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VIDEO: Yung6ix – First Class ft. Percy (B-T-S)

Post by Ovie O, September 6th, 2013

Yung6ix is arguably the most dissed rapper in Nigerian music this year. That hasn’t stopped the Waffi-bred rapper from continuing his hustle and signing a new Multi-Million Naira deal between his self-owned label KashKamp and Trick Billionaire Musiq.

Here’s behind the scenes footage from the video shoot for his 2013 single “First Class.

“KKTBM front-man “Yung6ix” is gearing up for the release of his long awaited and hotly anticipated Unlimited L.Adirected visuals for his critically acclaimed single “First Class”. The rapper who recently caused an uproar due to his famous tweet is set to drop the video in a few days and cannot wait to premiere the clip which features his label matePercy.  Nonetheless Yung6ix‘s camp is releasing footage and hot photos from the video shoot to whet the appetite of fans, music lovers, critics etc. Check on it!”

Directed by Unlimited LA.


YouTube Preview Image

Picking Things’ rapper and King of the South ‘Yung6ix’ floated his imprint “Kash Kamp” a few months back, the camp houses Percy (whom was featured on Yung6ix’s most recent single ‘First Class’) as well as talented producer Otee Beatz.Yung6ix’s camp welcomed a hand offered from ‘Trick Billionaire Musiq” for both parties to partner with the end-result of taking Yung6ix and his brand out of Africa and sharing his brilliance with the rest of the world.

The mouth-watery deal is rumored to be worth about $250,000 with a sign-up fee of $100,000 inclusive and will see the young rapper release his long awaited album ‘6’O Clock’ under “Kash Kamp Trick Billionaire Musiq (KKTBM)“; and fans should expect new stellar materials from Onome Onokokwomo in the near future.

A rep from ‘KKTBM’ confirmed this report saying that the music community should expect a wind-whirl from Yung6ix because of the blueprint set and the drive and hunger he has seen in the rapper and also revealed that Onome’s debut album will hit stores in months.


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33 responses to “VIDEO: Yung6ix – First Class ft. Percy (B-T-S)”

  1. kay says:

    Empty bottle of ace and y'all talking swag??

  2. ︻╦╤─Bbm 2efcc419︻╦╤─ says:

    where is Erigga sef i need you to come flog this guy well well….. 12 strokes!!!

  3. Jamal says:

    Am I the only person who finds this kid really annoying? load of tossshh!!

  4. 9jafreak says:

    What happened to Storm?
    YungSix sef don dey open labels… too much comedy this naija sef
    Kid came too fast though and couldn't live up to the hype
    Back to school son (wisefact!)

  5. #waff Nation says:

    Haters hate while the PLayers PLay… Ekpa empty ace bottle dey owner generation?

  6. I_Spiks_DaTroof says:

    Trash! Trash!!! Absolute modafruxckingg TRIZZZAAASHHH!!!! Overrated, not lyrical, and with that neck like a camel—UNMARKETABLE!!! "Jay Z no go serve anybody". For real?! Obviously hes never seen too many Hov videos.

    PS:@Jamal, youre not the only one that finds this clown annoying.

  7. lavy says:

    Yung6ix I love you, you are the best Nigerian artist I have ever seen in this world. ConGrats on your new deal

  8. weahbaba says:

    Kid looks lost

  9. abuhamza says:

    This Yung6ix dude seems so annoying.'Jay Z no dey serve anybody drink' WTF?boy you're not Jay z.even the girl beside you had the "WTF" look on her face when you said that..smh..silly twat

  10. vec-nine says:

    Atitude goes a long way … " had a lil spark when u started but now ur just garbage" … very local video.

  11. okiki says:

    Ringgit…currency aiye! currency alalubarika…

  12. Ovie says:

    Everything about him looks forced,Be your self! he just dey adjust collar,dey jack shoulder! na by that one? and i really hate people that wear their wrist watch like that…ugggh!

  13. Penprince says:

    Kool. Mehn. Really kool. 6ixty i c u

  14. The Truth says:

    Call it bad belle, h8r warefaaa but this is CRINGGGGE !!! Forced & OTT .. The accent is confused.

    *Be Yourself Everybody Else is Taken *

  15. Arabstyl says:

    World people make una still see good things outta person na,…. 6ix u r sailing to success… make dem talk, Somebody in Tuface voice…

  16. sholascott says:

    I wanna say so much but i'll stick to the "never knock a man's hustle" @least the guy is hustling , make una leave am sef

  17. sabi_boy says:

    Already looks wack. dude is so fake

  18. Yungfab says:

    Yungsix na big fool!!! Jay z no dey serve anybody drink, like say you know him personally. I respect his hustle but dude should take a chill pill jor! Maga's dey pay pass that your 150k dollars contract. Nonsense!!

  19. Badmus says:

    You claim to have a mouth watering deal yet you are wearing fake jewelries. All this Warri rappers are not up to standard. You guys should step up your hustle and stop hyping yourself without logic. Fact is fact, Yung6ix needs to blow before forming his own team. You haven't blown up yet you are carrying people on your shoulder. May God see you through.

  20. World people!!!! Na wa oh! Later you start complaining about things mysteriously not working out for you when all u do is spill negativity anywhere you go. All u do is hate on people over the net….Why? Simply coz u can with anonymous confidence. The Dude is trying… probably shot this video before his new deal…He may be a lil over confident… but thats who he is IMO! Its not easy to come from Delta state and make a name! give him points for that! whats all the hate for???!!!! Things can only get better for him and I wish him all the best and continous improvement in his character, grind and music! God bless us all…. and all u hateful people too.

  21. Charles says:

    Nobody is perfect..

  22. Changeclothz says:

    lol the guy talks as if he´s taking a shit hahaha but get ur money my nicca…………

  23. HAHAHAH… Dude at 8:03 (holding Don P) be like No No No I don't waste money.

  24. Udofia Akpan Augustine says:

    Hmmm..who's this fake dude trying to jostle between yarning like some americana with a voice like that of some! all this lies about being signed up and getting paid such amount,If he was that Good why didnt he stay put on storm records.Abeg make una stop all this publicity stunt,let him prove himself and stop all this twitter rant.Mshewwwwwww!

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