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VIDEO Premiere: D’banj – Bother You

Post by Ovie O, February 12th, 2014

The Original Soundtrack to the Hollywood-meets-Nollywood movie “Half of a Yellow Sun” (coined from the book with the same title by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) now has a video. As previously announced, the song is called “Bother You” and it’s by our very own Banger Lee, D’Banj. Check out the visuals below.

Awesome tune!


D'Banj Bother You Art


YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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94 responses to “VIDEO Premiere: D’banj – Bother You”

  1. Timz says:

    Not available in the UK???!!!!!!! D'banj/Vevo please sort this out oooooo

  2. Omooba001 says:

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country….Why upload a video when you high :D?

    And No…that msg is not for NJOK crew…I know is from the uploader

  3. that n!gga Guest says:

    ''The uploader has not made this video available in your country''

    No whala o…Oya, people wey don watch am, how the video be?

  4. Spacome says:

    Video wey i don watch finish since lol…I'm the guy wit the first comment in the video!

  5. observation lomo says:

    wtf???? its not available in the uk. abeg fix this shit yo!!

  6. afolyt says:

    its on point,banga lee realy delivered thumbs up anywayz.

  7. Jesse says:

    its not available in Canada

  8. Osheathinz says:

    so crazy, i cant watch this video in my location, what da F is that…

  9. Anonymous Man says:

    Not available in Morocco?? Fvck VEVO!

  10. ovie stop it if na play or tell dbanj make he go adjust the settings… we no fit watch am for uk o

  11. Realist says:

    I have been telling people Dbanj still has it in abundance. It is just his desire to try the western style of music that makes it look like he's losing it afro-wise. Nevertheless, bros stick with pure afrobeat so you don't lose the fan base in Africa. If Kanye won't carry you forward you can surely come back home. This is a nice song and is classic Dbanj.

  12. koko says:

    not available in New Zealand!!, NJO what is happening? i am ur number one fan all the way from New Zealand. Pls

  13. vickytemoi says:

    I totally hate it when Nigerians try to feel big by saying there in another country…. but in this situation these people you are insulting are tying to let Ovie O know that Dbanj's VEVO is geographically locked, so he could do something about it. Its not like they are saying "i'm in Beverly Hills, California, i cant watch the video on my iPhone 5S " . DONT GET IT TWISTED. There's a fine line between stupidly ignorant and being reasonable…… smh.

    For my peeps who are geo-blocked (Thank Me Later ) ……

  14. Mike says:

    i wonder why NJO no watch am before dem upload am. so many things dey happen oh, una just dey post without review. nah wah for this NJO self

  15. Mr Ramsy says:

    Not avalable in India New Delhi, WAt de Matter, Dbanj kia wa

  16. ropo says:

    not available in d ukraine…

  17. teewizzle says:

    not available in cyprus.. na wa

  18. willwheel says:

    france screaming video not available in my location as well i hope it won't be available to people in heaven alone…bro dbanj do something.

  19. T.P says:

    Not available in Iran. Pls fix this

  20. weahbaba says:

    D'banj is back, finally something i like

  21. Fanzing says:

    Confam Jam!!! Singing match the beat well well… Simple clean video
    (but na Olu still carry the week so far as per video matter sha)

  22. Okoro says:

    LOL @ all these "Not available in " comments..

    ok Not available in Zamfara, Army shut down frequency broadcasting, cell towers, masts, phone, internet no dey work…LMAO

  23. OluwaMachine says:

    Why everyone just dey worry coz of location abeg make me too show myself.. E no dey available for Osogbo plz tell D'banging to re-shot the video .. lolz .. it's a nice video JK.. just kidding…

  24. I guessing peeps in nigeria have seen the video….

    can someone please give us a commentary of the video or a play by play…..please… (just type am here abeg)

  25. Orin yi ta leni baje ……. infact the song dey make me oh oh oh oh ohoho i swear d thing dey make me oh oh oh oh ohoho ….can anyone fault this ???? #kojo

  26. VIP says:

    Not available in Ijebu Ode County……

  27. truth hurts says:

    even people way dey umuahia say den dey ukraine (just joking)

    dbanj is looking more like a one hit wonder since "oliver twist" …hope the magic returns soon
    this sounds a decade old (chorus didn't help) …not bad though. 6/10

    much luv dbanj

  28. Enthusiast says:

    'I'll be your genie you'll be my Aladdin, Omo call me young Alhaji….Let's wild out like Charlie Sheen' hahaha. I don see line use for valentine o. We don't hear lines like this anymore these days you know. Nice Jam.

  29. ozil says:

    first video not available in Dubai (UAE)

  30. @activ8ed says:

    Well, the second video posted is available to be watched in Canada. Oya, haters, please hate. Nonsense!

