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Ghetto P – Give A F**K

Post by Ovie O, September 13th, 2013

Ghetto P blesses the unofficial Hip-Hop revival week with a fresh joint “Give A F**K”. The street/battle rapper features his Patois-speaking alter-ego Tytle on the track which will appear on his next mixtape “I’m Here Now”. Peep it below.

“Ghetto P yet again shows his Rap prowess on this track titled “Give a F**k”. He lands is signature Mike Tyson Combos as he switches at will from rap to dancehall, to rap to dancehall and back to rap. He fts himself as Tytle. The track is off his up coming mix-tape titled ” I Am Here Now”, Ghetto P emphasizes that the track is not a diss track.”


Ghetto P Give a F


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5 responses to “Ghetto P – Give A F**K”

  1. DDD says:

    you definitely gifted bro.. u need to work a lil harder, not on ur music but on ur career.. stay relevant.. dope track as always….

  2. @DArmyAlone says:

    JAM!!!!!!!! This is my new ring tone

  3. Kilonshele says:

    I've always respected this dude.

  4. FLY STUDZ says:

    i hate the beat… what the hell? but ghetto p tho… always lyrically alive

  5. Spacome says:

    Ghetto U BAM O!

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