6 responses to “VIDEO: D-Black ft. Davido – Carry Go (B-T-S)”

  1. Cheals(Wado) says:

    Davido's energy is relentless that boy would have longevity in the music business.

  2. Sauce says:

    If you doubt Davido as a bona fide artist then you need to listen to this carry go! track.. Davido has evolved and continues to prove nasayers…myself included!…Respect the artist!!!

  3. Sauce says:

    This girl on the third pic na mammy water o!!.. lol

  4. kuki says:

    love d-black, this songs already a hit

  5. kemi says:

    D-Black is my men, I like his songs especially, Äm falling that he sang with MoChedda that song was great I hope this one is better, kip it up men.

  6. hellen says:

    Nice video luv u guys

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