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Stunnah Gee – Dengeme

Post by lalaboiy, September 13th, 2013

I kind of like the chilled proper afrobeat feel to this from Stunnah Gee, I am very sure you will all like. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

It’s hard to differentiate Artiste in today’s Nigerian music scene. The industry seems to be filled with stereotypes with no true passion for music. When a breathe of fresh air decides to grace the music scene, it’s hard for the person to be ignored. Stunna Gee is one of those rare talents.
Born and raised in the culture of Nigerian music, Stunna Gee is a blend of afro beat and neo soul. Growing up in Ibadan in his early years, he got his musical inspiration from the likes of King Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti and Shina peters. Upon finishing his secondary school education, he later relocated to London to further his studies. Little did he know the European culture would also help cultivate his musical skills.

After years in london, he learned to mix music and fashion together. Hence the name Stunna Gee. Everywhere he goes, he always leaves an impression with his sense of fashion. After making some waves in the Uk music scene, he decided to move back to pursue Afro beat music in Lagos.

Stunna Gee is currently working on his new album titled. “The Beginning”. Dengeme is the first Single from his forth coming Album. He has acquired the help of top-notch producers such as P2J to help take his music to the next level. He has also gotten the help of some music heavy weights to add the extra edge to the album.

Credit goes to P2J on this one. 

– Lalaboiy

stunna-gee-cover copy


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19 responses to “Stunnah Gee – Dengeme”

  1. Ovie O says:

    JAMMM!!!! First, btw.


  2. Badoo says:

    Stunnah Gee . wow ! this is original.

  3. Anonymous says:

    this tune is a different p ooo jam of life

  4. tunde says:

    nice jam . very different

  5. Labib says:

    I met this dude in london. Hes a talented dude. Nice song .

  6. Adewale says:

    beat fantastic , flow on point , voice is unique. JAM!

  7. Anonymous says:

    dope tune

  8. oladelooopa says:

    dis is fucking dope!!! seriously its not typical but its hot! hope u blow dude

  9. Someone_Special says:

    Cool jam but the issue is will he be able stay true to this part?

  10. chinedu otisi says:

    this na jam of life , hope you can keep it up.

  11. Alhaji Leopard Sr. says:

    Gba Stunnah Gee for life.. Damn hot dupe, REPLY TILL I DIE

  12. paulmirabilis says:

    unique style,good music

  13. Music Critique says:

    Stunnah GEE Toh Quality, you are mouthed !! Repping for London proper with dis Jam of Life !! This is just the beginning !!!

  14. timdolly says:

    gbayiii o mostunner …. classic

  15. Gidi boy says:

    Stunnah Gee Lee . Your head dey there.

  16. T.L.C says:

    My swagger don kolo again

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