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VIDEO: Ice Prince – Jambo

Post by Demola OG, February 20th, 2014

Here is a new video for Jambo from one of the most successful rappers in the game, Panshak ‘Ice Prince‘ Zamani off his sophomore album Fire Of Zamani which was released in 2013.

Video shot on location in South Africa and directed by Sesan.

YouTube Preview Image

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27 responses to “VIDEO: Ice Prince – Jambo”

  1. Omooba001 says:

    dont wanna be first …i might just rest and let someone else get it

  2. Tmonei says:

    Chopstix killed it…….

  3. kilo says:

    This guy has better song for his album, Why Jambo video now? Same as Dr Sid. why? I guess wotever makes them happy. What about the fans?

  4. VinchoIsHere says:

    Same ideology, same styles , different song, different location……..Thats all

  5. Gbagbati says:

    too familiar, Aboki flows… nothing ground breaking
    nice feel good song, but there are better songs on FOZ that should have been used for a video rather than this

  6. DEX says:

    They should've made a video for songs like 'Person wey sabi', Whiskey' or even 'Pray' off the album instead of this. It really lacks concept. In other news look at the facial expression of that lady (on the right) beside that girl that was shouting from 3:40 – 3:44. Lmao!

  7. Royal_Flyness says:

    Ovie O.. you don start again oh.. one of the most successful rappers in the Game.. In Lagos abi Jos? Nigeria abi Africa… How albums has he released and how many copies sold? How many awards does he have to his name? (not because he won BET oh cos other Nigerians don win am before).. The hype too much.. He is Just OK…

  8. Tech Blog says:

    love the dance at 0:40. Ice Prince is the most loyal artist in Africa no doubt. Nice video/song.

  9. ozil says:

    he had other great songs on the album FOZ, he would have shot videos for those song eg tipsy ft wale & morell or stars and lights ft ruby .

  10. paulmirabilis says:

    I'm glad one of my favorite songs on FOZ finally has a video. However, he should have used someone else to shoot the video. Sesan's videos usually lack concept/storyline

  11. owolabz says:

    Fire of Zamani !!!

  12. iamontwitter says:

    so many comments here are about why this was the first video when they were better songs on the album.. well he said he's going to release some more videos i just hope kpacko, tipsy and whiskey are among and for the "same style" everybody wants to be unique he wants to be remembered as ice prince the "wanchan guy" and about video concept you're a liar if you say this is the same video concept…i thought the song was about weed and sex but he made it look like a love song.. and for storyline..once again MUSIC videos arent movies they are just to recreate the song

  13. kobikwelu says:

    Pop master…he is not re-designing the wheel, but is making a killing riding it..

  14. KONIA says:


  15. Blue c says:

    lovely video…#ABOKI

  16. Sirius says:

    For those of you wondering why this song got a video – It is because it is one of the few dance-able songs in the album. It is masterfully constructed and a beautiful song.

  17. truth hurts says:

    Pull ur pants up dude ..ur a grown ass man. By the way nice vid…. as per rapping and lyrics, u have always been just ok ..wasn't expecting too much as per lyrics.

  18. aboki says:

    good,but na still thesame "one way " flow na oga aboki

  19. dou says:

    and this is why jesse jagz is better. this is basically aboki in a different packaging

  20. Eric horsfall says:

    Its has made his mark in d rap game. But bro I think its high time u step up..kudos to chopstix on d prince shout do sometime far as am concerned its always d same style ..poor rhyming.. No unique bro..ain't hating. Just saying

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