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Davido Gives Cynthia Morgan An Epic Dab Despite Her Insults

Post by E G O, January 3rd, 2016

Davido Gives Cynthia Morgan An Epic Dab Despite Her Insults

Davido Gives Cynthia Morgan An Epic Dab Despite Her Insults

2016 is really going to be a phenomenal year, as we are going to have a alot of juicy entertainment news to bring your way.

Just the other day at the #Headies2015, we brought you news about the fracas that took place between DonJazzy & Olamide which has now been setteled.

Now we’re bringing you yet another juicy one which has been bubbling underground for a while now until it finally manifested.

This time, the news is between Star girl – Cythia Morgan and Davido.

Apparently Cynthia Morgan has repeatedly mentioned in one or more of her interviews in the past about how she was feeling superstar artist – Davido and how she would love to be his baby mama…really? All the while she mentioned this, Davido never replied her or even acknowledged her comment. Probably angry about the silence from Davido, she then went forward to reply harshly to one of his tweets about the #Headies sometime late last year.

Davido said – “Lil Kesh is this years MVP!!! Next Rated Hands Down!!!  If them no give you pull a Kanye on them!!” 

Cynthia Morgan lashed out at Davido by saying “Yo everyone on that list is MVP Yo…so calm dah fuck down.”  I would think that was really harsh if you ask me. Check out the tweet below before it was deleted:


Now recently, Cynthia Morgan decided to go head-on with Davido by recording a video on her Snapchat dissing and cursing out Davido.

Check out her snap chat video below too:

In this video, you can hear Cynthia Morgan calling Davido a “Fcuk Boy” while robbing her #Headies Award in his face.

Davido who already has his plate full happened to overlook her and replied her in a very responsible and epic way. Check out Davido’s tweet here:


Now is that reply Epic or what?

Could it be that Cynthia Morgan is somewhat angry that Davido never acknowledged her presence, despite her advances towards him? Could that be the reason for this insults and attitude towards him, or is there actually more to this? Our guess is as good as yours.

Please leave your comments below.

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30 responses to “Davido Gives Cynthia Morgan An Epic Dab Despite Her Insults”

  1. I poke you says:

    CM wanted a collaboration but David charged her too much.. That was what got her angry..

    CM, abeg go passa-passa stay

  2. GeneralRichie says:

    For this I love you Davido, what a way to reply to her arrogance. You're the realest guy joor

  3. Teg says:

    You failed to mention that Davido has dissed her on his snapchat before and called her a balu. His tweet about the Headies was also disrespectful to the other nominees. Cynthia didnt come for him no reason, he started it

  4. Lade says:

    F*ck Cynthia Morgan!!! Immature slut. I mean what did Davido do to deserve all those insults, all he did was show support to Lil Kesh and this brainless bitch came out of nowhere and started saying disrespectful sh*t to him.

  5. Winston Balagare says:

    I've been waiting for this moment.

    I've been waiting for a reason to expose this imposter.

    The moment has arrived.

    More to come. #instagram #twitpics

  6. Trex says:

    Abeg leave this for LINDA IKEJI. Na music i came here for. If you na no get music for us. i go take my Dick and go somewhere else.

  7. muizWINSOME says:

    Ion even no wah Nigeria music industry is turning to…..diss today dissing tomorrow??

  8. Eti says:

    It's unfair how you're not stating the fact that Davido continuously insulted Her on his snapchat.. Putting up her picture saying Balu and the girl kept quiet all this while.. Now you chose to write your article and twist things in your own way .. VICTIMIZING THE FEMALE THAT STANDS UP FOR HERSELF AS USUAL .. Messed up

  9. Don K says:

    Olamide wanted the Car. But Cynthia Morgan hungry for that Ibo Black Boy ""D" wit her Jamaican REPPIN ass….HA HA HA!

  10. MOB says:

    But shouts out the nigerian industry be saturated its good to see some fighting for the throne competition, it's ripe time for it!

  11. Honestly Speaking says:

    Who is she? instead of her to be begging for collaboration to help her blow?

  12. lee says:

    CM you are a dumb a** mutherf****

  13. Femmyfemz says:

    Grammatical errors in this article. Remember that "been" is past tense and "being" is present continuous tense. For example this "now being setteled" and this "has being bubbling" are wrong and "being" should be replaced with "been." The editor should know better. We as Nigerians should raise our standards to be world class. I recommend to a lot of foreigners. It isn't good when they see errors like these.

  14. I guess it's beef season. Someone pass me the steak sauce.

  15. Keshinro Kulaj says:

    Davido has proved himself to be a DON…. damn Cynthia lick everybody's ass. from NJO to Sound City, to CNN to the anonymous people commenting on blogs… Just bend down and start licking ass now. don't stop, take it low and lick lick lick. lick da bum bum bicht… look at your cardboard nose, everytime you said fcuk boy, your nose was getting longer cause you're a liar and the fcuk boy, yes i meant to say boy not girl you fcuking fcuk boy. You deserve to be stoned to death, just pass Lekki Phase 1 again. IDK where you live but i have seen you at ALADE MARKET buying bend down select bicth. I know it was you with your period hair. You have an issue of blood and we will make you bleed even more. Disgusting parrot, omo to ni anfani. You are talking about globally important people from your bedroom, why don't you go on CNN and broadcast your feelings. or find a local rapper to feature your feelings (oh i guess thats slick) dumbass nigga even showed his face, IDK you but now that we have your photo we will also stone you to death. STONE YOU TO DEATH… because you are worthlesss. German Juice ko German Juice ni. More like Period Juice. Good for nothing silly ass hoe….

  16. Hopeful! says:

    #Davido! Mo fo tan….. Wat a response… You mothered hands down. #Thumbs up nigga!

  17. Silejo says:

    Cynthia Whoregan!!!!

  18. Man3z says:

    This what happens when a girl likes a guy and he doesn't give attentions she wanted and eventually someone else comes into the picture and treats her right. She gonna dislike Davido for a longtime and Davido shouldn't act like he hasn't been throwing shades on snapchat ! Anyways 2016 just started *Grabs Popcorn and Coke* let see what the industry got for us !!

  19. Silejo says:

    Cynthia Whoregan!

  20. timeless says:

    notjustok where were you when davido was dissing cynthia morgan on his snapchat?!!! why una no post am, u ppl starting all this cnn and fox news nonsense trying to twist the narrative to someone else's detriment…SMH rubbish!

  21. Dnj says:

    How many accent does Cynthia Morgan have?? Lol!! Na wa oo! The fakeness is real!

  22. Nally says:

    Dats what we expect as a big boil

  23. ozbiradio says:

    Download OH BABY" by @HaviHavilah. prod by @DjOzbi) pls reBC

  24. natireruth says:

    U guys are all bunch of fools,cant u c dat Davido startd it all,thumbs up Cynthia Morgan,more respect I gat 4 u

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