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LEAK: Naeto C – Owu No Dey Touch (Prod. e-Kelly)

Post by Ovie O, September 13th, 2013

“Before they bury me, I bury them.

they making too much noise | they must have thought I was a gentleman.” 

I got a surprise email last night from an anonymous source; the package carried an unreleased track from Naeto C titled “Owu No Dey Touch”. While listening, I noticed some MAJOR subliminals in it.

I can’t confirm when Super C recorded this joint, but the timing makes one wonder if this is a response to some “recent happenings” in Nigerian Hip-Hop. One or two rappers took shots at the WKG Kingpin, so this may be seen as a “Clap-back”.

All ye rappers, listen to every bar on this cut and feel free to catch your sub. Naeto C has spoken.



Produced by e-Kelly [DOWNLOAD]

SONG REMOVED per Label Request… A new and official version is getting ready to be released shortly

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33 responses to “LEAK: Naeto C – Owu No Dey Touch (Prod. e-Kelly)”

  1. Kilonshele says:

    First sha! even Don Jazzy can confirm cos he saw me.

  2. DamiUSA says:

    first… Average

  3. Air-Comodore Briggs says:

    Attention all Rappers, MCs, Cats, I Be, I Been Be or I Wanna Be !!!

    For so long rappers and MCs have complained of marginalization in the Nigerian musical polity. They claim that the Terryg-esq, Timaya-ish and Davido kinda noise is given undue and unfair patronage as against their more imaginative, poetic, wordsmith-ing and lyrical prowess.

    For years Rappers plying their lyrical trade in Nigeria have become recessive and seemed to have accepted their fate as second fiddle to the dominant Afro beat and its more than 50shades of tungba grey. In fact we have seen MCs over the years jettison ideology and cross carpet to singing siting pressing belle and financial needs, while others say they are dyed-in-the-wool rap zealots and no matter what they wouldn't sell their passion for a mess of commercial porridge.

    So now that Njok has bitten the tail of sleeping dogs it is not going to be convenient again to let the proverbial sleeping dogs lie. Every rapper in the Nigerian context worth his or her onions and suya pepper and who feels he or she is worthy of our continuous worship should come out and stake his or her claim or forever be remembered as those that chickened out when it mattered most.

    Rap like football is a contact human endevour, while one is physical, the other one is lyrical and it is the opposition that gives it credibility and enhance its entertainment value, so no Rapper or MC should hide under any guise of "not dignifying anyone with a response" to exempt him or herself from this lyrical debate, else such people would be adjudged as having developed cold feet.

    I think Njok has done well to adequately beat the drums of 'war' and stoke the embers of this lyrical flame and nobody should dismiss their importance in the burgeoning musical landscape of 9ja. I think they are also a competent court of public opinion with adequate locus and jurisdiction to dispense lyrical justice without fear or favour, love or ill will. (or even with all of them sef)

    So make hay while the sun shines, the ball is now in your court all you Rappers. Those of you that regale us ceaselessly of how "You are this and that…, how your **** is gold plated and fart is cologne…" Oya who get liver ko bo s'agbo, time don reash.

    Naeto C don Throw im own punch O, others what are u waiting for

  4. S.A. says:

    Not the best but atleast he showed he is comfortable on an exclusively hip-hop joint with no dance beat hence he could be said to be more than a "commercial" rapper…over to you Ice Prince, are you more than a "commercial" rapper?

  5. truthtalker says:

    Hardest out so far without mentioning a single name. Pocket your opinions, Naeto wins this round

  6. owolabz says:

    wow King Naeto…. I underrated you but you surprised me !! you are DOPE !

  7. maybach says:

    lol….ope ohh…thank God i download am b4 una comot am…..#owunodeytouchmybody

  8. weahbaba says:

    put it back up, i've not heard it yet 🙁

  9. OKET says:

    why una komot am nw..jst readin all this comments is making me feel like I missed out..please put it back and lets listen to the boss now..super c always on point..senior rapper none like you..i know you can never let me down..

  10. naeto C, you slap it big this time.

  11. naeto C, you slap it big this time.

  12. Music Minister says:

    smh this naeto guy is a fake nigga he owes ppl money. but this was a solid 1 tho try pay ppl back

  13. put song….comot am…hoo!

  14. u can as well leave it out…..

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