VIDEO: D-Black ft. Davido – Carry Go

Post by Ovie O, December 21st, 2013

The Ghana Bwouy D-Black, drops the official music video for the first single off his upcoming third studio album.
Produced by Black Avenue Muzik’s DJ Breezy, ‘Carry Go’ featuring Nigerian pop star Davido, tells the story of two young men professing their love for the lady of their dreams. Watch and enjoy!
Directed by Phamous Philms, Gyo Gyimah.


D-Black Davido Carry Go vid Art

YouTube Preview Image

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20 responses to “VIDEO: D-Black ft. Davido – Carry Go”

  1. Naija Realist says:

    when will we start making meaningful songs?? We have had enough of these "I will spend all my money on you baby" songs… and even if that's all u can do at least be a bit creative with it..kai abeg!

    • YQool says:

      There's Nothing like meaningful Song. Music is to make U happy hence Gangnam Style won a Grammy… If U want something ,Meaningful and Educating I think U check a Library or Mosque/Church.. The Best Music is One that make you Happy (Dance)… Be Guided

      • paulmirabilis says:

        Don't say what you don't know, Gangnam Style did not get a Grammy nomination not to talk of win it…and music is not only to make people happy. Don't be so shallow!

      • Omooba001 says:

        if u need good lyrics…i will recommend Fela, Obey, Barrister, yusuff Olatunji…Oh Dec.. ODUN LO Sopin must be mentioned…#thatsall

      • YQool says:

        My Bad I didn't Specify, KOREAN GRAMMY*** Dude You know If an Artiste plays Guitar alone, its still regarded as Music? Hence The Lyrics don't really matter before you call it Music.. Be Guided

      • timeless says:

        dude thankyou!!!!!!!!! i have been preaching this since!! people always think "meaningful" lyrics makesa "good" music when its wrong!!! its the melody in a song that makes most good songs!

    • owolabz says:

      No need complaining again about the lyrical bankruptcy of naija music. Make we just dey dance dey go

    • Naija Realist says:

      Sorry… I just feel as an artiste you shouldn't be known for just basic lyrics ALL the time. We want danceable songs too but when the lack of effort is so obvious we can't be taken seriously internationally. We will only be used to make more money at best. I see most people prefer the same lyrics over and over again as long as it's on a different beat. It's just my opinion at the end of the day.

  2. Keye Dahcuh says:

    first.. Nice

  3. paulmirabilis says:

    Been waiting for this video for a while but why did the video director have to blur scenes like that?…fantastic song all the same

  4. YQool says:

    Davido has Finally Grow beyond Expectation, This is no more Fluke or Luck, If an Artiste Deliver on Feat. then He's Talented… Go Go David and D-black got tht Catchy Flow,Video Nice… Song is Sugar-Rated…

  5. nice one! but where is Mr OBO…after Skelewu he disappear oo

  6. BIGMOUTH says:

    NOO…This Song would definitely not make it to: NOTJUSTOK Top 20 Songs of 2013

  7. LakerGang says:

    But shey Davido no get mama ni, he never mention or sing about hz mama in his songs.
    i'm not hating .. i just noticed that tho

  8. hater says:

    bad man things

  9. oa138 says:

    Song didn't suit davido… Slow songs are not his strong point and thats not why we love him. The video editor shouldn't be making elementary mistakes such as spelling 'Miami' as 'Maimi', that would make me livid.

  10. kobikwelu says:

    Surprisingly a good song

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