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UPDATED: Davido Writes Letter Addressing Child Abduction Accusation

Post by Demola OG, December 30th, 2015


On December 29 2015, Davido and his family (father, siblings and daughter) were scheduled to travel to Dubai, but the flight was interrupted by immigration, due to alleged information that Davido and his family were taking his daughter out of the country without her mother’s (Sophia Momodu) consent.

According to reports, Sophia Momodu claims that her baby was forcefully taken from her and she was thrown out of the house. The news about alleged child abduction has been spreading online for a few hours and Davido himself released a statement on twitter (See Below) addressing the issue.

Dele Momodu founder of Ovation who is also Sophia’s uncle also posted some pictures on his Instagram Page below in an attempt to defend her niece.

According to Naij, here is another statement released by Davido’s manager, Kamal Ajiboye about this issue.

The baby was taken away from her due induced drugs found in her (baby) system which she obivioly got through the mother’s breast. David’s family is only helping her and the baby,” he told our reporter over the phone.

“David’s family prevented him (David) from reporting her to the NDLEA and as we speak, the baby was recently treated in Dubai. The baby cannot even breathe properly.

“The family has done everything to take care of the mother and child. We rented an apartment for her and she gets three hundred thousand naira monthly as upkeep. What else will the family do? To be honest, not sane family will take a child away from the mother for no reason


Social Media has blown a situation that should have been a personal matter out of proportion, but that is the age we live in now.

Davido’ Letter

>In 2015 May, I became the father of a love-child. DNA testing determined with maximum proof that I indeed was the father of my daughter, delivered by a head-butting casual lover, Miss Sophia Momodu.
>I met Sophia when I was barely 21 years old. She was many years older than me and was able to manipulate and exploit my youth, naivety and generosity.Sophia is the mother of my daughter, and no more ! She never would be my wife and she was never qualified for that status. Her background is very dissimilar from mine, and she has very paltry education and equally diminished physical attributes.
Cunningly, she moved into my house because she claimed she has no place to stay in Lagos and that her father is late and her mother is resident in Abuja.
>I have accepted what providence brought my way including my own personal indiscretions. But I also have been burdened by the gave lapses in the character of Sophia and have thus suffered for my daughter who I love as much as my late mother, Imade.
>As for the person of Sophia, I paid a two year rent for her apartment at Lekki and she receives a monthly allowance of 300,000 naira from me ever since Imade was born. This December, Sophia received 500,000 naira as her Allowance and Christmas bonus.
>On a routine hospital check, my daughter was found to be infested with massive dosage of poisonous cannabis that she contracted from the breast feeding regime of her mother’s breast. We still don’t know how much Imade was damaged by this toxic feeding and medical tests and procedures continue to rise and bemuse me and my family members.
Already, Imade has special needs and has been treated at the American Hospital,Dubai with all medical costs and travel expenses drawn off my personal purse ever sine she was born.
>On December 29, Imade was supposed to travel, once more, to Dubai for further medical care. A family vacation was attached to this medical trip. But our family plan was truncated by Sophia, her uncle, Dele Momodu in the company of his wife, and all these persons were the significant accessory to the Lagos Airport debacle.
>It is this incidence of December 29 that made implicitly necessary to bring my family matter to the public domain. I agree, both parents have to give simultaneous approval to the travel plans of an infant. But I do not intend for Sophia to join me on this trip as if we are going away on a spousal honeymoon. It is also fair to allow her to come along if she could pay for the costs of her own trip.
Why must I bear medical expenses for my daughter as well as the travel cost of her mum, who is neither my wife nor a friend at all? By what authority or court documents was Dele Momodu enabled to stop my child who embarked on a medical trip that would improve her wellness. I David, the father of the child was already available to attend to the child’s care? Which Agency of government, as claimed by Dele Momodu and his wife, issued the authority to deny my sister, myself, my daughter and my dad on a rightful travel plan? And what has been the financial stake of Uncle Dele Momodu over my daughter, ever since she was born.
I rented an apartment for his niece who is not my wife and I duly pay monthly charges. What has uncle Dele Momodu done for my daughter or even his niece? Momodu family also wants me to buy a car for a woman who is not my wife and also an habitual and ceaseless night crawler who is unable and unwilling to mother or even bathe her own child?
>I am 23 years old now. Sophia got me and appropriated me at 21. I have just unbridled my life from her diabolical and shameless stranglehold. She should find her own life and leave me alone. Her uncle too should help her to quit the streets and find her a career. I am not her meal ticket or ATM because she has a baby for me. I love Imade and would do everything to defend this innocent baby that is being abused by callous adults for extortion purposes.
>As for me, I feel bad that my dad, who had boarded Emirates and was already issued a boarding pass but was forced to elect not to travel anymore because his daughter and granddaughter were prevented from travelling on December 29 by the Momodus. The passports of my daughter and sister were impounded for no just cause. The airline has refused to give a refund because my dad was already allocated a seat and boarding pass. Calmly, he lost over One and half million naira for his First class ticket. What is the loss to Uncle Dele Momodu in this matter ? But more precisely, what is his gain ? But o know who the real losers are.

