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Banky W – JASI (Prod. MasterKraft)

Post by Ovie O, November 22nd, 2013

“JASI” by Banky W has been doing rounds on local radio stations in recent weeks. Here’s the online release we’ve all been waiting for. The official video should be out sometime next week.

“With songs like “Yes/No” and “Strong Ting”, Banky W has cemented his place as the King of African R&B. This time though, we find on “Jasi” that he switches gears and changes styles entirely AND effortlessly by putting out what many would call an Afropop song… one that we would not expect from the R&B maestro, but one that works very well, nonetheless. It’s playful and funny, sexy and seductive all at once. Mr W fully intends to continue in the Afro-R&B lane, but time and again, we see him successfully experimenting with other genres (most notably Rap & now Afropop), proving that true artists can think, and express… “outside the box”.

From R&B… to Rap… to Commercial Afrobeats/Afropop… we’re finding out that there’s little Banky W isn’t capable of doing, and doing very well. He is arguably, THE most versatile Artiste on the African Continent. Produced by hitmaker extraordinaire and longtime collaborator MasterKraft, enjoy “Jasi” as you listen.”


Banky W Jasi Art

Produced by MasterKraft [DOWNLOAD]

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26 responses to “Banky W – JASI (Prod. MasterKraft)”

  1. Kilonshele says:

    lol Funny Jam. You gotta luv it tho.

  2. MrUnkpe says:

    So na south Africa tune dey rain now….from Mayd,Davido and Banky now….Ok Leggo

  3. Big Black says:

    Mr Capable, never disappoints……Good job Mr W

  4. Oluwaphemy says:

    Seriously – Banky W is Talented. May God bless him for this tune. King of the Lagos Party.

  5. VinchoIsHere says:

    On Repeat since…….Omoge Jasi..I am the King of the Lagos Partyyyyyy

  6. good to see banky w switching it up… rerally good tune would bang in clubs

  7. Man 2 Man says:

    TGIF.. This is coming with me to the club

  8. irish says:

    its always nice to see a diff side of mr banky

  9. I'd like to watch sexy girls dance to this song while I sip proof whisky like a boss.

  10. kamal says:

    oseee banky samba

  11. Shawn says:

    nice one banky , guess that's tiwa voice

  12. teewhye says:

    Sexy and jaming ! Also very dancable. Mr. W. This is very wonderful.

  13. EGO says:

    I LOVE IT…..I LOVE IT……..I LOVEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ade-Samo says:

    Baba W nice one brof ……………"kilo se e nu je ki fun e ku"
    Putting this on replay…….SAMBA

  15. 9jafreak says:

    Banky is too versatile
    Ghost Writer Number 1

  16. Blessed Sunday says:

    WizKid Daddy

  17. wizz-o says:

    Js in love with this jam, sooooo on replay mode… Mr. W is very talented… Although, I'd love to know the meaning of what his singing.

  18. FOWOPLAY says:

    Nice tune.. MasterKraft… We dont even no the best beat maker self… Sarz, MasterKraft. Gospel, Don Jazzy, D tune.., Sheyman…

  19. OmoNaija says:

    Nice Song
    Banky could have upped the lyrics just a bit since we know he can

  20. DEX says:

    Mr Dubliyuuuuu. Nice jam

  21. Lasbrey Ejehu says:

    Nice…love it 🙂

  22. MARVEL-D says:

    I was moved in spirit|||| ….. Banky TU'ALE 4 u. YOU 2 MUCH

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