Olamide – Yemi My Lover

Post by sweegdeddy, October 6th, 2013

Olamide badoo who is currently in the UK on tour just thought to drop something for us to enjoy, so, ENJOY!!

Olamide Yemi My Lover Art



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51 Responses to “Olamide – Yemi My Lover”

  1. Olamide..never disappoints.right on point…best for me so far.

  2. Adeola Ade Adx says:

    olamide sharp

  3. Adeola Ade Adx says:

    olamide sharp

  4. paulmirabilis says:

    This guy is arguably the most prolific 9ja musician at present. He finds it too easy releasing nice songs. I'm loving the lyrics of this one right here!

  5. Ogbe says:

    ola c ton garçon Ogbe french boy, grt 1 ola, u b allow lover

  6. Orlah says:

    Too much Of Everything Is _________

  7. SLY says:


  8. omekaarizona says:

    Don' be deceived all musicians have seasons this is his time.My advice for him is to use it wisely for himself.

    • davido says:

      season how?? Dont even say Tu face for an example… only a track, period… hahaha, see teeth… lol, The only reason i am coming on NJO everytime is bcos of Wizkid, 100songs, 99.9% hot…. thats talent.. for Olamide, I am not his fan and I dont think I can, but this track is hot apart from hook, he should just stick to his rap or feature to get better hook

  9. alphabetboi says:

    Badoo I see u

  10. rolland says:

    make we no lie,na nonsense be this.The struggle to come out with a new style haha,yemi my lover?damn

  11. Hayodeji Bhardmus says:

    Dope Song olamide on fast lane

  12. Cheals(Wado) says:

    Get out Olamide U too much. I beg comot there U too much.

  13. Findout says:

    sebi iwo ni good girl gone bad, rihanna…Emi ni bad guy turn baddo, o kana. Olamide is smfin else man. Correct Jam!!

  14. Jaybee says:

    See JAM!!!

  15. Handsom Dp says:

    this guys is really good

  16. Uchesman Menstro says:

    chaii no comment #over sabi dey worry u Olamide baddo…

  17. Always on point!!! Awon smellos do dey beef….

  18. louis says:

    nice going bro…

  19. Joseph Horla says:

    lovely one …………badoo

  20. Tunechi says:

    wtf is he saying bruh

  21. Mickydu says:

    Se Mo Jo Yemi My Lover NI????????? #Olamide

  22. topfield says:

    Baddo of life nice one bro

  23. Don Makaveli says:

    Take it inside he got it…!! Take it outside he got it …!! Ola Babies Badoo…!!

  24. Baffi says:

    Only a few ppl probably noticed the song is off a movie titled "yemi my lover"

  25. Aksa Thema says:

    Cant wait to hear it ….get home and turn up the Volume!!!

  26. Lj JnR says:

    YBNL general always on point!!!


  28. weahbaba says:


  29. Dolly.p says:

    Badoooooo Of Life,Baba eeee Mother Fucker,thats what you said to me when i said you yesterday in indigo back stage,#1 fly all the way from germany to show love to my brother,he is da bomb,i rate him number 1 ever,speak the street mind all day,you guys who are hating,please listen quite alright to the lyrics,seems like a true life story,but for real hatter can only see smile in the picture but they cant see what is behind the picture,so i dont blame them #YBNL NATION ALL DAY I REP,DoLlYp Su

  30. St Samson says:

    Nice song :)

  31. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    Okay I have to say this: I like Baddoo and this is not comparing cos their styles are different: BUT this is the closest that Olamide has ever sounded to DaGrin!! The style of rap sounded so much like DaGrin. Anyways, nice track, he wasn't even yelling much, the hook is nice and I like that he sang the chorus. Catchy tune

  32. whao!!! what a nice song i love it so much….wish i was the badoo i love his rap and chorus mostly i do love the rap than chorus….i ganna use it for my phone ringing tone

  33. ben says:

    like seriously this guy is some huge talent..may God keep u bruva and increase u

  34. Ade Uke Philips says:

    I love you Olamide, I fit do anything for you my badoooo of life!!! Respect>>>

  35. Afolabi says:

    I day feel you die Badoo

  36. JMisi says:

    My guy dey there when you dey treat me bad
    Obinna testify Biko nu bia neba OLA is always on point

  37. isaac says:

    you are looking good

  38. YBNL says:

    olamide is just an idiot!! dis guy dey mad before he records .. SICK TUNE !!!

  39. Tro G says:

    Great Hit 5star General ! Looking 4ward 2 Its Video. Mofohs

  40. Dammy says:

    nice job badoo

  41. GOLDEN BOY says:

    I dey feel u BADOO maa ma se “love u” si mi mo

    Olamide is just the real nigga out here touching the heart of youngsters RESPECT!!!!

  42. AFKAO says:

    I throway salute to BADOO
    This song too sweet

  43. BJNATTI says:

    This music is so sick….nice 1 badooolino

  44. sunday says:

    olamide feature Nicki minaj

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