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VIDEO: D’Banj – Top of the World

Post by Ovie O, September 20th, 2013

Here it is! The visuals for “Top of the World” by D’Banj. This song was the Theme Song of the African Cup of Nations tournament which was held in South Africa this year.

The EJA NLA dedicates the song/video to the triumphant Super Eagles.


YouTube Preview Image

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60 responses to “VIDEO: D’Banj – Top of the World”

  1. Omooba001 says:

    First….which means am on the top of the world….God bless the hotel wey release their network for me to do this….ilese yin ko ni jona oooo….

    Thank you too NJOK for posting on facebook

  2. UnderG says:

    Video is on point or should I say simple and sophisticated… Made me like the song even more. REPLAY!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oladimeji samuel says:

    I love this dude die…. Nice video.

  4. CEO says:


  5. sori dbanj d video aint cacthy bt d world cup display wuz on point ,d part u startin callin al d countryz name u should ve shown der respectable flags behind bt al d same gd video

  6. Roy Upson says:

    You are a fool..

  7. owolabz says:

    lovely vocals and video………… Banga Lee OYATO

  8. wale says:

    epic and a classic in makin

  9. Wale says:

    Wait…song for africa…and you celebrate only NIGERIA in the video? where are the flags for other countries? smh

  10. Chifo Kadiri says:

    Africa's best!!!!!! D'banj should consider establishing DB clothing line. Will do anything to lay my hands on one of those DB shirts.

  11. coffeebrownie says:

    so apparently, dbanj shot this whole video with his eyes closed……

  12. coffeebrownie says:

    so apparently dbanj shot the whole video with his eyes closed….

  13. YungFab says:

    Been replaying this video cus I saw myself in it at the stadium! Was in SA for the finals! Nice video.

  14. Adekunmi says:

    Am top of the world right now, listening to this my surest senior brother from another mother. D'banj, the Bagelee himself is putting more hard working to prove so many peoples wrong and he also said it himself that he missed Don Jazz, Cos Don jazz take care of the business while he take care of the music and the kids lol…Please peoples can you all be positives and give this our brother the credit he deserve, he is doing what most other musical can't do, create opportunity and letting the world know that Africa is not a dum continent…Big up to you brother..anybody wey say ur water no go born, the person gan no go see money buy pot lol..Thank for the touching and emotional video, any good music lover is going to love this without hating…Big up bros and always focus on what you believe on and don't listen to the negative energy comment around you bros…Thank once again , Hennessy o cover wa lol

  15. Funky says:

    People will still find something wrong in this video….kuku kill this d'banj!

  16. seun says:

    Now that is a classy video. Dbanj i know you are the greatest. Dbanj looks like a bottle of the most empensive champayne. God bless your hustle.

  17. seun says:

    i love this song the more.

  18. Ben Mark says:

    Jzzy & D'banj r d realest Nigerian celebrities that acts like a celebrity should…The other celebrities won't stop wearing fake shit !

  19. Don Velli says:

    Best Video Of 2013-Big Up D'Banj….Much Love +++

  20. UMAR says:

    D'banj best in africa

  21. pamilerin says:

    O cover wa nw, Eja nla

  22. niyi says:

    i kinda expected the other African flags at the part he mentioned the African countries but anyways nice matured video, a remix with akon/ mr hudson won't be bad,if there's ever going to be a remix which might happen or not, akon would be a perfect fit for the remix tho

  23. femi says:

    i know top of the world featured j sol,i heard j sol vocals but i keep hearing a female vocal in the song too, is dat zahara voice from south Africa, if is it not her then who??

  24. reno says:

    ..he's just too classic and well packaged.EJA NLA has landed.

  25. Man 2 Man says:

    The song would've been a mega HIT if he had released this vid during the Nations Cup or not long after..

  26. Someone_Special says:

    Clean and good video. Sometimes less is more. Well done.

  27. loaw says:

    This would have been a massive Hit in the state

  28. G RUGGED says:

    Great song! good concept!! lovely video!!! but wrong timing…. however, thumbs up to D'BANJ.

  29. Flector says:

    Standing ovation for this song Please!!! I get goose pimples when ever i listen to this song, Is it just me or anyone else is feeling it in here, SiCK!

  30. bumpay21 says:

    replay.. good job d'banj

  31. Roy Upson u dont have to call anyone fool. let it be peace and love plus that is his own opinion..

  32. Nenye Ibeanu says:

    I've never liked dis dis video made me love it so much…nd we can all relate to dis song too..thumbs up dbanj, wishing u d best of luck in ur career

  33. Nenye Ibeanu says:

    Chris Knify I dnt really buy ur opinion..I think the video is classy, I mean his dressing, his shoes..all saying he is on top of the world..den he referred to the african cup of nations..also classy, displaying d flags of different countries is what every other artist does..I think he ws trying to b different, nd in my opinion, it worked well

  34. Nametalkam says:

    D'banj is WEAK!

  35. Shawn says:

    Its so funny that Nigerians only appreciate club songs,this song would have gone viral in my country. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  36. LOLA says:

    I know many pple wnt appreciate dis song becos its nt a club song…all pple want to hear is , shake ur bumbum, LOL

  37. Ejanlah says:

    I dont really know why people keep hating on the broda.. He is doing Africa proud. Promoting our image out there and still yet you f**ls keep condemning. Who God has blessed no man can curse. I´m not a fan of Don jazzy because he is not an artist but i appreciate his wonderful beats and i am not hating him. Dbanj has moved on better and stronger.. TeamEjaNlaForever

  38. David Mogul Omofuma says:

    Took so long to come out..always loved the song.

  39. EMEKU says:

    best inspirational song soooo far…. we are tired of listening to songs about shaking ass,clubbing, alcohol or all those rubbish.. Thank you banger leeeeee. O cover wa nwwww

  40. GBAM says:

    How come haters are not here to say d'banj has been singing rubbish since he left mohit… This is d'banj's best song so far and it is even better than all the ones don jazzy had produced. Only reasonable people would appreciate this type of music.Music is not always about club bangers.

  41. precious says:


  42. my best video D' Bang u really try keep the good work am on the top of world too not only LOL nice one i love it

  43. from the admin @dbanjfellaz always ontop of the world

  44. The Truth says:

    Why does DBanj always announce who is entering into a song lool.. a lil bit cheesy oo..

    Cool song. nuff respect to the Super Eagles. Nice video/gr8 anthem.. nice one D BAnj

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