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Muna – Put On A Show (Prod. BabyFresh)

Post by Ovie O, September 6th, 2013

Beauty Queen Muna knows how to switch it up from straight up rapping to Patois, and she displays it in abundance on this new cut she calls “Put On A Show”. Merge that with a sick beat, and we have one heavy banger.



Produced by BabyFresh Mavin [DOWNLOAD]

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17 responses to “Muna – Put On A Show (Prod. BabyFresh)”

  1. owolabz says:

    WTF!! 30secs into the song and i'm already dancing… This is a very very good track, absolutely pumping my adrenaline and its definitely gonna make my playlist… Lovely Lovely Lovely !!!

    Feels good to be the first init ?? :p

  2. login says:

    Too dope! haaa!!!

  3. okiki says:

    I don play this song like 15 times already! eassssssy Muna…Jam!!!

  4. FreshEmpire says:

    there is difference between Music and Business. Muna is making music and not concentratin on the business side of her music. my dear, getting to the top will be hard o. i am not saying u should make terry G kind of music. what am sayin is that u keep it simple. the top hits of the world are simple songs we all can relate with. simplicity is word. stop twistin ur tongue

  5. sabi_boy says:

    There are so many great songs out there right now. this will be hyped, but it wont fly. we love melody, and that is what the song lacks.

  6. racksracks says:

    sick a fan now b

  7. KUDY GOLD says:

    good work muna..incredible…..

  8. NoHYPEfx says:

    yeaahh, yall aint never heard nothing like this… you gotta love hardworking and creative artistes…. shes badd!!!

  9. Fowoachieve says:

    I dont like her..She too proud …damn proud and she no fine reach beyonce self…Well beat dey okay.. i dont know what she is saying though…

  10. polo gang says:

    Sounds Rihanna- like

  11. shola says:

    crap back to the drawing board

  12. DOPE …. She is Sexy and Can Rap. #Cake

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