VIDEO Premiere: Iyanya - LeKwa Ukwu

VIDEO Premiere: Iyanya – LeKwa Ukwu

Post by Ovie O, November 12th, 2013

Ladies and Gents, we bring you guys the official video for Iyanya‘s new smash single “LeKwa Ukwu”. Back in October, we got to see B-T-S footage as well as pictures from the video shoot in London, and from that point, this became one of the most hotly-anticipated videos for the last quarter of 2013. Thankfully it lived up to the hype.

Aside the obvious clarity of the visuals, the storyline is also quite clear. From the start, Iyanya tries to woo a gorgeous lady that makes him “lose control”. Does he finally get her? There’s only one way to find out. Watch the video below.

Directed by Sesan.


YouTube Preview Image

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47 responses to “VIDEO Premiere: Iyanya – LeKwa Ukwu”

  1. Omooba001 says:


  2. Sem says:

    Wait oooo did I just hear Sheyman on the beat? I thought Iyanya was gonna use D Tunes again. Wow nice beat by Sheyman. I like the song. This will sure make the ladies wine well in the clubs.

  3. i am so loving the concept and video quality of recent 9ja videos men…………. Big up to my Homeland

  4. sugar_boy007 says:

    hmmmm dope

  5. Tu Young says:

    Second 2 ……nice video…everytinz on point

  6. Kilonshele says:

    Sesan's best best work since Oliver Twist. Clean, No sharp cutting of scenes and Dope song btw. Iyanya is here to stay. Froshhh

  7. OBOKU says:

    Sorry i dont usually drop comments but enough with the hype this video is Dead , the storyline is too Generic , he toasted the babe till he got to her house and she let him in … its Just a Boring Video .the song is good but he should have made it a fun video .. Rather than this . felt like i was Watching GLEE starring Iyanya .. it was Awful .. Iyanya is a hottie Tho and yeah good the video good looking models too . I think Sesan has Run Out Of Ideas. he needs a script writer rather than extorting these artists and doing these sort of videos .. Look at kemi adetiba her work is Tremendous, she's so Different , Well Iyanya Clean Visuals Beautiful song but sorry this is a DEAD VIDEO

  8. Someone_Special says:

    Good video by Sesan. Very clear picture quality. This video may get as much view as Kukere.
    I don't understand Igbo but I think the woman was suppose to shake her ukwu according to the chorus.

  9. Tjumper says:

    Nice Video!!!!!

  10. SAID BAPPAH says:

    quite a boring video they kept on doing the same shit

  11. 2cha says:

    sesan tried though but i know he can do better. he lacks ideas most times.

  12. owolabz says:

    The concept of this video is really amazing…i have watched this video more than 4times, so she finally agreed to receive the 'OGEDE' with all her shakara… Nice one !!

  13. iamontwitter says:

    i see people crying about storyline..what should be and what not.. brothers and sisters screw that if you want any smelling storyline go and pay for movie in cinema or watch africa magic… you people are making music video directors start trying to do movie shit ..this is a very good video for the song…sesan good one… i enjoyed it.. iyanya sabi make tunes sha …music videos should make you enjoy a song not watch a movie ..that aside i find the lead vixen gorgeous

  14. timeless says:

    hahah!! love the ending!! this video is very nice! all th idiots talking rubbish should shut the f*** UP!…coz sesan had some few videos where he was trying out new concepts that didnt quite go as he planned now every video he does ppl will opening their mouths feeling like video directors..sharap!!

  15. kenneth says:

    Its amazing Iyanya's rise to fame!!! …

    Damn …this music industry can make you millionares in a split second

  16. Alakashi says:

    That's a nice video out there yeah ! but this guy is fake af

  17. @activ8ed says:

    Nice video….Well ..Sesan delivers on this proper….Sometimes he brings out crappy video and I was beginning to ask myself where his talent is…then an important question came to mind

    WHAT WAS THE BUDGET FOR THE VIDEOS ? That should play a role too i think..

    Cos this video is really nice and he did the one for Airis-Jeje too.

  18. muyengzeee says:

    Nice video

  19. Yvonne Nelson says:

    BORING !!!!

  20. @activ8ed says:

    Nice video….Well ..Sesan delivers on this proper….Sometimes he brings out crappy video and I was beginning to ask myself where his talent is…then an important question came to mind

  21. Robert Wilson Yancy says:

    Le Kwa Ukwu Colin Gaffney

  22. paulmirabilis says:

    Fantastic work from Sesan

  23. kingof2morrow says:

    This guy use same flow over and over and over again and his lyrics sucks.

    Dear Iyanya,
    You need to step your game up with your flow, lyrics and your live performance or very soon you won't be relevant in music industry anymore because there's a lot of talented artists out there in Nigeria that willing to take your spot if you don't step your game up

    I'm not hating on you just telling the truth!!!!!!

  24. not a big iyanya fan but like his music still….. mainly cos they all the same flows….. nice one still…. and sesan on point

  25. Spotem11 says:

    RUBBISH!!!!! Video didn't match the story line … RUBISHHHH! Learn from TIMAYA!!!!

  26. 9jafreak says:

    Average song
    Clean video

  27. rocky jeezy says:

    Iyanya i am here your bloody brother,feel you most

  28. Rudeboi says:

    Stop patronizing sesan, its the editors that have been saving his ass all this while…the video and song no join at all… has this guy ever seen females moving their ukwu to this song at all? no wahala we will keep loving the song but the video is trash…davido is vindicated….

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