Chidinma – Oh Baby (Prod. Young D)

Post by Ovie O, September 14th, 2013

Chidinma aka Ms. Kedike shows no sign of letting up by putting out a new song – the 2nd Capital Hill Music release today – titled “Oh Baby”. Listen/download below.


Chidinma Oh Baby Art

Produced by Young D [DOWNLOAD]

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25 Responses to “Chidinma – Oh Baby (Prod. Young D)”

  1. FindOut says:

    Not bad.

  2. samoht says:

    Ms Kedike, well done work… This is music… Thumbs up!

  3. poise says:


  4. FJOsemwekhae says:

    Nigerian swag on a South Africanesque beat, I digs this!!

    • weahbaba says:

      aint nothin "southafricanesque" about this!

      • FJOsemwekhae says:

        What's wrong with South Africanesque beat? Well that's my opinion. I have a lot of good South African and Zimbabwean friends who are DJs and this beat is similar to what they play, even the vocal harmonies have south african intonations. . .unless my ears are deceiving me o. With that said to each his own :/

  5. Chidinma aka Ms. Kedike killing me ere with her new song Oh baby, I am so lovin it jooo!!

  6. Okoro says:

    just there

  7. tusheghe says:

    nice song from chidinma

  8. 2cha says:

    sounds a bit like kuukere. nice one though

  9. I no de shake for your songs, You have a great team and you know what you are doing, This is another winner. I am expecting the Video

  10. ezzy says:

    she try small

  11. Someone_Special says:

    The most likeable girl in the music industry. Keep up the good work

  12. standing the taste of time. keep it up

  13. Ladi Priti says:

    Miss Kedike now sounding like my Omawunmi.

  14. Beastiam says:

    i love you

  15. @DJKokoTesta says:

    This Jam is Hanging On The Balance…. Something is Missing

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