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Temi Dollface & IBK Spaceshipboi – Keeper of the Sun (Mandela Tribute)

Post by Ovie O, January 17th, 2014

I love this! Creativity!

“Last year’s end saw the loss of a truly great man. Nelson Mandela’s leadership and selflessness was a light that radiated beyond the confines of his Robben Island prison cell. He lit up the world. In a unique and remarkable tribute to Madiba by TemiDollFace and IBK Spaceshipboi, the great man’s legend is done justice.

“The inspirational tribute, Keeper of the Sun, by this newly formed production duo, challenges the listener to “be the change they want to see in the world”. With an accompanying lyric video and “Making Of” Documentary, Keeper of the Sun, is a worthy mark of respect to one of the great heroes of the last century. 

Listen, Watch, Become and Pass on!!!

TemiDollFace’s  “Pata Pata” single is available on Itunes and Spinlet

IBK Spaceshipboi’s debut album, “I Come In Peace” is available on Itunes and Spinlet”


Temi Dollface IBK Keeper Art

The Making

YouTube Preview Image

Lyric Video

YouTube Preview Image
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6 responses to “Temi Dollface & IBK Spaceshipboi – Keeper of the Sun (Mandela Tribute)”

  1. Osheathinz says:

    have you guys been smoking? igbo abi? the production not so good and moreover, IBK should have just rap instead singing cos he sucks, the Temidoll voice was good but the sound too power.

    Imagine, Temidoll sang the chorus+IBK rap+Production was cool… maybe una for be Alicia Keys and Jay Z on this track, cos IBK sound like Jay Z when he rap and Temidoll have powerful voice.

  2. timeless says:

    the love i have for temi dollface!

  3. Cece says:

    pure talent.. eccentric… i like…

  4. DEX says:

    Awesome! I wish I was as good on those piano keys as these two; and Temi is really pretty.

  5. Big Black says:

    talented duo, makers of really good music, mutual admiration society

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