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OFFICIAL: Ice Prince – I Swear ft. French Montana

Post by Ovie O, September 9th, 2013

With his sophomore album – Fire of Zamani – set to drop before the end of 2013, Chocolate City rapper Ice Prince releases a new international single featuring Moroccan-American Hip-Hop superstar French Montana. with additional vocals by EME act Shaydee.

I like the reggae feel to this one.

Looking forward to the joint with Wale and the #FOZ album!


Ice Prince French Montana I Swear


Produced by Chopstix [DOWNLOAD] – **NO TAGS**

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86 responses to “OFFICIAL: Ice Prince – I Swear ft. French Montana”

  1. alexnaya says:


  2. This comment has been removed by the author

  3. @XISVVCX says:

    French Montana with his slow offbeat ass. He was the wrong person to feature on this track with this kinda beat. With just Ice-Prince on this song, this track is a 100/10. He didn't disappoint. Can't wait for that jam ft Wale to drop. Fire of Zamani all za way.

  4. Hayjaybawa says:

    Where are dose “First to comment” are u niggahs sleeping?

  5. VincoIsHere says:

    Is just OK..I Dont really like the mix and the beat is just normal basic beat, too low for international production

  6. @XISVVCX says:

    French Montana is no different that Lionel Messi in both legs of Barca's CL games vs Bayern Munich last season. It's just like he isn't even on the track.

  7. Blaze says:

    This has to be the most annoying song with a tag I've heard all my life!!!!!!! On the song itself, its ok but then again maybe its the useless tag that is covering potential.

  8. Segun says:

    whats up with common…it's too much!

  9. @jeffiejay says:

    Fresh ruined this feel of this beat IMO.

  10. Day 1 Fan says:

    When did notjustok start uploading songs with other websites voice tags? Did you guys need to post a song with so much tags? So much we cant even hear anything in the song. Just ruined an enjoyable song. SMH

    Day 1 Fan

  11. Apuesto says:

    Not what I was expecting tho… Wasn't expecting this pidgin english rap… I was expecting real hip hop. So I guess Iceprince is never gonna change his rap style.

  12. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    I would rather this cut was NOT posted yet till that obnoxious annoying ass "this is an exclusive from" bulls&*t was taken off SMH. Damn!! The song sounds unfinished. It was so annoying hearing the stupid underneath tho real talk.

  13. Iamontwitter says:

    Thunder fire the idiot that kept saying … the guy just made me hate the song….should have just passed it to notjustok….changed it to I swear- ice prince ft French Montana and …idiots …and the song is alright…I just like Montana's part and the chorus…..hope they are better songs pon the album….once again thunder fire…i'm gone ..yes I am pained

  14. Doobeee! says:

    Nigerians repping!! We proud of D’banj who keeps raising d bars! He did “Blame It On The Money” ft two Internationals(Snoop Lion nd Big Sean) in one track, Wizkid doing very well as well, 9c one Ice Prince!! Taking Nigeria music industry to d global world!!! 9c one!

  15. lanre says:

    wow this is fantastic,Ice Prince keep staying relevant,you don't have to be on any list to prove you are a talented artiste,keep makin your money.

  16. Abdulmalik says:

    Hmmmm…dope jam…commercial ish as expected from ice prince… French Montana was useless on d joint, his presence cud bring d desired publicity tho…that said, cant wait for perhaps d album of the year… #FOZ

  17. Abdulmalik says:

    Hmmmm…dope jam…commercial ish as expected from ice prince… French Montana was useless on d joint, his presence cud bring d desired publicity tho…that said, cant wait for perhaps d album of the year… #FOZ

  18. john says:

    wow nice one Ice Prince. Getting better like old wine.

  19. Ernest says:

    So this is the Rubbish we all have been waiting for? Na wa sha…..French Montana is another wack rapper entirely.Some people just get grace and I think that is what is saving these stupid Ice Prince and his Co amateur rappers.

  20. Track is normal ….what’s wif d stupid tag na…is it part of d song

  21. OlaOLa says:

    mix poor…

  22. Jekeli says:

    Mehn So many Naija underground rappers wud have done way berra dan French Montana on diz Song.. And the Reggea feel wud av been taken by Patoranking or Tekno… I xpected mur dan diz.. Nice vocals by Zamani and Shaydee anywayz.. #TeamGoodMusic

  23. Ben says:

    WHAT IS THIS??????????????? CRAP!!!




  24. preacher man says:

    I am so disappointed in you Ovie. You actually posted this crap? What is enjoyable about this? So with all your "industry connect" you cant ask iceprince for the song directly instead of taking from this annoying

  25. Nduka says:

    Oboi ye this man Zamani jst dey on Fireeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Nice 1 choc city. Make haters hug transformer.

  26. Omooba001 says:

    After 1:06 mins…am closing this shaite….WTF is music which …the website is not even available….

