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VIDEO: Tiwa Savage ft. Don Jazzy – Eminado

Post by Demola OG, November 4th, 2013

Tiwa Savage releases the visuals for one of our Favorite singles titled Eminado featuring super producer Don Jazzy off her debut album, Once Upon A Time.

This is definitely a fun video to watch. Enjoy, as you feel the positive emotions while watching.

Directed by Clarence Peters.


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58 responses to “VIDEO: Tiwa Savage ft. Don Jazzy – Eminado”

  1. Lameless says:


  2. Sugar_boy007 says:


  3. VinchoIsHere says:

    OK…..1st in here………

  4. Şafak Thiam Baba T says:

    Nice 1 Tiwa and Don baba J…..Eminado things….

  5. Gentle says:

    i believe u always Don Jazzy.

  6. Kilonshele says:

    Freshhh Video

    In other news. Tiwa, abeg make we marry, you are older than me but trust me Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey worked it out so can we.

  7. Mc Jerry (I.N.Y.B) says:

    Don baba J… #Dope

  8. DEX says:

    HAYY! Jazzy looks like he had so much fun while shooting this video,lol and he looks really comfortable. I'm not one to exaggerate so when I say this video is hella DOPE, I mean it. Couldn't help but smile throughout the video. Tiwa is synonymous to Quality, can't deny that; She always delivers the way she's supposed to. Homegirl is here to stay. Spot on Clarence, you hit the bull's eye. Beaurifuul, very very beaurrifuul.

  9. Impressive hard work in this simple looking video. Feel good song with matching video. abeg who get serial/crack to remove this guinness bottle?

  10. Banger Lee says:

    Nice 1 Tiwa and Don baba J…..Eminado things….

  11. timeless says:

    wooh!! beautiful beautiful,bellisimo!! mwah mwah mwah…hahah don jazzy's gat some sick mj moves tho!

  12. great music n video… is it just me or dont you think don baba jay and tiwa have a cool connection……. i still dey vex sha cos i ask tiwa out few years back wey she no gree…… (tears)

  13. dozyrazy says:

    don baba j … dope!

  14. Ogidigan says:

    A very fun frosh video… should be on replay after Ukwu and Pullover

  15. ologbojo says:

    FANTASTIC AND CLEAN……..Sesan come class o

  16. Segun says:

    The video was definitely a delight to watch and they both looked like they had fun shooting it. The competition for the best music video this year is going to be pretty tough.

  17. Rich_Homie_login says:

    You can't even hate! video on point

  18. poise says:


  19. Music Lord says:

    my favorite girl, na you i still dey dream about … Don Jazzy abeg collect her quick o even as she don engage.. lovely video and a talented girl.

  20. Shadi says:

    Good job tiwa, Impressive. don j behavior pass hin age.. GOD bless ya'all

  21. Omooba001 says:

    Wow….i just want to know who directed the video…then Clarence peter came up….i just gave up….

    *shouting* gimme that award make i give Clarence award before any award or list….this video is shouting creativity….thumbs up bro


  22. STEAM says:

    nice video but why the emphasis at the start that eminado means good luck charm,we all know the real meaning.

  23. Someone_Special says:

    Very fun video.

  24. @4eyedmonk says:

    Video scenes are just way too disjointed…could have been a hit video.

  25. Calis Cosine says:

    nice concept

  26. Yusuf says:

    Dope Dope Dope!

  27. henri says:

    Nice work frm Don Baba J n Tiwa savage…….so much love for u guy. Keep d fire burning

  28. YourMoneyIsMine says:

    nonsense.. Cheap video! Creativity fire! I annoyed sef.. Didn't even watch it till the end.

  29. owolabz says:

    Mature visuals! Beautiful song and lovely video!

    Clarence Peters is the best music video director naija has got to offer…….his level of creativity is unreal…..still wonder why pple dont really recognize his works….

  30. Nice video but it just copy of temi doll face Pata Pata

  31. @ajmammie says:

    creativity at its best… Clarence did a good job and both Tiwa and Don Jazzy were holding firm. Beautiful visuals in all.

  32. Prowzac says:

    Further proof there's class in simplicity. Simply impressive video…well done Tiwa and Don Jazzy, big ups to Clarence as well

  33. BIG TUNE says:

    JEEEEEEEEEEEESUSSSSSS!! if all Nigerian videos and songs are like this, will wacomjy or zie or whatever criticise them??.Please all of you Gerrrrouuuuuuut and let real people that know the game make our country proud worldwide!!! imagine as big as nigeria is and all the big artist coming out from there topple with ll the hype and tremendous amount our artist charge, we still couldn't make the list of world's top 20 music markets!! Look! i dey vexx men!! despite the fact that we have more than all it takes to take over the world!! incredible talents and manpower!! psheeew!! na so rick ross come shoot video una wan kill am!! na lie him talk?? those places no dey naija??? abi we no dey suffer there?????!!! psheeew!! abeg waco whatever u talk true jare!!.. Don Jazzy and tiwa, God blss you both for this wonderful export from Africa as a whole!!

  34. Phalaenopsis says:

    Hate him or love him, Don Jazzy knows how to take artistes to greater heights. This guy is good. Mavin Records moves on. Great Great production, super delivery by Tiwa (nwa omalicha!)- as always Clarens teaches other 'small boys' in the video prodution line how the job is done.

    Verdict: The song is a hit!

  35. Lasbrey Ejehu says:

    Brilliant….I love it !!!!

  36. NMF says:

    wetin be the real meaning of eminado my yoruba brothers ?

  37. Big-sam Idam says:

    Is don jazzyyyyyyy

  38. gonigerian says:

    This video definitely provided a touch of Jazzy fun and it is simply original style. Knowing it must have taken a lot of work to create it looked like they were surely having fun. Go!!! Go!!! Nigerians.

  39. Pata de Conejo says:

    Did anyone Notice 3:48 ? Those background singers don start fight, e be like say One of them Mess, because i wonder how Tiwa take feel am, wey she turn back with bad eyes… I would like to know what went wrong hehehee

  40. Pata de Conejo says:

    Did anyone Notice 3:47? the backup singers were pointing fingers at one another, i think one of the girls had to let it GO ( *ART) and Tiwa felt the presence… Oh boy she looked pissed…

  41. Marde Jehovah-Sabaoth Holluwasheun says:

    Nice Video i like i like…

  42. Guest says:

    Tiwa savage quickly explain her self in the beginning of the video say''The meaning of Eminado is good luck charm'' make dem no go ban her video…eni eleni…nice one.

  43. Weeta says:

    Wow! simply BEAUTIFUL. How someone was able to watch this and come away with a negative comment blows my mind. Anyways, about the 3:48 part where she looks back, I think that was no mistake, look closely she is the one that posed as the back up singer too….

  44. great video…beautiful, charming & delightful. Very very refreshing. Kudos to the team who made this fantastic. Sweet Tiwa lv your voice and attitude. This is a creation from the skool of excellent & perfection……artists in naija need to be skooled by this great team. Well done!

  45. Badoskiii says:

    i must say from start mark 3:45 to 3:50 was beautiful acting…beautiful

  46. fd62kola says:

    with joy in my heart i can finally say TIWA IS BACK!! we have missed u madam. clarence aced this 1 for sure, d best director in nigeria by a mile. hopefully tiwa wont go awol on us again

  47. naija babe says:

    Welldone Tiwa, but avoid acting like Beyonce in some of your moves cos it take away from you. Overall good work.

  48. Kingsley Enyinna says:

    Don Jazzy have seen d diff btw Clarence Peters & Sesan……Clarence is d best……

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