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WAJE – 17 (Prod. e-Kelly)

Post by Ovie O, September 5th, 2013

This has to be one of the best songs released by any female artiste from Nigeria this year. From the production to the lyrics, the vocals… everything, Waje got it spot-on. You can tell this is coming from the heart. I love love love it! #17.

A Note From Waje:

“When people see one in the spotlight, often times, they only see the beauty, glamour, perfection, and fame. Little do they know that this spotlight that seems so glorious, also serves as armor. Armor that protects oneself and the ones we love from the daggers of hurt and hate people throw at us.

The spotlight also disguises the darkness that we are sometimes enveloped by the darkness of emotional turmoil and pain that we are sometimes afraid to reveal to the world for fear of being misjudged.

But there comes a time in life when this veil of darkness must be discarded. Because only then will healing occur.
And so this is my liberation song. A song that expresses my pain with no inhibitions. Upon hearing this song, people will talk. Some may ridicule. Some may judge. But I’m not afraid. What I am more afraid of is living a life burdened by darkness.

This is me, as honest as can be, my very essence.”


WAJE 17 Art

Produced by e-Kelly [DOWNLOAD]

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16 responses to “WAJE – 17 (Prod. e-Kelly)”

  1. Jide says:

    Waje try ooo. Nice Jam.

  2. Edo Boi says:

    what of 69 lol. nice song tho

  3. Man 2 Man says:

    E-Kelly na bull dog on this beat.. Waje Waje Waje all the way, from start to finish..

  4. kathy says:

    nice one there wanche lollllllzzzzzzzz

  5. owolabz says:

    Lovely song. I am always excited to listen to any single from Waje and i have neither been put off nor let down. Her voice is so sweet and the lyrics really came to bare…I loved it sha, very serene

  6. Ogidigan says:

    quality stuff… the women in the Naija music industry are consistently putting out quality material

  7. @chonkis says:

    The Song is Dope and it's Pretty Obvious she's singing it for the DIck Head who impregnated her and left without saying a word and now the Kid is all grown and the dude is back to get the Kid. What a world. #Waje Express yourself Lady. #PREACH!

  8. dbanj says:

    i can actually feel this song. Lyrically and beat wise. This is good music

  9. @NLarie says:

    This vibe is touching…..listen to the lyrics guyz!

  10. Osinga♛♚♝♞♟♜♚♛Onyi says:

    Definition of sticking with what you believe in and not following the trend..WAJE

  11. weahbaba says:

    out of the box with this one, nice!

  12. Someone_Special says:

    This is straight from the heart. Very touching. Your daughter will definitely be proud of you.

  13. I wish still my favourite but this is good too.

  14. Hassan says:

    wow!!!! these song really hit me hard when i heard it..the lyrics is really a strong reality check….Guys needs to use their senses when situation of unplanned pregnancy comes and kudos to all those single mothers out there struggling to care for that child…God help you all.

  15. chrles says:

    Waje is a bundle of talent…. too original

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