Our lawyers are looking into the books and digging for legal recompense. The authority used by Uncle Dele Momodu is the callous enforcement of corrupt practices in the conduct of an ordinary domestic issue. Uncle Dele Momodu has boasted about possessing certain things he knows about me and my family. I dare him to publish or perish whatever he has in his pouch, globally !


Dele Momodu Pens Details about the battle on Child Custody. Too much personal information flying around. I hope they resolve this issue pretty soon.

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22 responses to “UPDATED: Davido Writes Letter Addressing Child Abduction Accusation”

  1. "my daughter was found to be infested with massive dosage of poisonous cannabis that she contracted from the breast feeding regime of her mother’s breast." What an excuse!

  2. Saints and Sinners…what happened to family meetings and village round tables? where are the elders? This is not a rap battle o there is a child involved and I'm frankly disgusted to be reading such on IG. OBO you guys need to take this serious matter underground where it belongs and settle amicably.

  3. Sir Goldcoin says:

    The fight would be a very ugly fight if not handled with care. The two parties involved got public names and the media would want to feed from it thereby causing more problems than solutions.

    Baddest try and make peace with the lady for the sake of your child….round table discussions are still the way out from this drama that might turn into a series if not well directed and curtains drawn on time……and try to stay away from YES men around you baddest that would pour in more petrol to burn up things instead of water…

  4. BigMouth says:

    So so childish! Spoilt rich kid

    Settle it like a man in private

    Should learn from 2baba!!

  5. Truth says:

    yotis u are mad in d head d woman can not take care of her child and u are saying what an excuse may your partner feed your children weed and when they do stand by idly like d mumu u are ode

  6. Suftta says:

    This is a sad situation and a reflection of the decadence in our society.
    1. David should stop crying wolf. 21yrs is an adult. He wasn't raped or forced.
    2. Has Sophia been doing drugs / weed alone. It's probably one of the vile things they have in common so no "kiss & tell, David".
    3. Who else should pick her bills? If our laws were right, he should be paying much more.
    4. Papa David should get help for his son & not just his granddaughter. He can't throw money at this.
    5. It is a sin to forcefully take a child from its mother, unless she's endangering the child. In this case, if the Adelekes truly wanted to help, they should have carried her family members along. My honest opinion, Coco should have been arrested but then, this is Nigeria.
    6. Sophie & her likes should stop thinking they can tie a man down with pregnancy. It's gross. Hope she's learnt her lesson.
    7. Sophies of this world should note that riches / fame have a cost. Watch your steps.
    I hope all parties involved would act with maturity, lay down their ego & settle this. Not fair to the baby & the public – there are more pressing issues in Nigeria.

  7. In Sweet Brown's voice – "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

  8. Jeb says:

    Lesson learnt bro.. get the kid back to her mum and leave the rest to God.

