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Muno – Never Regret + Slow Slow ft Paul Okoye (P-Square)

Post by Demola OG, February 5th, 2016

Paul Okoye, one half of super group P-Square has decided to jump into the executive seat by signing artist Muno to his newly formed Rudeboy Records.

These two songs Never Regret and Slow Slow ft Paul Okoye by Muno are quality tracks; you will feel what I am saying once you are about 10 seconds into playing each song. Looks like Paul’s guidance coupled with Muno’s talent birthed something special. You also get to hear Paul deliver heat on Slow Slow

Anyway check them out and you be the judge.



DOWNLOAD Never Regret


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34 responses to “Muno – Never Regret + Slow Slow ft Paul Okoye (P-Square)”

  1. Plagiarism says:

    Truly of quality – I mean.

  2. billz says:

    talented blessed voice

  3. I poke you says:

    Pity how these dudes got married their bond scattered.. One is into football academy & now Rudeboy records.. Kai!

    May God help y'll sha

  4. domido says:


  5. Someone_Special says:

    Lovely tune. Both tracks are very good. I hope Muno can attain and surpass the success Paul has achieved so far. Please Muno stay humble and focused.

  6. DWaY says:

    Psquare fans pack your bags and move to Muno . This guy will bring RnB to stay in nigeria. Whats next Muno ft Iyanya.

  7. domido says:

    you poeple dont want to show my comment abi yoruba he goat

  8. Lee says:

    Amazing amazing sound well done !!! Talent

  9. Samuel says:

    This guy is Amazingingly Talented bigger you I pray oo

  10. Leya says:

    okay…..abeg na talent be this……abeeeeeeeeeeg……muno is making me jealous ooooo…..He is talented……Gbam

  11. Missing_Edo_Boy says:

    It's been long time coming for Muno and I'm so happy that he's on the right platform to showcase his vocal prowess and to excel In the Nigeria Music Industry………

    I'm sure he knows what he went through on his music journey, so ruining this opportunity is never an option… So Muno. Please stay humble and Loyal… The Lord will guide your path and direct you to always act right to your Boss…..

    I didn't listen to the two songs before commenting because I know you will slay both songs….. of course you did and i'm impressed… Keep it up…

    God bless you my bro….

  12. Kuti says:

    Great one….nice voice and all together different from whats we already know. PPs more more.

  13. Theophilus says:

    Lovely,lovely God bless RudeBoy Entertainment,but please hope you haven't Abandoned the square Records, still need you guys to still do your thing. Paul Okoye am proud of you sir..

  14. Lorenzo Marc says:

    Rudeboy, u do all !! Dope tunes 🙌👍Thumbs up!!

  15. Deswani says:

    This is wat we are talking about wen we say Raw talent………Nd p square thanks for polishing this boy's Destiny! God Bless you guys!!

  16. TalkFinish says:

    This is real talent. this no be Jazzy wey dey force Reekadoo 2 do R&B .. now Jazzy learn from this. use your artist well, this is what Korede is suppose 2 do. As 4 Muno. you are a raw talent. wonderful vocal ability. please do more in your writing. you r in a right label, I'm absolutely sure PSQUARE is dead. Paul will never miss Peter. you have covered his space. well done dude. very nice jam. please be yourself and give us more Jam. song on replay. love the both songs mennnnnnnnnnnnn.

  17. OOSBERTH says:

    Wait is this the same Muno that has been around ? i thought he was with McGalaxy recently, but anyways good move overall.
    This is quality music (Never Regret). I hope he can keep it up. more blessings.

    **westernised by default**

  18. Jerrosky says:

    This is the kinda music with concepts we talking abt

  19. Slay says:

    Good vocals, a lot of west life boyzone influence on this track.. Good to hear a Naija song with decent lyrics, not kpangolo, whine am down shake your baka nonsense..

  20. DEX says:

    These songs are pretty good. With the right guidance, he'll go far. Nice one.

  21. kaba says:

    It sound good!!!!!

  22. Kelvin says:

    Nice song but am not happy where is peter ? chai

  23. Humble Me says:

    This is just lovely…mehn I see this guy going far places.

  24. Sade says:

    Lovely songs! Keep it up Muno

  25. Chuddy says:

    God bless u Paul for letting God use u to bring Muno to the spotlight…Muno is a testimony .Proof that u must not give up….First time i had him sing on a contemporary highlife tune,he mesmerized me running scales on a highlife tune..I knew it was not his style..Just following the band wagon…..After listening to *REGRET* u will know that Banky and all his r/b clik been deceiving us lol (just kidding)…..Pure talent….The two songs on point……look forward to that Regret video…

  26. c-we says:

    Song is well received in Namibia we need the music video ASAP,WANT THE STORY LINE…..

  27. REVIEWER says:

    paul cn write for africa sha!!!! these songs are giving me 2005-2009- vibes! secondry school days days of love! lol

  28. kmode says:

    nice tune bro! good job

  29. Pride of Africa says:

    I don't normally comment on blogs but this tunes are magical, I love good music most especially when it is well crafted. Not vulgar, all about what love should be in both aspect, dance floor and indoor. Great one Mr Paul #BurnFire

  30. lynn says:

    Paul u can write music and muno you can really sing because you just killed people with your sweet voice..I can't get enough of your songs!!all the best muno and paul all the best in your rude boy recordz empire

  31. Mina says:

    This is a dope song.. Paul can write good songs & Muno is the killerman with his dope vocals

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