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Don Jazzy And Olamide Reconcile After Headies Drama

Post by lalaboiy, January 3rd, 2016

Early hours of the 2nd day of the year we were served with one of the biggest controversies yet in the Nigerian Music scene. Read the full Gist of how it all Started HERE.

This drama literarily broke all Nigerian Social Media platforms as thousands around the world debated who was right and wrong. Video of the incidents went viral, Tweets were retweeted into their thousands and E-fights broke out, it was Sensational!

The two CEO’s of their respective record labels have now reconciled, apologized, released statements to their fans and the organizers of the show.

Olamide Lead the way with an Apology less than 12hrs after the whole brouhaha with a post on Instagram and a few moments ago, Don Jazzy posted his apology with a picture which seems like it was taken moments ago.

Olamide Apology

Don Jazzy And Olamide Reconcile After Headies Drama

Don Jazzy And Olamide Reconcile After Headies Drama

Don Jazzy Apology Below


Both Music Moguls Show that they have Reconciled



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51 responses to “Don Jazzy And Olamide Reconcile After Headies Drama”

  1. Noreos says:

    May thunder fire both Don Jazzy and Olamide for this publicity stunt!!! Wetin una take us for??? Who una reconciliation don help??? But wait oo, Olamide face com dey somehow. E be like say him no gree oo… Don Jazzy dey fear go rush reconciliation, cos Olamide banned him from Mainland. … Una no serious…

  2. Someone_Special says:

    Matured move from the both of them but let us hope that this ugly incident has not done any lasting damage to either of them.

  3. Kola Tubosun says:

    Now, go make some good music!

  4. factsonly says:

    Obviously don jazzy went to beg olamide. He is all dressed up with gold chain and i know don j wouldn't wear a gold chain in his house.olamide is wearing his casual jalabia and that shows he has been indoor all day

  5. ayo says:

    I cant lie, it would have been exciting to see the type of music that would have been created with the beef being involved. Just to shake things up a big. Not everyday fake shake hands for instagram.

  6. mecci says:

    ola u ar d boss

  7. lumi says:

    Olamides face looking like "if you like try am again"

  8. Winston Balagare says:

    Reconciled? The look on Baddo's face says otherwise. Looks more like a PR patch-up job. But I don't think we'll be seeing that Tiwa Savage "Standing Ovation" video with Olamide anytime soon.

  9. Observer says:

    I'm happy they reconciled.. but them for release like 2 diss songs each na for the fans to enjoy cos na we drink paracetamol for this matter pass.. ?

  10. dbanj says:

    badoo win…jazzy big fool for nothing

  11. jjj says:

    @factsonly so Olamide house get flood lights and stadium seats

  12. bobson 123 says:

    Nice 1 @don-bado

  13. Dsam says:

    Whoever apologized first has all my respect. This is the kind of move you make first in a situation like this if you are truly raised by a responsible father and a loving mother. I think both of them have that advantage. There is no shame in doing the right thing. As a man, you need to always control your feelings and own up to your bullsh!t. Peace!!!

  14. helyboi says:

    Kodox for but of them they have show us some maturity I like DAT

  15. Adejumo Oluwatobi says:

    Dz is new year….mak two of una no use fite start d year its gud both of u reconcile on time#OneLoveNigeria

  16. babs says:

    Badoo always a badoo…see him face always not smiling!!!!

  17. The reconciliation was inevitable.

    Particularly since Olamide's tirade was obviously fueled by alcohol. Regardless of who made the first move, it is the best move.

    Now, can we all move on?

  18. Frank Natty says:

    Regardless of the Reconciliation, Baddo will still release a banger that will relate to this beef soon because his face doesn't look "I've accepted".

  19. busysinging says:

    I truly respect Don Jazzy and Olamide for this. After all said and done. Right decision made. Forgiveness is good.

  20. Winston Balagare says:

    Has anyone checked on Dapo to see how he coping?

    Olamide's "I'm not D'banj" line must have been payback for DeeVee's claims of song theft. That one must have hurt DB Records to their core.

  21. Damunbul says:

    Just when I was waiting for a beef song from the YBNL gang…was waiting for "its young john the wicked producer"…hahaha. Nice one guys, it doesn't matter who apologized first. Its all about respect!

  22. kerwhizz says:

    olamide is still frowning na,don jazzy's smile is obviously a fake one

  23. Nafamywiz says:

    Then what happened to Lil' kesh??

  24. Mc Harrix says:

    Well it's a good thing!! Glory be to God! Olamide take my advise *wise**up and Don Jazzy stop been upsetted so fast!

  25. I poke you says:

    Looks like GLO forced this reconciliation

  26. Olayiwola says:

    To me two of them was wrong, but dey should fight in that way because they are all responsible family man in that case dey come back and beg there self simple…… #

  27. Fisayo says:

    Wateva u like post they've both take a mature step….keep on wit d gud work d CEO's

  28. mike says:


  29. mike says:

    Better…. Mature diplay

  30. olamide says:

    Peace at last. @badoo sneh

  31. Hopeful! says:

    Oh na wah oooo! You guy for atleast give us a couple of beef song before you setlle na. lol

  32. david says:

    Dat was very gud by both of dem but I still think dat lilkesh shuld av one d next rated award

  33. tush says:

    badoo na correct nigga …… but at last two of the show maturity….. badoo sneh you bam cofirm. all the way mainland to bariga sneh

  34. timeless says:

    yeah the highness from olamide eye don clear na wen im realise that everybody wey don beef don jazzy don reduce for their music career bcos dem no dey make hits like they used too like dbanj and wande so in kukuma go apologize before anything go do in music career loool

  35. MILLION D. BOSS says:

    one love to all nigeria music no music

  36. St.banky says:

    That’s makes them humans, this always happens in ones life. So let them be, please one hurt track from you guys. We’re all waiting for it and xpecting it soon.

  37. philips says:

    lil kesh is meant to be our next rated but they gave it to the wrong person .our baddo sneh has a point doe.but we needed beef song.

  38. adigunmyhty says:

    The fact that don jazzy is smiling and olamide is not does no mean h still angry and do is not! That might b b fake smile,

  39. Damojay says:

    Badoo always one man mopol… I feel u… Without mavin crew don jazzy is nothing

  40. Dee says:

    Don jazzy always onpoint smiling, y is Olamide boning, i thought it was suppose to be a reconciliation

  41. olamilekan says:

    if we take a look 2 wot happ my CEO olamide is not at fourth because wot happ last year most not happ again
    badoo did not mention anybody name y should don jazzy mention is name. but wall we tank god .mine CEO ijebu sneeh

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