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WORLD PREMIERE: T-Pain – If I Got It ft. Akon & 2face

Post by Ovie O, February 6th, 2014

This is what we’ve been waiting for!

Finally, a multi-platinum-selling American artiste features a Nigerian artiste on his new promo single. is proud to premiere T-Pain‘s new joint “If I Got It” featuring Senegalese-American superstar Akon and Nigeria’s very own 2face Idibia.

As you already know, 2face and T-Pain worked together on “Rainbow (Remix)” and 2face has always had a great relationship with Akon, so this should come as no surprise. However, it still is! And I’m sure you’re as excited as I am.

Big collaboration! Big tune! Listen, download, share, enjoy, talk about it, spread the word! Remember where you heard it first. 😉


T-Pain Akon 2face If I Got It Art


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50 responses to “WORLD PREMIERE: T-Pain – If I Got It ft. Akon & 2face”

  1. Heavy heavy tune right here! Ovie, welldone my oga!

  2. omekaarizona says:

    Ujah idibia u get mouth like kettle. i dey always gbadun my naija pipo when dem dey rep naija in big way. abeg clear road for man wey sabi one luv

  3. 2baba brother says:

    2baba killed this joint

  4. father beezy says:

    Father Beezy is back. Ovie, your head dey there.

  5. paulmirabilis says:

    This is massive. I'm feeling it

  6. LouisTha13th says:

    Tubaba will never let me down

  7. TheTRUTH06 says:

    THIS SONG IS FUCKING DOPE!!! 2face killed it. and i like the fact he didn't conform too much with the whole american swag. originality

  8. mr chicken says:

    wow tuface delivered on this. trackkk isss harrrdddd

  9. HOG says:


  10. teewhye says:

    Tuface delivered well but, he slowed down d tempo a bit and also he didnt catch up with these 2guys.
    Tpain 85%
    Akon 85%
    Tuface 65% only him had no back up.
    Mixed up with nija flavour. with respect.

  11. iCritique says:

    About time!
    2face adds a different blend to the overall art and flow.
    International Hit no doubt!

  12. YungFab101 says:

    2Baba came through with excitement like ejaculation!

  13. adx says:

    2baba you killed it …nice one

  14. Hibez says:

    ARE YOU JOKING!!! that was real and beautiful 2face…

  15. Someone_Special says:

    Like "hype man" Ovie said, this is the type of stuff we want to hear. 2face did not disappoint us at all. We hope this kickstart a new trend.

  16. owolabz says:

    Spectacular! Fantastische! merveilleux!

  17. Tosin says:

    Tuface don vex this 2014 oooo' Tubaba came through nicely
    nice Tune' waiting so much on the visuals' hopefully

  18. #TruthIsBitter says:

    2face Idibia … Africa's Number 1 …. DUFFS HAT … he doesnt make noise , nor be by gra gra .. 2face is the king

  19. Nametalkam says:

    Tubaba So many Artist don try Copy Your Voice but Never! Tubaba Remains Tubaba

  20. 2baba says:

    anybody wey no feel this song , thunder fire am . this the shii am talking about . ll2b(long liv 2 baba)

  21. Phalaenopsis says:

    That voice!
    Na only one person get am, out of the whole 7 billion of us and no only 2Baba God bless with am.
    2Baba, you came thru on this one like knife passing through BlueBand margarine.
    Super collabo.

  22. Cece says:

    Love this… Tubaba reppin.. what baffles me is he NEVER hides his identity in his tunes… and that means naijas anywhere in the world will know that one of US was on the record.. Thanks hommie… and I totally disagree that he wasn't at par with them.. I really think he was.. he didn't try to imitate their flow.. he had his and it was VERY well done… #1 African music commodity for all time… bless~

  23. dixelilp says:

    the same God that bless the heaven also bless the earth @ the only 2 when i see say na one baba you too much ooo

  24. person pikin says:

    2face and Dbanj are Nigeria's International greats..

  25. DINO says:

    good tune 2baba akon tpain wel done

  26. AFKAO says:

    2baba brought it… well done

  27. Chima henry says:

    Nice joint.

  28. Brown says:

    2baba!! Yu will never disappoint me i so fcking knw bruff.. Bless you

  29. jazzman says:

    download Straight away. before its done, it will be on repeat……………#2baba

  30. triplee says:

    2 baba try but d'banj aka bangalee is coming out with is own. in side source from DB camp , say d'banj new album ft RITA ORA, WIZ KALIFA, MR HUDSON, KANYE WEST and 2 surprise, world superstar, lips-seal D'banj 10th year anniversary coming soon

  31. lakoba says:

    respect lord ujah……

  32. Oluwakeji says:

    Now this is what i know as a song with lyrical content!!! If i got, my guys need not worry. Lovely Song, all d way.

  33. Trillabank says:

    Everybody Saying 2Face Killed This Joint And Ya'll Forgot Akon And T pain. Well They All Killed It But I Hope They Not Going To Jain For This One Cause This One Na One B.I.G As* Murder. Big Ups To Em . #IfIGotIt !

  34. charles says:

    2baba is d man,his message was quite Naija

  35. D'eksel says:

    i actually read the comments on here first, then listened to the music before coming to place my comment…from my point of view, we need to understand this is a foreign act featuring another foreign act both with their way of speaking english and another international act who happens to be nigerian,bred and brought up in nigeria (2face). tu face does not have the yankee way of speaking so he may not be as fast as the two other guys but listen to this song very well, like twice, you all need to watch how tu face came in with a low tempo and along the line the tempo sort of increased till the end of his verse, THAT IS WHAT I CALL PROFESSIONALISM + TALENT…tu face is a damn wizard, if tu face didnt sing, he will just be a waste to this generation…for nigeria and africa, he is a legend, our legend, OUR OWN MUSIC LEGEND. More blessing tu baba.

  36. Shark says:

    A very nice bit making Nigeria proud

  37. Amadi says:

    sweet thank God for talent

  38. @imh3rry says:

    What a beautiful song from all my favourite artist , My mentol my idol , Akon, T pain, and Honorable 2face Idibia

  39. Brondo says:

    thats why he is my best artist till deat

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