  9. fowoplay says:

    Davido ft wizkid.. Make dem use this one sing ooooo…

  10. father beezy says:

    Regardless of Sophie's state of mind/act, Davido's family must always follow procedures. It is grossly illegal to attempt to travel with a child without the consent of her Mother. Law is Law. As a matter of fact, the airport authorities might have used the policemen to arrest the subjects family if it were to be in the western countries.
    Also, I honestly think writing all those things about marijuana was "too much information" (TMI). Such a vital information could have used as a weapon ( joker) by David's family to seek for child's custody in the court of law ( I know they can still use it). In a country like Nigeria, many things could tamper with the evidence; therefore proving futile at the end. Kamal Ajiboye, this is bad PR on your part.
    Finally, I think both the families of David and Sophie should try and settle this matter quietly. There are neither saints nor sinners in this saga.

  11. koboko says:

    Dear Davido,
    How you want to take a child (7 mouth) from her mother without her consent? This fight you can't win it. You have to be patient with your babymama and money is not everything. This is a time for your challenge because the woman want you to be close to her, why you believe the money.
    Thank you

  12. Andy says:

    Sophia is a gold digger……….I have physically withnessed her fight with another girl in a club in Abuja over a rich guy. I'm sorry for Davido's daughter cause she'll have to pass through alotta psychological issues when she's grown. Dele "Mumu – do" have disgraced himself publicly. The Adeleke's weren't running away with the baby, it was only a trip to Dubai, they obviously reside in Nigeria and they'll be back… a matter of obstructing the trip is not called for, Sophie wants possesion of the kid right? If Davido doesn't give her money how will she fend for the baby cos the last time I checked she was jobless, and Dele Mumu-do won't even support her. If Dele was so caring why haven't he assisted Sophie to be independent? He's own is to be fueling the beef SMH. They should settle the issue like grown-ups and Sophie should be coming around to see her kid like most parents do. Every ambitious young man should learn from this, they are a lot of girls out there that are ready to ruin your life. Falz said it "KARASHIKA's are real!"

  13. Dsam says:

    And that's a story of a 24 carat gold digger and a spoiled brat. Shame on the families. Hello guys, it is 2016, let's take our d!ck and go home. These cumdumbsters can't hold us down.

  14. owolabz says:

    Aint Nobody got time for dis.. Happy New Year Fam … God bless Y'all

  15. Omoh says:

    Like it or Not. Davido is the King right here. My Prove story. True Story.

    Before I left Nigeria in 2012, I had a girl who came to stay in my place, no sex attached. I was accommodating her due to her problems, i knew her way back and I did not listen to much of her story, just giving her a help to go school and work. Everything was free, i tried as much as possible never to do something stupid or use her situation. She later found a boyfriend, they were dating and everything was okay for her, she will even bring the guy to my place, i acted like her brother, not too long she met this rich boy of late 20s. She instantly she fell in love with this guy and disowned her old boyfriend. They start living Miami in Lagos, within 2months, she got pregnant for the boy just tie him down with baby. She didnt tell the guy she was pregnant cos it was still early to abort, until 5-6months, later on her pregnancy came to light. She gave birth to a male child, she met her rich boy's family that totally denied her, gave her 100k to stay far away from their family with the child ooh. A girl full of natural beauty turn to old woman overnight. Once again, i tried to accommodate her with the baby, but I just cant, i asked myself why cant she use the guy money to educate herself, build herself and do something meaningful than tying a guy with baby?

    If truly, Davido is paying this girl 300k a month? Omo, Davido you are real MVP, you didnt even deny your own baby, some will deny their own baby regardless of their public figure, we know them. Please make una settle this issue secretly, baby is involve.

    As for Dele Momodu, I know he is doing Uncle things, but will he continuing to shelter for Davido's baby and his niece, if Davido decides to cut every ties with the baby and her mother, trust me that 100% possible in Nigeria, a country that have no law/regards for family or denied babies. So Sophie involving your uncle must be a thinkable things, some family members will only be there, so not to tarnish their name. think twice girl.

  16. Winston Balagare says:

    David . . . David . . . David . . . How many times did I call your name, ehn?

    You have to stop this your habit of unprotected sex. That's what started this whole mess. Now you've into kidnapper, all because you don't like condom? Small boys will learn big lessons.

    You must stop this foolishness in 2016. Just give her the pikin, and give us the new album.

  17. janeey says:

    Condoms, very cheap. would have saved this kid from all this wahala.

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