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Coldflames – Impress You ft. Clay & M.I

Post by Ovie O, September 12th, 2013

Coldflames is a producer that’s building a fantastic reputation for himself with the kind of music he’s making. He’s responsible for virtually any song by Alternative/Rock act Clay (yes, we love her too), and it’s only right to have Clay on his debut single “Impress You”. Like that wasn’t enough, the one and only M.I was also invited to the party.

To the song itself, “Impress You” is an Alternative/HipHop powerballad that tells the story of 2 love interests trying to impress each other. This is the type of song you keep on repeat for as long as it takes.




Produced by Coldflames [DOWNLOAD]

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23 responses to “Coldflames – Impress You ft. Clay & M.I”

  1. coffeebrownie says:

    very new sound… seems like M.I's been working very hard after the list!!!!

  2. coffeebrownie says:

    very new sound….. looks like M.I's been working very hard after the list. Noiceee!!

  3. paulmirabilis says:


  4. Apuesto Gregorio says:

    Beautiful !

  5. Ogidigan says:

    Impressive… not the typical norm
    Please keep up the creativity and breath of freah dope tracks
    MI's verse was impressive

  6. air-comodore briggs says:

    M.I abeg no let girl too impress u, u never say them bin mention ur name for one diss track… (ehm… i don forget the guy name) if na me eh, i no gree, i no go form mtxchwww, i go enter booth murda the loafer… i say make i advice you ni o…

  7. phalaenopsis says:

    ColdFlames and CLAY, please you guys should NEVER stop making music. Nigeria certainly needs your rythmic sound. Don't get discouraged with how frustrating it could be to break into the industry. Your time is already here.
    As for MI, thank God he is on this one!

  8. D_Oracle says:

    Clay's voice is totally unique and awesome. Love it so much.

    The song? I'm very impressed.

  9. Danny L says:

    Impressive… Lovely tune. Big ups to Coldflames and Clay. The M.I that I just heard, is the M.I that i'm a fan of, so much passion in his verse. Amazing track. God bless.

  10. owolabz says:

    Each time we add the africaness to a song, it even makes us Africans unique and beautiful…

    This is great. As in complex stuff. Not those simplistic pop-club-trash you get from some Naija musicians these days. It’s musically mature

  11. Cheals(Wado) says:

    Tell me what can I do to impress you never meant to stress you when first I met you
    Lesson learnt, so let me express my affection for you, So I text you
    Let's take it to the next level dinner for two, unless you got plans
    Why stress when you got me, I'll address any rumors you've heard about me, cause they're just that, Rumors
    These are my confessions, you're beautiful, elegant and most of all you Impress me
    I must stress it cause who else gon tell you, God's blessing, you're an angel from above
    Heaven sent you, I receive you, you deliver me so why not present you
    Did I already make mention that you impress me?

  12. Bukie says:

    Check out the lyrics to this song on =>

    Clay's voice is absolutely awesome….reminds me of Shakira

  13. i dont know y naija is still sleeping on CLAY. no be say vita foam and mouka don finish for mkt. damn i just love the gal's voice and the way she sings with igbo is so #romantic!

  14. Ezebigfish says:


  15. dis clay murdered this track. badt chick and still d boss doing it d right way.

  16. M.I, The spirit of Nigeria rap game.

  17. obynaija1 says:

    clay seriously babe i love you…………….and anyone can quote me on that

  18. kene says:

    M.I used to be the guy that you got when you wanted to save a record. This is crap

  19. gatling says:

    M.i welcome back,clay thank you…

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