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P-Square – Taste The Money (Testimony)

Post by Ovie O, February 11th, 2014

“Je’m appelle Chop Money!”

Africa’s biggest duo/boyband P-Square kickstarts another potentially dominant year for them with a new single “Taste The Money (Testimony)”. As usual, they craft out a song that’s capable of causing real damage in Anglophone and Francophone Africa due to its wide range of appeal.

Expect an album from P-Square before the year runs out.


P-Square Taste The Money Art


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61 responses to “P-Square – Taste The Money (Testimony)”

  1. ferago says:


  2. OLOPA says:

    This is below the usual Psquare standard, but i guess it will be a hit

  3. djslamd1st says:

    Pretty cool…nothing spectacular tho

  4. Omo Odua says:

    Personally part 2. Nice one P Square and God is your strength!

  5. mornstar22 says:

    dis is a kool jam 2 start d year with,d jam make sense dieeeeeeeeeeeee,….NOW AM GIVING MA TESTIMONY,HATERS CHOP CHICKEN N SHOT UP

  6. paulmirabilis says:

    Oh my Gawd, this shit is banging…P-Square keeping it at 10/10 anyday

  7. Man 2 Woman says:

    These boiz wan dey chop alone, dem for feature Flavour, Wizboy, or eve Fally and DJ Arafat, it would have been a beta jam..

    Becos na P&P it will be a hit anyways..

  8. cHYDee says:

    nawa ooo….can yuh imagine Psquare the copy Charass – Coco Butter …em Disppointed

    i will neva 4give you guys

  9. Royal_Flyness says:

    Cool and smooth tone.. not a new beat though.. same style..

  10. Old school concept. Nice one

  11. cHYDee says:

    nawa ooo….can yuh imagine Psquare the copy Charass – Coco Butter …em Disppointed

  12. Comment says:

    Typical P.square Format…

    The song must hit sha ni…sure die!

  13. Someone_Special says:

    I am allergic to poverty! It may not be what was expected but trust the Okoye's to make this song a big hit across Africa.

  14. DEX says:

    I guess the reason why Ovie said it reminds him of Charass's 'Coco Butter' is because of the 'Ohhhhh' & 'Eyyyy' in the chorus. They should make a remix with Fally Ipupa & DJ Arafat in it. Arafat should come in somewhere after 2:55. It'll sound great fam! Great to see these guys still holding their own in the game.

  15. Ikokz says:

    After a long time,Nigerians were expecting something hotter than this…nice melody and cool beat anyways…Its not easy so i give it up for P Square.if you think its easy lets hear your song lol…

  16. invisiblies says:

    who are those saying this is below psquare standard…..this song is going to be a jam.give it two weeks and you will see …one love..

  17. invisiblies says:

    and by the way before i forget…someone says eminado means GOODLUCK, surulere means PATIENCE, what is mavin records up to

  18. brain says:

    nice beat, ok lyrics

  19. chimexjossy says:

    never fall our hand keep the good work God always on your side

  20. king says:

    psquare u no try oo,,u copied charass clearly

  21. Phillip says:

    Square boys no be lie,una don taste & chop money,i dey hear una testimony …

  22. @pee_dr says:

    Korekt one from d twin duo.. neva dissapoint.. on replay

  23. Nwa Aba says:

    Ovie, your French go kill me o lol… Abeg na "Je m'appelle….."

  24. timeless says:

    noo now not PSQUARE!! this highlife type beat that has been floating around everywhere,i was expecting something diffferent from my guys…ohhh no be say i no like the song ohh buht…ahhh i was just expecting something different and new

  25. phillips says:

    in my opinion it sounds pleasant

  26. segun says:

    this song is average….. p square failed on this one,they don pass to they sing like this…

  27. Phalaenopsis says:

    PSquare never disappoint. If there are any artistes in Nigeria who get it right all the time, na dem be these guys. PSquare albums are always a treasure chest of beautiful music. There is always something there for everyone.
    For now, make I dey bump my head to this classic sunshine tune. Carry Go PSquare, I don taste the money!!!

  28. DJ BIG N says:

    @Demola i second that. Its a fusion of the indigenous beat and the delivery especially with the "call and response" part…I must say- Good listening ear bruv.

  29. vennivettivecci says:

    I'm a regular visitor to this blog but i hate to leave comments cos have tried few times and i discover Ovie or who ever is in charge hardly approve comments when it's not in support of what they post(songs especially).This site has grown to the level where i feel the comment section should be thrown open for people to comment and not just wait for comments to be approved.It allows for fun and intense debate on issues without the long wait for comment approval.. This site has gone beyond an ordinary blog(that needs approval) but an entertainment site

  30. baddessst says:

    Has Charass – Cocoa Butter written all over it

  31. YungFab101 says:

    Na only good video fit help this song. Psquare suppose don pass to dey sing this kind song na. Still a big fan.

  32. zion says:

    beats ok, lyrics nah….

  33. iCritique says:

    In my opinion, the best attempt at songwriting by PSQUARE in the last 5 years, some excellent, unexpected nuance especially with the first verse.

    Song is a hit no doubt. But I especially enjoy the nuance.

  34. LudaNira says:

    P square nor be so naaa.. This song is completely made from Charass Cocobutter

  35. Nametalkam says:

    I'm a P Square fan but To be honest I'm not impressed

  36. lola says:

    Imitation is the best form of flattery. A certain artist deserves some credit.

  37. dav says:

    P square una don pass to they record song like this,are u guys taking us back to days of una last night. na wa song for upcoming be this…

  38. Nerd@titude says:

    Everybody wen begin sing #Surulere Psquare una no try @all..

  39. deszy says:

    baba immitation..psquare go immitate Charass.Coco butter…Rubbish

  40. odesman says:

    I have listen to this song and that of charass and i can't notice what people are talking about psquare coping, you guys should just appreciate these boys for their success and stop all this envy, honestly i have not even heard this charass guy song banging in clubs but u don't need a deef to tell u dis is a banger.

  41. seun AKA Dj Splash says:

    my new jam

  42. Bravo says:

    My 2014 Jam!!!!!

  43. BASSLINE says:

    let this song be,if you cannot listen to it play other songs and stop hating ,cos if truly you know what it is to taste money then you know how it feels to give the testimony. P SQUARE ride on ,nice initiative there. BIG UPS GUYS

  44. Tomi says:

    This a winner any time.
    Now you will taste real money because this will sell.

    But where can we buy the CD from when COSON has closed all shops

  45. prince vincent says:

    the best of all jams

  46. Mystery says:

    not their best work but still is ok

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