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AT – Murda (Prod. Gospel)

Post by Ovie O, September 6th, 2013

“Another Great Empire (A.G.E) presents the official 2nd single by the female rapper, AT. The dancehall-influenced track titled “Murda” was produced by Gospel, who also produced AT’s previous single “Rude Gyal Demo”.

AT shows off an impressive patois flow on this track, as she and Gospel create a sweet blend of dancehall, rap and afrobeats.

Follow AT on Twitter, Instagram & Keek – @ThisIsAT.”


AT Murda Art


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38 responses to “AT – Murda (Prod. Gospel)”

  1. azontoking says:

    dope shit!

  2. Tayo says:

    Rude gyal toh sure! Rude gyal toh bad!

  3. Shadi says:

    sick joint.. more grease

  4. BLAKE says:

    Bloody nonsense. As in she made a bloody mess. As in all femcees are dead. As in infact a lot of emcees sef. Keep up the bloody murder my friend. ATL got u

  5. tizzy says:

    big fan…soon blowww

  6. Bimbo says:

    Everything I do na MURDA MURDA! No dey mud for no kona kona! Too mouthed!

  7. Sheevon says:

    Make una clear road make I see

  8. Seun says:

    A.G.E GIRLS ARE DOPE. Not surprised at all. Go AT!!!

  9. Freak says:

    LOVE THIS! So aggressive and fearless! my AGE. Collection is sounding very good. Still loving AURA AND RUDE GYAL DEMO. Dnt worry keep doing what u do, your time is coming. I now rep A.G.E

  10. I hate bitches that make songs like this. Bring positive news to us. And top singing abt killing. Arrant bulsh

  11. Memory says:

    Went to school with AT (LJC). She was way cooooool! 

  12. Benita says:

    No dey show chest o jareeeee

  13. See my name now. I taste only high quality music like this. Mix on point A. Perfectionism wins always

  14. Emeka says:

    I know say this girl na Yoruba. See as she wear chain chain for neck like armu robber. Mschewwww

  15. Flava says:

    This that awesome shit matey?!

  16. Felix says:

    I like her style and swag. Nize one

  17. ify says:

    I know her type that encourages the young one to follows old men around. Shame on you.

  18. jes says:


  19. This beat keeps you going n going n going. Gospel is a fucking genius. Better than Don Jazzy and all the other waning producers. Hear his mixing n tell me I’m wrong. Feel that kick.

  20. ATFAN says:

    She’s cool. Been watching for her since. Glad she’s staying consistently and growing. Come and perform ar my school

  21. Mensah says:

    I like her n Fefe formerly Fefe Tmissy. I think they’re really good friends. Ladies learn this

  22. mumu says:

    What is the concept of this art supposed to be? Encouraging violence? Kai! We will never progress.

  23. plenary says:

    Kill me for this song is heavenly

  24. jimoh says:

    Oh girl drop singles quicker nex time be oz it’s not fair to mak us miss you like this. Hope the next one will come in a few weeks again oh

  25. BANS says:

    All these young cats no dey smile I swear! AGE LOS HKN DRB. All big letter too. Ilefo illuminati tinzzzz

  26. babigirl says:

    gospelondebeatz baaaad gan! this is really unique and creative. Well done guys!

  27. Flip says:

    Chop shit n die. IZ only yourself you will murder

  28. Tisinb says:

    My official irey song

  29. janta says:

    beautiful jam….. A.G.E are just the best

  30. Swayme says:

    You will marry me girl you will marry me. In iyanya voice

  31. anonymous says:

    Just showing some love form. Sky is your limiting keep,pushing

  32. I say amen to dat your prayer.

  33. James says:


  34. Jim says:

    But she can actually rap. Blaka!

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