VIDEO Premiere: D’banj – Bother You

Post by Ovie O, February 12th, 2014

The Original Soundtrack to the Hollywood-meets-Nollywood movie “Half of a Yellow Sun” (coined from the book with the same title by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) now has a video. As previously announced, the song is called “Bother You” and it’s by our very own Banger Lee, D’Banj. Check out the visuals below.

Awesome tune!


D'Banj Bother You Art


YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
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93 Responses to “VIDEO Premiere: D’banj – Bother You”

  1. @pee_dr says:

    eja nla.. Respect oh.. d jam is a banger

  2. dammy says:

    eja nla nice song dee vee i see u

  3. timeless says:

    this reminds of the old dbanj of don jazzy days especially the lyrics,soo simple but at the same time melodic just like "fall in love" "suddenly" "why me" etc mehn nice song!!!

  4. Mr Who says:

    Lyrically Wack as hell,small time now suit go begin now over copyright infringement "fiesta forever however" what the fuck is that? Since u r famzing with politics now,u r hv an xcuse 4 a way out

    • dipson says:


    • OMG says:

      But that is soooo true!! The beat/ melody is kool but it IS TRUELY lyrically wack! The lyrics' just weak! Something u wld xpect from some secondary skool kid to write for a talent show! Dbanj needs to invest in some mature lyricist! Hecks let him hire Wande Coal!

      • Xray says:

        U r just some sick dude.
        Where is Wande Coal that he should hire him as his lyricist? Shey WC don survive his own personal hustle?
        Am sure u danced to all the stupid lyrics Psquare dish out, and am sure u've forgotten how many times Psquare has stolen lines from other artists?
        If u so better, maybe u should become a lyricist ursef and let's c how good u are. U biased nincompoop.

  5. time says:

    i dnt wnt to bother any body on valentine…

  6. Nametalkam says:

    Clearance Peter Montage should learn Directing concept from Godfather Production!

  7. cecetonjo says:

    seeing dbanj without sunglasses is….refreshing! welcome to 2014 bros

  8. Penny says:

    jam of life

  9. Engr Nenenson says:


  10. Simple says:

    I hope this song would not be a low point in the otherwise brilliant movie. Our knack for mediocrity and 'make we manage am like that' should not be elevated further. I have great expectation for this movie and i want to see it go global and stay global. The social reality (which includes popular local music genre) of that period in question should be the main musical thrust and not jettisoned or corrupted in any way with 'nowadays' tasteless talentless noise making gongs. I am a fan of soundtracks in movies and i know the impact a good sound track would have on movies. I just sincerely hope this one is restricted to a few seconds in a fading love scene not the substantive sound of the movie. Because it wont pass any critical assessment of lyrics and composition. Sorry lads to me this is very elementary, just not washing at all…

    • seph says:

      you simply are a hater

      • truth hurts says:

        if u can for once use some intellectual time out to reason with simple ..u will see a point. that's why naija no dey move front – tribalism and mediocrity.

        this song will only fall the movie hand … very mediocre song .

    • Lex says:

      Funny, I totally agree with this comment. Why use an entertainer where an RnB or blues or oldies or highlife anthem is required? This is probably going to be the dampening factor for the movie because the novel carries a passion and intensity that the song will definitely dilute drastically. This is a no noo…

      • @its_mark0 says:

        "intellectual" use that word when appropriate. This is a magnificent song. You are entitled to your opinion. however, he has made his money and has opened a new frontier for the music industry. Lets acknowledge individual who are achieving significantly for Nigeria.

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