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Wizkid – Eledumare (Prod. Legendury Beatz)

Post by Ovie O, December 17th, 2013

With Wizkid‘s sophomore album set to drop anytime soon, here’s another single titled “Eledumare”.

Lucky fans got to hear the track for the first time during Wiz’s performance @ Felabration a few weeks ago. Now we can all own it in our music-playing devices. Enjoy this positive prayer from the Starboy himself.


Wizkid native

Produced by Legendury Beatz [DOWNLOAD]

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46 responses to “Wizkid – Eledumare (Prod. Legendury Beatz)”

  1. Folly says:

    osheyyy wizzyyy baba!!!!

  2. weahbaba says:

    DOpeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! je kiffe à fondddddddddd!

  3. DEX says:

    I can tell from this track that I'll love the entire album when it drops. He has really grown musically.
    Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop…no go be your portion. Amen Somebody!

  4. JokeHarryDboss says:

    @Ovie O,………………………………….when will loyal fans receive their xmas give away.

    am not trying to compel u to aunty LINDA, but we 4 Sapele need to enjoy this xmas.

  5. observation lomo says:

    wizzzy baby! nice one

  6. Sinclair says:

    Rubbish, everybody acting like the song is dope cus its wizkid mchewwww

  7. baddessst says:

    Bless you Weezy for this… Xmas gift from you to your fans bah?

  8. paulmirabilis says:

    This song dope, I no go lie. Wizkid, your head dey there!

  9. Victor O. says:

    why is everybody lying to themselves?.. This track is very average. We are all fans but honesty is what will help him progress.

  10. Funky says:

    Wizkid has grown really well as a musician,This is a mature jam !!
    "Monkey dey work,baboon dey chop,no go be my portion"

  11. popejohnpaul says:

    very ok song but wizzy has done better!

  12. owolabz says:

    Wizkid has like 8 hit singles or more and his album isn't out yet….

    Eledumare is an average track …. welldone wizzy

  13. okei says:

    Anything for baba upstairs, wizzy oda bai. Who no wear shoe, no know as d thing go! blessssssssssssssssssssssss!!!

  14. VinchoIsHere says:

    Ok..THis is a nice SONG…Who said this song is average?? una no get good ear at all! I dey loud am in my car now from Maryland to New Jersey I-95. Una need good speaker and good earrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to know that this song is more than average.

  15. timeless says:

    i am very convinced wizkid will pull a beyonce for his next album!….#YESHECAN!

  16. Mc Jerry (I.N.Y.B) says:


  17. hater says:

    wizkid don dey do YORUBA movie now

  18. truth says:

    men all i can say is justok ….

  19. vickytemoi says:

    Eledumare is a good jam … but its definitely running in the shadows of jaiye jaiye

  20. observer says:

    I feel the message and the way it was delivered in the first verse, on repeat. Wiz, lines or songs on the state of the country will give you more respect in many quarters. I like how witty you were with what you said. People its a song with a message, the club factor should be secondary. we africans appreciate all conversations on dance able beats, so hence peoples reservations. Wiz you have proved your club worth, Let the album people play for a lifetime have content and you will see your stock rise. Bless!!

  21. SAMUD says:

    Yeah I concur that the track is AVERAGE, but we have to loot at the message perspective he's trying to send, Nigerians are always concern about beats we don't care about the lyrics. FACT! Keep up the good work wizz

  22. Boy_wonda says:

    Ppl dey come on here just to Hate. Abeg Listen to Jam or Gerrout!
    Guy keep making Good Muisc


  24. Emmie Jay says:

    sharrap dia

  25. mumu,i no blame u,na since terry g come out u begin listen to music,oluku

  26. D'cepe Emmanuel says:

    High star!!!

  27. LakerGang says:

    The song have me saying "Amen & me too".. this song is so meaningful, for those of you that don't understand Yoruba, ask a yoruba friend to translate it for you.. you gon' like it.
    This is a song to hear every morning you wake up.

  28. Jide says:

    thank God say wizkid sing one song, wey no make sense…. u no be wizard, u be

  29. Hola Paige says:

    dopesest joint madt tune

  30. Spacome says:

    My people perish 4 lack of knowledge…Me i don claim dis prayer for my head nd my family.
    Foolish people busy hating…

  31. U don craz na rubbish wiski no dey sing

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