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VIDEO: Timaya – UKWU

Post by Ovie O, October 8th, 2013

This has to be one of Timaya’s best videos till date. I enjoyed it from start to finish. And I’m not just talking about the heavy “UKWU”. 🙂

Moe Musa came korrect.

“The Big Boss of Dem Mama Records TIMAYA hits the airwaves with a smashing and breathtaking video which he titles “Ukwu” meaning Waist. In this hilarious video, Timaya shows off the power of the female waist, very funny stuffs, a must see.

The opening scene of this video sees Timaya as a doctor examining some X-Ray results and later as a police constable in a local precinct where the infectious power of the Ukwu makes everyone go gaga including the officers having a party in jail. This is a sure cracker so watch out for this joint.”


YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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56 responses to “VIDEO: Timaya – UKWU”

  1. music minister says:

    1 word UKWU

  2. Gabbyboizvoice says:…everybody say UKWU

  3. Daveooo says:

    Dem Mama…taking it to the next level…“UKWU”….Lwkm…very hilarious video

  4. Swag Man says:

    Lovely Okwus

  5. PointandKill says:

    One word UKWU!

  6. dj medical says:

    timaya always on point, correct ukwu

  7. Omooba001 says:

    This has to be one of ovie's best write-up till date. I enjoyed it from start to finish. And I’m not just talking about the way he writes…I mean the UKWU

  8. Gabbyboizvoice says:…everybody say UKWU

  9. paulmirabilis says:

    omg!, Timaya don kolo finish. Nice video,man!

  10. micky says:

    i agree with Ovie that this is by far Timaya's best video thus far. nigga killed it 100

  11. baddessst says:

    best vid mayne

  12. owolabz says:

    HOTTEST, CLEANEST Video right now!! Timaya is a BOSS

  13. Kilonshele says:

    JAMM of LIFE

    But common MasterKraft, beat is similar to EKOLOMA DEMBA

    Can't complain though. I love this song!

  14. Someone_Special says:

    This ukwu business get as e be oh.

  15. Sem says:

    LWKMD…This video was very easy on the eyes and Moe Musa did a very good job. Much better than some of his earliuer videos. As usual Timaya killed it. I know some people may not agree with me but Ovie you need to crown Timaya as the King of the Club/Dancehall cause his keeps bringing out party jams that will surely make even a deaf man groove or a cripple dance like no tomorrow…

  16. weahbaba says:


  17. Gori says:

    The guy talk ( i mean all the verses plus chorus) for the whole song no pass 1 minute. But who cares?

    We go dey jam this for club. Is this the year of the Ukwu or what?
    Flavour scatter ukwu for "shake" video
    Pucado just arrange correct Ukwu for the "Ukwu Nka" video
    Iyanya you must make video for that your "le kwa ukwu" song o..


  18. @activ8ed says:

    VIDEO OF THE WEEK!!Hands down, no questions asked, you can keep the change…
    lmao! the policeman's reaction when the girl was pushed into the priceless!!


  19. MR MR says:

    Besttttt video hands down!!!

  20. olamibode says:

    DOPE DOPE…….cant stop laughing on dis video…….interesting video, UKWU

  21. Ogidigan says:

    Kai, very funny video
    LMBO… well done Moe Musa with a very different concept

  22. davido says:

    Best Video Moe Musu ever produced… I only watched it 10times, going on break

  23. Jaybee says:


  24. kenneth says:

    video aside..this is A JAM OF LIFE!!!

  25. dickymilitary says:

    Nice concept and good story telling. This what we need really and not all graphic videos ( Sesan). Timaya well done, best have seen so far.

  26. YUNG says:


  27. logout says:

    best delivery in any nigerian music video this year. make too much sense oboy. well done. lol

  28. Nametalkam says:

    This is a Huge Improvement for Nigeria Music Industry, Strict UK Police allowing 9ja artists to use their Police Car, Uniform, department office? even Police officers follow dey dance the UKWU lol

  29. niccur says:

    nice video mehnn.nice timaya…but still a shitty song

  30. ♫★♫ zunnybunny ♫★♫ says:

    Creative concept… Dang!>… I'm carried away too. Another infectious video ….Viral Alert!… No, virus Attack…lol ..Nice *wink

  31. tocks says:

    this video is maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, big ups timaya

  32. Uyi says:

    Niceeee!!! couldn't take my eyes off for one second!

  33. Nametalkam says:


  34. crest says:

    with a good push i think this is the next gangnam style oya all my dance music head start dey remix am for Europe

  35. Findout says:

    Best video dis year…I no wan hear anytin. Jesus..ukwu!!!

  36. Yahaya says:

    Best video of the year, No doubt!

  37. @activ8ed says:

    let us pray against any UKWU the devil wan send to destroy us…amen..oya make una like this my church own…if u like the page, you babe and bobo go like you well well lol (my pasotr better no see this plea lol)

  38. Boy Mezico says:

    Woow this video is great

  39. damyClutch says:

    UKWUnology.. UKWUtastic.. UKWUdious….video was on point and funny, great artistry without being overbearing with nudity. The video concept na die oh..Gba!

  40. ero says:

    No lyrical content… could have as well just danced to the beat..

  41. fd62kola says:

    I just couldn't stop laughing!! i didnt want it to end!! hilarious video.. its not just timaya's best; its probably moe musa's most impressive and unique work too

  42. Godsluv22 says:

    Lol…..Funny video

  43. scan says:

    the video is so sweet

  44. Mike says:

    LMAO! Some Metro Police shit there… Love it

  45. Michael Oriloye says:

    Some Metro Police ish, quite funny LOL

  46. Adesina Flexy Opeyemi says:

    Yes boss…..LWKMD!

  47. OBE says:

    OMG!!! Mastercraft and winch!! ? Hw em take do this beat…… I feel this video.

  48. nizi says:

    for some reasons this video has been marked private,,,.. notjust ok abeg una sabi why?

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