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VIDEO: M.I Abaga – Phase II ft. Moti Cakes

Post by Ovie O, February 11th, 2016

M.I Abaga Phase II

VIDEO: M.I Abaga – Phase II ft. Moti Cakes

When M.I Abaga is in this mood, there’s no one better in these parts. Looks like the King is back to take his crown.

Some hours ago, the countdown to Illegal Music 3#IM3 – officially began with the release of “Everything“. The Chocolate City President swiftly follows it up with the 2nd single along with a video titled “Phase II” featuring Moti Cakes.

I hear some subliminals. Omo… rival rappers and critics… be afraid. Be very afraid.




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39 responses to “VIDEO: M.I Abaga – Phase II ft. Moti Cakes”

  1. Johnny says:


  2. talib says:

    I bet no one sees this coming….🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥….igboro fe daru streets is not safe no more for those who thing the own it Damn…

  3. Sade says:

    M.I has vexed ohhh. I'm so excited for M.I season

  4. @iamseyi says:

    We are READY……. Bring it on !!!!

  5. bashorunGaa says:

    Oh shiiit! The first 8 bars and I had to pause to let it marinate. ILLEGAL MUSIC 3 cant come soon enough!

  6. bashorunGaa says:

    The thought that this much quality will potentially be for free is AMAZING! I'll easily pay $30 for this! That Breaking Bad sample is dope too, thankfully it's a free mixtape so no potential copyright battles. It's Illegal Music 3 season, not Yeezy season, or TLOP or whatever he settles for eventually haha

  7. Anoni says:

    Dope..M.I ABAGA👊🏾

  8. D_Oracle says:

    The amount of material CBN is about to drop in 2016 just seems amazing.

    To the Chinese, this is the year of the Monkey but to us in Nigeria, nay Africa, it's safe to say 2016 is the year of the Chocolate!

  9. Diddy says:

    Mr Incredible… Breaking bad.

  10. paperboi don dope says:

    Mehn DAT shitt is real

  11. Mubby says:

    Choc city boss! Bless up!!

  12. Captain says:

    That's a nice sample from Scandal

  13. Biggi says:

    Naija ain't ready for the kind of talent MI is got!! Just let it marinate while they listen to Ibile, they ain't ready!!!

  14. Deep Ear says:

    That sample from breaking bad is perfect!

  15. This is the version of Mr. Abaga I like to see. Good Sh*t!

  16. AFKAO says:

    It's quite clear that M.I. was far ahead with the planning and clever set up. See as the monkey theme kon play into IM3 (year of the Monkey). Upcoming fire based on the preview at the end of the video:
    – IM3: The Grand Finale (this month)
    – TICBN Vol. 2 (ND)
    – Young Denzel (M.I., March 13th)
    – The Pryse Tag EP (ND)
    – This is Love EP (Ruby, ND)
    – Odysseus (Jesse Jagz, ND)

    ND = No Date
    Choc City all the way. My foundation is definitely not Mary Kay lol.
    Osagie what do you think about these recent developments? 🙂

  17. ike says:


  18. Dsam says:

    Now I'm convinced it is not going to be the of the fast food music. Ola, abeg shift and make way for the real chairman.

  19. Missing_Edo_Boy says:

    MI spit bars

  20. Someone_Special says:

    Pay attention because it is looking like a chocolate city season

  21. UCHE says:

    THE KING!!!!!

  22. AFKAO says:

    Still on replay along with that "Everything I have" joint
    I noticed this was edited so I'm expecting to enjoy the full version when IM3 is released. Oga M.I. no delay o

  23. Billy says:

    nothing extraordinary

  24. All this other Niggha chatting bare shitt about street.

  25. MChamp says:

    This isn't part of IM3 per the tracklisting info
    Perhaps this will be on Young Denzel mixtape OR maybe just a standalone single (or TICBN Vol 2)

  26. gary says:

    Fact only … Name names

  27. Innerscope says:

    The King is back!!!!!…….Cypha Devine!!!!! Its J Town baby…….

  28. ade says:

    I am a huge MI fan but if this track is meant to be a reply to Olamide's Eyan Mayweather then truth be told it does not meet up. I mean when did MI start asking questions bout "do you know how much i make in a year"? Fact is Y'all still depend heavily on endorsements so don't give us that crap.
    I hope MI remembers how comparisons were made between him and Mode 9? About how MI was more commercial and mode 9 is street. Its just karma with MI and Olamide, Olamide is more commercial and MI knows it thus this lame response without any hits..this isn't about who raps better because obviously MI has an edge but Olamide raps, sings, flows and that makes him more marketable and commercial.
    Olamide is more bankable than MI ever was and in those terms, MI seems to be on a decline, market-wise.. its all bout the money.

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