  27. lanre says:

    na wa oh,i feel this song would have been better if French Montana was not on the track.

  28. LAYLOW says:


  29. #Teamhian says:

    I swear , I don't normally complain about tags in music…But jesus christ…I feel like punching the dude shouting ''this is music exclusive from ng'' abi wettin he dey talk???? his voice is annoying ehn? That one go come make me visit your site? thunder fire u! remove hin voice make i enjoy gbedu abeg…hian!

  30. login says:

    I think there's some kind of strategy behind that tag! I don't know what it is…But i'm sure choc city ppl are not that stupid.

  31. Comment says:

    But lowkey,Ice prince is wack o..ahn ahn… – I spend money on the things i wear? – Wettin u wan spend before? stone? And i hope French did that verse for free…If hin collect money then ice prince needs to cut out his verse and return it back to him…Ask for a refund bruh.

  32. mr Sheu says:

    Is this a freestyle or the single he has been shouting bout?…Shit..justt wasted my MB on this

  33. sholascott says:

    Maybe na MI own that blog or na site wey dem just dey promote anyhow ……. will come back to listen to the untagged version as soon as its been updated and i'll leave my comment

  34. Paul Kalu says:

    @Ice Prince This track make sense BUT This your (THIS IS XCLUSIVE ON MUSIC.COM. NG) WAS TOO MUCH! on The Song.

  35. John Pay says:

    can some one tell that voice saying this is exclusive from this and that to shut up, I want to hear the music.

  36. Young Naz says:

    TF French montana! Even Yung6ix could have done better…poor lines…S/O ice mehn salute yhur hustle brah!#dope beat init!

  37. DJ BEE says:

    ICE PRINCE IS JUST SOO STEWPID TO ALLOW SOME STEWPID MUSIQ WETIN WETIN SPOIL SONG . I believe no radio station would play the song . not even a dj . Downloaded & deleted ,not coming back for the original STUPID STUPID MURTHAF*$#@R AM VEXXED .SMH . I think yall should let us spit our mind without moderating the comment . LOOKS FOR A KNIFE TO KILL BOTH THE VOICE TAG PERSON & WHO ADDED THE VOICE TAG & WHO ALLOWED IT .

  38. tenny says:

    This is just the watermark version, the clean version will be out shortly. so guys calm down

  39. dexter says:

    na watermark oo,, all of una sha like to dey diss artist… the clean version go comot soon .. me like ice's part, french montana aint bad either

  40. owolabz says:

    Did he feature french Montana? BECAUSE Ice killed it and i dont see the need to feature any french whatever !
    Notjustok is credible enough to get the song directly from ice and i dont just understand the tags on the song.. whats our business with #GTFOH

  41. Ebuka says:

    LISTEN UP!!!! Y'all should chill out plssss …. this is a pre release of the song,that is why you get to hear all that "MUSIC.COM.NG….., the clean version will hit you soon….. Selah

  42. Man 2 Man says:

    WTF the tag volume is higher than the song itself.. When Ice played this song for me on one wireless small speaker like that @ the hotel room, the song busted my brain.. this song has been holding up the release of my mixtape since, now its out with tag all over..

  43. DEX says:

    Even "Exclusive from" sounds more pleasant to the ears than that stupid/long ass '' It's torture tbh. Can't even bother finishing the song till the real thing is out.

  44. Trizzy Lmb says:

    '@ICE prince nice track..

  45. Dangote Papa says: una grandpapa papaa !! E just be like mosquito for my ear !! Ogun, Shango & Amadioha go join blast dat ur mouth !!…Daz all

  46. POC – French is not a "super star".

  47. dld says:

    Lol it’s obvious notjustok didn’t get a mail from ice as this track premieres today lol, so dem no wan carry last dem cop am from .. No be me talk am o

  48. ︻╦╤─Bbm 2efcc419︻╦╤─ says:

    Listen to French Montana "If I Die" you know dat nigga is WACK and you Ice Prince PLEASE Step Your Rap Game Up!!!!!!!!

  49. NaLaugh says:

    Montana is a SHITTY rapper. What else where u guys expecting from him?

    Can someone kindly go on a rooftop and snipe that guy saying "THIS IS EXCLUSIVE ON MUSIC.COM.NG"


  50. badguy says:

    I ce I don’t do complain abuat songs becus am an upcoming artist who lean from. What people. Up dere do. wen u do a good song even if some bad people we talk rubbish singgers dat no songs we apreaciat it. I don’t no d reazing why u let dat out but as long as ur vois is. Consind for ur name not to be distroid u woulding have let dem do dat. pls don’t do dat again and rework on dat song to gain ur prics u do get from ur fans dat so call music watever watever ng advice dem if dem wan to promo dere link dat is not how dey we do it not to spoid caria

  51. okiki says:

    The voice on that tag sounds like Ice Prince!!!!

