Sean Tizzle – KILOGBE (Prod. D’Tunes)

Post by Ovie O, November 15th, 2013

Big Tune!

“Sean Tizzle had a GOOD year and he ain’t slowing down! Having just won the award for Best Video by a new act at the NMVA and the video of this hot tune Komole in the works, Sean Tizzle is back with a brand new banger… instant crowd pleaser…enjoy ….KILOGBE.”


Sean Tizzle Kilogbe

Produced by D’Tunes [DOWNLOAD]

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26 Responses to “Sean Tizzle – KILOGBE (Prod. D’Tunes)”

  1. VinchoIsHere says:

    Nawa for Naija artist ooo…..So this one na song abi? you guys should sit down and write better lyris not all this rubbish una dey call song. Not hating but fact. if you cant write better song , then find ghost writer; moreover,most american star's does that. I don vex….

    • chase says:

      if i hear say you no dey dance as you dey comment!! lmao

      • VinchoIsHere says:

        @chase, Dance on this? hell NO..I dey Loudddddddddddddd REMINISCE ALBUM IN MY CAR NOW , on my way to Philly..

      • sukie says:

        depending on what u want from music bro; its either u are interested in dem hard lyrics or u wanna dance

        This track achieves what it was intended to do….DANCE!!!!

        If i nid to listen to lyrics, i will go listen to BRYMO's Merchants and slaves….even reminisce be yarning nonsense, singing praises of internet fraudsters ….mschewwww

      • VinchoIsHere says:

        If i wanna dance i will dance to his SHole and Mama eh…..Period…

      • MrUnkpe says:

        Easy o brov,i feel ur pain

  2. hater says:

    nigga getting ready for malaysia

  3. yEMI says:

    Exactly… KI LE LEYI? oshisco..*long hisss*

  4. 2ROCK(APKATA NLA) says:

    As for me, The song Na hit track and its going places…. Unna no know say na this kind stupid nonsense song dey reign for naija…. OYA NA,,,,,,,,,, YEYE MI, BO SE SE MI , KO YE MI

  5. kamal says:

    this guys coming out life dbanj and dan jazzy its getting interesting now

  6. kchange07 says:

    Total Scrap!

  7. chase says:

    sick chunnee!!!!! if i hear say this song no blow!!

  8. observation lomo says:

    this song fits the skelewu dance! i can imagine davido when he listens to the song!! SKELEWU SKELELELELELEWU

  9. ears says:

    sho le beat with a lil of wizkid's caro rhythm

    • sukie says:

      with? did u listen at all?

      dis one sounds muffin like Caro brush……..where bass drum for carl beat?

      bros swerve!! dis song is dope for those who wanna dance….

    • timeless says:

      lool caro ke? hian! abeg ohh sounds a bit like this open and close song he did for efya,just the pads on the chorus though

  10. Kilonshele says:


  11. sukie says:


    am not interested in dem lyrics buh forget…..Dtunes is a beast

    We all know naija songs dnt av lyrics so dats no news, nobody shod come here and start talking about lyrics…..Nigerians want sum song dat will make den dance when they are drinking their "Star" or "Gulder" at d joint; or berra still their champagne at the club………….this song right here delivers that

    nice tune sean fizzle, bad ass beat…Dtunes!!

  12. tizzle says:

    sick tune

  13. thatGuy says:

    siiiiiicccckkkk!!!! just give this tune some time and you'll see that in the club you'll be dancing to it unconsciously

  14. Ben says:

    as far as am concern, i love this song and i can dance to it.

  15. king says:

    Nice beat n voice

  16. @thacoded says:

    chai see pure hate and harsh comments….this is a hit for me…all the best sean tizzle

  17. Olu says:

    Nice song. U gottA listen to it more than once to appreciate it. It's a club banger

  18. Young super says:

    I real real like dis song ha ha ia so fun

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