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VIDEO: Wizkid Talks New Album w/ iCR8Media

Post by Ovie O, December 11th, 2013

Wizkid recently sat down with the good folks @ iCR8Media to talk about his sophomore album tentatively titled CHOSEN which should be out very soon. Here’s what he had to say.


YouTube Preview Image

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19 responses to “VIDEO: Wizkid Talks New Album w/ iCR8Media”

  1. GID says:


  2. Jane says:

    Nice this second album with be tough to TOP his first album. Let see how he do.

  3. djmedical says:

    why didnt he mention his girl friend???

  4. DEX says:

    This guy is busy teasing us with snippets on insta. I'm looking out for one called 'fool in love' I think. The little part of it I heard is crazy!! Drop quick fam.

  5. sholascott says:

    His interview's changed alot….. Haters should go and sleep jare…..Boy is living his dream

  6. hibez says:

    Are you joking!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work mate

  7. GateKeeper says:

    STARBOY!!! Stylin' on em

  8. G'wizzy says:

    am waiting to get my own……….copy……starboy tings

  9. mitchell says:

    wizzy is one of d best singer i ever like, dis ablum will be d hit of d town, but i need wizzy to help me out i want to sing, if he can put me in. meet me on facebook

  10. mitchell says:

    wizz u ar d best man, no worri u will come on top by God, i need ur help @wizkid username roland pedro

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