  52. Abdulmalik says:

    Hmmmm…dope jam…commercial ish as expected from ice prince… French Montana was useless on d joint, his presence cud bring d desired publicity tho…that said, cant wait for perhaps d album of the year… #FOZ

  53. Ozigi Don says:

    I swear gon!

  54. INcognito says:

    Ice Prince abeg go collect change from French Montana hand. His verse was toooo weak. WTTFF???

  55. JUGNU says:

    this is lame though. Typical….weak

  56. weahbaba says:

    God knows how much Iceprince paid for French's nursery rhymes! This shits wack son! fuck outta here!
    Naija rappers be riding the "bad man" waves hard these days, even wizkid dey yan 20 man shall fall that day! SMH!
    fuck outta here!

  57. Fowoachieve says:

    Nah Hype…. Enjoy it and no hating..

  58. Dami says:

    Ice prince I SWEAR God ll punish you for this rubbish, what’s this? + ice +french=none sense, you still get balls to drop this kind of rubbish after your ex label mates album, all the awards you get I SWEAR u don’t deserve any, but u go bk door to bribe & patronize people, you & your desperado 419 manager (tobi) pls don’t bother with the album,too many features just so you can shift the attention from yourself we know your trick, OLODO

  59. El Savador says:

    The production sucks

  60. rob says:

    Ice prince abeg do video for this tune bruz

  61. Cheals(Wado) says:

    I swear this shit is dope, too many haters Ice try give props when props due.

  62. Ceo Bans says:

    Very wack rapper.. sold 78k or less copies of his album called Excuse My French, JOKERS

  63. Kilonshele says:

    Ice Prince is an average typical Commercial rapper. No doubt

    Ice Prince = Florida

  64. truth speaker says:

    all of u shut up dat dislike dis song wat else do u want this is a mad commercial song dat will sell like mad, so please if u can do better step out n show u damn self if not tk a seat n support this work and shaydee good job..;.

  65. Ice should have dropped the track without putting French M on it, the guy did not bounce well on the beat, someone like jesse jagz could have made the track better, Thank God he has a chance to remix. Pls add jago and Wizkid Ayo.

  66. 9jafreak says:

    no where as good as Magician

  67. Bugatti1 says:

    WTF is u haters talking bout? This is dope!!! I can tell a lot of yall don't listen to new school hip hop!! Nice one Ice & Montana…#aintworriedboutnothin #Iswear

  68. Uncle Swag says:

    it would have been better if he featured burna tho.

  69. remi says:

    Ice Prince has to continually pray God's blessings on Jargo. If not for the monster called Oleku, his career would never have blown like it has. Dude has been consistently sub-par. very weak lyrics. What does he spend his time doing?

  70. Don Jazzy says:

    na me produce this if i catch you!!!!

  71. Ington says:

    just below average…not really nice song.

  72. akpako says:

    french montana ma ass, wat is d nid of ft an international act n still sounds lyk tony tetula, jesse jaggs wuld produce a better jam for d streetz jaare.

  73. vec-nine says:

    nice beat … but when doing an international collabo …why a wack international artiste?

    ice prince is not the best but way more better than french montana – french montana just got some free money and donated serious weak bars, ruining this incredible beat way jesse jagz for murda

  74. D_Oracle says:

    @3:08 "All my records dem big like say na toolz back" ——- this guy don mara!

    lol……he is still into Toolz. I just gbadun this track especially Chopstix's mellow and laid back production. French Montana or whatever be his name is a pass. For me, he is just a waste of space.

    Perhaps, folks are expecting too much from Ice? Maybe, if we can stop projecting all of our (unrealistic) expectations on this guy perhaps we'd appreciate him more? I just listen to him to laugh at his quite funny and playful lyrics and the way he flows with the beats (almost) effortlessly. Take him for who he is (he never claim to be the best rapper or whatever) and enjoy the music.

    For me, the song is on repeat. I dey gbadun am gan – I swear!

  75. miller says:

    Why ar we Nigeria don’t appreciate good thing,ice prince yaron zamani bigup 2 u. I rely ejoyd d song,,,,,,J-town ambassador am very much proud of u

  76. @Emmanuel .. u be real mugu

  77. THIS MUZIK MAKE SENSE DIE…. THIS NA NAIJA with YANKEE REMIX …. U don't expect Ice Prince to speak america english whn we be broken people….WE SPEAK BROKEN…WE DO WHT WE KNW…….. ICE PRINCE DA BOMB….. U ALWAYS REAL NO FAKING

  78. Mega Young Luther says:

    This is a nice song… I don't see anything wrong with the beat or whatever.. Stop all the crap hey.. I have been waiting for this song to drop.. Keep it lock…Nice song Player…Easy

  79. Whoever that Mixed This Shiii…. Killed This Shiii. Was This Done ina Back Yard or a Studio? Sounds Like Voice Note to Me. I Swear…. This Song is Whaaaaack!!!

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