relations can be devastating when "family business" is the case.

    I'm sure they'll sort themselves out though.

  4. daniel says:

    You all have points guys. Honestly. We don't need to antagonize eachother cos of psqr. Wether psqr splits up or they go on as a duo and let go jude or sort it out, am sure they will all survive. I just want good music wether as psqr or individual artistes.

  5. Swaley says:


    I supported the nigerian twins that came from nothing to something without falling apart by the waist side like most weak families do.
    #Family #strength #Loyalty

    Their journey was Biblical as far I was concerned!

    I don't support or follow success!!!! This is a make or break bussiness decision for the two youngsters!

  6. Nametalkam says:

    i wish their mama still dey Alive! Anyway I'm available for P- Square Manager …

  7. PSquare has a rich history of conflicting interests followed by conflict resolution so this too shall pass.

  8. Winston Balagare says:

    I appreciate Peter's candidness. It mustn't be easy to tell the truth, when the truth makes a loved one look bad.

    There has to be some validity to these statements about a lack of business structure with Northside Ent. That would explain why Northside has so terribly handled Cynthia Morgan's career. For years now, she's dropped weak single after weak single, with no full project in sight.

    Don't underestimate the effect of poor management on the success or failure of a performing artist. I could point fingers at lots of management in Nigeria who don't know what to do with the careers of the talent they are entrusted with cultivating.

  9. DEX says:

    This is why it's difficult for most people to do business with relatives. I actually commend them for coming this far tbh, because not a lot people can pull off what P-square (including Jude) has been able to achieve. I still remember the interviews where Peter & Paul always said that P-Square comprises of themselves AND Jude, as he was the one running things behind the scenes; now Peter's singing another tune. I guess if a manager isn't as efficient as he used to be, you as an artiste reserve the right to change him if you so please. I just pray they settle this amicably. Don't let business destroy family bonds. Let business be business & family remain family.

  10. owolabz says:

    Why isnt paul Complaining ? Are they tryna pull a Kanye on us ? Rubbish and Ingredient

  11. I poke you says:

    Quite sad.. I do see bad reading comments from people saying they are all grown up so they can go their separate ways.. now let tell you something; this group contributed in rebranding Nigeria image abroad tru their music, its bcos of people like them I started getting some respect as a Nigerian in a foreign country where I live. It will quite devastating to them and the entire fans if they break up.. Lets not imitate the like of Jackson 5 etc that ended up separated. As african we've got respect for family value and culture..

    Pls you guys should settle this issue behind closed doors. y'll should reason like african men don't let your wives influence you, GOD bless

  12. Ademola Da Smartprince says:

    may God do the best .. but note: that me seeing jude as ur brother make me love ur works more

  13. thayu says:

    there should find a way to stop this thier fight and quarrel oh

  14. mr green says:

    u guys survived together nd must continue pls,hw i wish ur mum was still alive.peter abeg calm down dont listen to any friend or wife embrace ur brothers before u loose all u worked hard to success u enjoy came from unity nd believe me if u let this unity fall u will regret it nt just u am talking to but u,paul,nd jude.

  15. Ina says:

    I am from Malaysia. My name Ina. I would like to share my feeling over this matter. I m p square fan. Since I met my boy friend. Even tho my boyfriend from Nigeria he didn't exposed me with music there. I personally search. N I ft found p square in the list. I started follow them in 2011 and til today. I love their songs. As someone like me who not African I also feel sad read about this matters. I feel is not easy to maintain the popularity and also family together. Its happen in all people. Just to p square please look deeply heart to heart. Even how hard it is.

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