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VIDEO: Ice Prince and French Montana in the Studio making ‘I Swear’

Post by Demola OG, September 7th, 2013

Check out a short clip of Ice Prince and French Montana working on Ice’s new single I Swear set to drop on September 9.

Fresh off his upcoming album “Fire of Zamani” due to be released October, BET award winner, and Chocolate City rapper Ice Prince Zamani drops a sneak peek into the recording of “I Swear” a new track on the upcoming album.

The track which was recorded at Big Daddy Studios in the US features American rapper French Montana and also includes vocals from Shaydee.

I Swear will be released on the 9th of September 2013

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22 responses to “VIDEO: Ice Prince and French Montana in the Studio making ‘I Swear’”

  1. novex says:

    my b looks nervous …..y? ….. shout out to sinzu doing big things homie lets go


    TEAM 1st……Nice Collabo ICE…

  3. Anonymous says:

    First from Buckingham…

  4. paulmirabilis says:

    This album is gonna be fire

  5. LasGidi says:

    Not feeling the Reggae Vibe. I SWEAR.

  6. okiki says:

    Drop it noooooooooooooooooooooooow! beat if fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. owolabz says:

    Fire of Zamani is gonna be Fire….. Its getting HOT already

  8. sholascott says:

    Not a big fan of all this Naija_American Collab but patiently waiting for the track, Icy is doing big tinz tho !!! #FOZ

  9. Manny says:

    Shaydee is a star first word lynco said when we meet that year in Africa Abj. i remained silent for a long time,not because i know nothing about him but because, I will never forget you both, Kayz is a witness

  10. for top notch beats and audio mastering call AUDIO-KINGS on 08080882556,08032529954.

  11. Fowoachieve says:

    Hot hot Zamani…Always fire up..never come down….

  12. Godsluv22 says:

    Lol….Ice Prince in the video thanking the last guy that said once ice drops the single and sends it to Montana peeps "THEY WILL TRY TO PUSH IT IN THE STATES"……I question that beause African Hip Hop isn't well known in the states. This means it will take a while for these American rappers in Hip Hop to feel our rhythm and flow on a song…..All the best to Ice Prince

  13. mr odox says:

    I dey feel u, nice one Ice prince. Gaba dai-gaba dai. #teamzamani

  14. Kilonshele says:

    And they came out with that trash. Abeggi commot

  15. ishakavilla says:

    ice prince is good wanna be like him am looking for studio if u have just call me 08147752064

  16. Kosi Lumpur says:

    Mr Zamani I love you.

  17. Dafoma says:

    i love men wit swagger like ice prince

  18. CD still rocks, two years later…

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