Dr SID ft. Don Jazzy – SURULERE

Post by Ovie O, November 12th, 2013

Now THIS is a jam!

Off the album SIDUCTION comes this new single from Mavin Records act Dr SID featuring Don Jazzy. It’s one of those Afrobeat-type jams that keeps you swaying from side to side. The groovy feel is at an all-time high.

If you don’t like this song – even with the meaningful lyrics – you need to re-evaluate your music taste.

“Mavin Records Music SuperStar Dr SID releases a new single called SURULERE from his sophomore album SIDUCTION. Surulere means “Patience is rewarding”. The song captures the journey of highly acclaimed musician’s life, and preaches the message that hard work and endurance always pays off. Listen and Enjoy.”


Dr SID Don Jazzy Surulere Art


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98 Responses to “Dr SID ft. Don Jazzy – SURULERE”

  1. mr tee says:

    jam of life confirmed

  2. ayodeji says:

    To be sincere, the track is a just dere and nothing special so i wonder why peeps are just over-hyping it.

  3. music minister says:

    Okay music nothing EPIC about it …., 7/10

  4. Boy_wonda says:

    Baba Don J. Salute. Osheyy!!

  5. Pata de Conejo says:

    Philosophy of Life………Surulere …. Kudos to Don

  6. 9jafreak says:

    brilliant retro
    But SID lacks the lyrical prowess to make this an ever-green classic
    This is one song that might have revived 9ice's career for good!

    • Elina says:

      Thumps up to you 9jafreak,However i think life drama by 9ice is solid, i am just dreaming of the possibility of 9ice doing a remix of life drama with Don jazzy producing the beat.

  7. TalkTalk says:

    Best Dr SID track after his dope Turning Point album! but shot out to Don Jazzy stilllll! He made this luxurious . G RUGGED

  8. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    Don Jazzy is a genius producer, point blank period. Outshined Sid just based on the production alone

  9. SHITA FAGBOO says:

    omo i can see wande and dbanj on dis chai when u hear its don jazzy again shayyy fileh fileh am dbanj or dbanj like my jamo friends call me ahhhh don don jazyyy oshay lol omo im feeling dis jam why cos its in the vain i rep LERE 2 da BONE….

  10. Chris tucker lol says:

    i can feel 9ice on dis jam

  11. Gifted Gift says:


  12. Don Jazzy again lice beat and the only Dr in the music keep it up?

  13. @Chimexjossy says:

    nice Jam by Don baba J and the only Dr in the Music i love the beat and everything abut it keep the maving moving we back you guys

  14. Kilonshele says:

    They took it to the root with this.

    Please, don't delay with the video MAVIN!

    This could be the track to promote SIDUCTION in full effect

    Talented, Lady Don Dada and Love are good tracks too but this just PERFECT!

    Kudos to Baba J for this.

  15. @ajmammie says:

    A second comment. I have replayed this song several times and plead for the video to be shot by Kemi Adetiba. The video should have a storyline and scenario that rhymes with the song to complement and further confirm its evergreen nature.

  16. jeff-jorque says:

    dr sid u surprised me…dese is ur best!!!!! dope shiii..

  17. Chris tucker lol says:

    very funny people dont knw its not don jazzy that produces all thier music they have inner boys giving yall all this jams smh well i love this song die jazzy use him voice jazz the chorus on point sid u get mouth

  18. ologbojo says:

    personal letter to Dr SID

    Mr Daleru now you have Don Jazzy to yourself, you eliminated Dbanj and kswitch abi? now wande coal dnt worry no matter what you sing your song can never sell, but watch your back cus you are next to be dumped, where ia Aree today (STUPID OLD MAN)? he has been dumped too i swear you are next, you are an old boy and still no endorsment, even pure water no go endorse you,continue making your noise, Mr Daleru

  19. Michael Diala says:

    and Reminise wit a rugged sick flow…

  20. james says:

    To ologboj or what ever your name is HUG THE NEAREST TRANSFORMER. Nice Jam whether you like SID, MARVIN or JAZZY. Even Wande and Dbanj are rocking the jam. Bad belle wey no fit sing. The guys u are siding dont even know you and they all roll. EAT SHIT

  21. crack says:

    you are the bomb Don baba, its your boy Crack a.k.a American lolly pop.

  22. @Peterweez says:

    Music not Noise!! In luv with the tune & follow vry soft.. Well i culd just say whateva u do keep ur Headstraight. God wonderfuly made evry creature….Music of life!! Healing soul.It hurts losin Niggas in Hustle but life continues!! Dr sid Chop knuckle !!

  23. ego says:

    Jam of life…

  24. Ade-Samo says:

    Make we get suru ni aye wa……….. banging track and i totally agree wizkid and 9ice on the remix

  25. this beat juz confirm say djazzy is still point 1 for naija beats

  26. Gidi says:

    Don baba U are mouthed ….. see Music …. Big ups Dr Sid God will help u guys More i am sure D banj small gan…. i swear e go don dey Miss don jazzy as he dey use this Blessed Voice….. hahahahaha…. Wink

  27. ken says:

    just there ke if i hear over hyping ayodeji you dulled for saying that this track is duped and bomb dem it brought back Dr sid to the game

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