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Kid Konnect – Satan Must Fall ft M.I, Terry Tha Rapman, Sir Dauda

Post by Ovie O, September 7th, 2013

Hip-Hop/Rap has suddenly taken centre stage among Nigerian music listeners in less that 24 hours since we put out the 10 Most Gifted Rappers List here on For that reason, we’re bringing you guys something unreleased from highly-rated Hip-Hop Producer Kid Konnect featuring M.I, Terry Tha Rapman and Sir Dauda.

Gotta say Terry aka Joe Spazm spazzed on this one. And how about M.I? This is the Abaga I knew pre-Chairman. Dude still got a whole lot in his tank.

The production is as good as it gets. Sick tune by all rap standards.


Kid Konnect


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46 responses to “Kid Konnect – Satan Must Fall ft M.I, Terry Tha Rapman, Sir Dauda”

  1. AROBAGA says:


  2. Mrs.I says:

    M.I KILLED THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gbolahan says:

    Dope joint. Sir dauda I hear u.

  4. dis is real stuff from d two best rappers in naija no doubt abt it.

  5. S.A. says:

    Good song all round…but something is missing in M.I lately..after few listens, I concluded it's the flow not the lyrics..truth is this laid back style of pausing between lines doesn't suit him….otherwise great song..

  6. Eja Nla Ayodele Mourinho says:

    Thank God I have seen Nigeria Music with message these year……….. God bless you guys.

  7. Hammysuh says:

    Sir Dauda.. Mr Daud, i sight ya from far… Where dem Ibile's make dem come make we dey hear their bragging..

  8. paulmirabilis says:

    100% quality Hip-Hop!

  9. kandi says:

    Most of our rappers are not consistent enough, and that's the problem with the naija hiphop scene.. We dont really know or cannot really say who the best is. INCOSISTENCY takes away the BEST. CONSISTENCY ON THE OTHER HAND, SPEAKS VOLUME. IN BTW, 9ICE JOINT.

  10. "I asked for less darkness, He gave me more light!" – M.I.

  11. aderemi says:

    Thumbs up guys one of d best rapper song ever in naija,MI u killed it bro.

  12. DUJI says:

    Dis song has jst changed my life! Playin it 4 the 7th time at least….a perfect song/prayer 4 my situation right now

  13. Nd dz z why M.I z d King…. Damn!. Dz dudes z got bars 4 days. #StillAfricansBest

  14. tusheghe says:

    Satan Must Fall o .. happy sunday folks!

  15. Cee Jo says:

    Am happy u know other songs rarely have message.

  16. ︻╦╤─Bbm 2efcc419︻╦╤─ says:

    I SWEAR it must come down!!!!! Terry Tha Rapman killed it

  17. Mcdonald Softty Odijie says:

    crazy song

  18. work on the beat , but the track is dope though nice.

  19. oluetson_pow says:

    9nice joint, terry went in so hard. Gud story line from joe spasm .Wish mode 9 was in it, kaiiiiiiii. Pls a remix will do.

  20. Eja Nla Ayodele Mourinho says:

    Cee Jo I am tired of dance club music, They should stick with these style then bring out only party jams

  21. Godsluv22 says:

    Serious tune…..Love the chorus in this song

  22. Beats says:


  23. this is a very lovely song.

  24. Spacome says:

    Terry Did it 4 me…

  25. Fhast & Fewrious says:

    Kid Konnect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Danny L says:

    Terry Tha Rapman really went in!! M.I tried as well. Kid Konnect nice one. Dopeness.

  27. Toyin says:

    MI the BEST

  28. M.I killed it man. Nd if yhu think otherwise, yhu shouldn’t be ‘commenting’ on dz post ‘cos yhu obviously know nothing about hiphop. The flow, rhymes, lyrics… Err-thang on point. M.I z still king!! #SatanMustFall ha!

  29. oluwasolo says:

    Highly Spiritual. Kid n Dauda Circumcised it, Terry Baptized it n M.I lazarused it. Will listen 2 dz 4 a long time. Obago

  30. Lark says:

    Kid Connect….you're crazily dope!!!…Terry is crazily dope!!!…MI is dope!!!
    Kid Connect…cook up a mad beat like and feature ModeNine (No1) & MI (No4)…d whole world is waiting…make it happen!!!!

  31. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    My boy Kid Konnect has always been an out of the box type of dude. Highly talented and innovative. Takes a good producer to be able to get the best out of multiple Emcee's. This joint is nice.

  32. tricksmix says:

    did M.I just take a jab @ Iceprince ?

  33. Someone_Special says:

    Yes oh, Satan has fallen. Really enjoyed the track.

  34. Hangout says:

    M.I is just not from this planet… His use of words just amaze you… I like terry and he did will here but M.I blew him away here… The moment M.I started dropping flows, I forgot Terry was on this track…

  35. Nenman says:

    So you guys are now turning this into a Terry vs M.I contest? can't two mc's to be on a track together without y'all talking talking like fools?

  36. markjaskam says:

    Damn!!! so they killed it both.. Satan Ur kingdom don crash…

  37. MI is just too good,he is making music for the future..He is "soaring even b4 he heard of the word fly"

  38. Western Boys says:

    Quality jam… we don dey hear correct work since list land. Ovie make u and ur team dey sort out the tracks wey dem dey send una. If e no enter, throway the thing. Artists need to step up their game and work harder.

  39. Fragile says:

    i listened to d joint… overall it was dope buh i gotta say that there was a disconnect frm the hook with M.I's verse… this was suppose to be some gospel hardcore ish buh M.I went bragging right on it… i was a bit disappointed tho but overall big ups to Konnect

  40. ALL HERE says:

    wait a minuite guys! is MI trying to mock iceprince in d song? MI ar a gud rapper at least 4 tracks lyk “wow wow west” “how much do u want it” u talented but i think currently iceprince has oudone d record u and mode9 made, with great lines like

    “a young kid from Africa spit on your heath daily

    been through the prison you see what the boss gave me

    shinning like the sun and have been with the stars lately

    been through the fire you see what the scars made me”

    Mehn like this line should be the best/most talented line ever contructed by a rapper on earth,another great line that could be comparable to that line is kendricks line in the tract “bitch dont kill my vibe”

    “to die in a pitiful vain,tell me a watch and a chain is way more beleivable

    give a me a feasible gain rather a seasonal name….”

    Alright MI i have so much respect for u and mode9 and u whr once my no1 until d day i discovered iceprince,anywhere gud luck 2 U guys

  41. Rubix says:

    Still so dope!!!

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