  31. @activ8ed says:

    Btw, this song is on reply. nice top class video as well.

  32. owolabz says:

    Oosssheey Dbanj is always on point with simple lyrics appealing to all ages…now thats music !!

    plz who has seen the movie cause i heard they premiered it awhile ago but i havent seen it yet. Even our brothers dont have the 500 naira copy on the road. did they show the movie at the cinemas?

    Now RAPING the REPLAY button from SAPELE !!

  33. KASSIM says:

    ahhh, bangalee, as for me i'm feeling this jam i dont know about haters tho.this is dope

  34. C.I.M.G planet says:

    King Jaffe Joffer of Music of Life………….Great tune…. You no go tire IJN

  35. koboko says:

    Dbanj uuuuuuuuu to much, hater your go jammmmmmmmm

  36. Royal_Flyness says:

    I kinda like this song.. made some real sense unlike some of his other songs..Please babe give D'Banj some of your time…lol

  37. Cheals(Wado) says:

    The simplicity of the video and incorporation of the movie renders one to say Bravo D'banj.

  38. Cece says:

    Remove clips of the actual movie and there aint no special ish about the song.. Anyways, d'banj is definitely doing something right cause he's doing the "megabucks" thingys… Big ups! Still from a purely musical point of reasoning, this aint "mind-blowing" … ~bless

  39. Evy says:

    OMDDDDD!!!!!!!! This tune is Banging

  40. koboko says:

    Not available in MAIDUGURI

  41. LakerGang says:

    WHERE LASTMAN KILLA DEY MY BROTHERS . has he gone to malaysia to Hustle ? lol
    I miss him on NJO #nohomo

  42. "Oya tell me who discovered you"lol…You really cant hate on d'banj.Just let him do his thing.

  43. dipson says:

    the truth of the matter is that, only people with evil mind will rubbish this song. whaaat !! this is a masterpiece right here. good job dbanj

  44. SAMUD says:

    Okay, I'm liking this one. Overall I rate this 9/10. Thumps up Banger Lee more breeze to your elbow. D'banj's talent probably exhausted or he never had but for his hard work I never doubted it, he's trying in every bit which s too obvious.

  45. Nametalkam says:

    D'banj is a SUPER star and he's addicted to a good musics

  46. Nametalkam says:

    I'm very proud to be a Nigerian, Thank you Dbanj for keep Flagging our Green White Green to the World

  47. chimexjossy says:

    D'bang your VEVO is not available here in Malaysia please do something about it i don't want to bother , but i want to watch i don't mean to bother you

  48. max says:

    i swear i no be dbanj fan..even i dig k solo pass am,but abeg THIS JAM IS BANGIN!!!

  49. santi dinero says:

    Great Nigerians…what you think is different from what you know…great people lets us be careful of our thoughts and ideas…ONE 9JA!…DBANJ gbiyanju e fi le fun!

  50. @pee_dr says:

    eja nla.. Respect oh.. d jam is a banger

  51. dammy says:

    eja nla nice song dee vee i see u

  52. timeless says:

    this reminds of the old dbanj of don jazzy days especially the lyrics,soo simple but at the same time melodic just like "fall in love" "suddenly" "why me" etc mehn nice song!!!

  53. Mr Who says:

    Lyrically Wack as hell,small time now suit go begin now over copyright infringement "fiesta forever however" what the fuck is that? Since u r famzing with politics now,u r hv an xcuse 4 a way out

  54. time says:

    i dnt wnt to bother any body on valentine…

  55. Nametalkam says:

    Clearance Peter Montage should learn Directing concept from Godfather Production!

  56. cecetonjo says:

    seeing dbanj without sunglasses is….refreshing! welcome to 2014 bros

  57. Penny says:

    jam of life

  58. Engr Nenenson says:


  59. Simple says:

    I hope this song would not be a low point in the otherwise brilliant movie. Our knack for mediocrity and 'make we manage am like that' should not be elevated further. I have great expectation for this movie and i want to see it go global and stay global. The social reality (which includes popular local music genre) of that period in question should be the main musical thrust and not jettisoned or corrupted in any way with 'nowadays' tasteless talentless noise making gongs. I am a fan of soundtracks in movies and i know the impact a good sound track would have on movies. I just sincerely hope this one is restricted to a few seconds in a fading love scene not the substantive sound of the movie. Because it wont pass any critical assessment of lyrics and composition. Sorry lads to me this is very elementary, just not washing at all…

  60. Samuel Ekpe-Young says:

    This is an appealing piece of musical composition… its really cool… OMG – I never even talked about his moves, esp the HEAD moves… Really Enchanting

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