VIDEO: LeriQ, The Producer Behind Burna Boy & Aristokrat Records

Post by Ovie O, September 5th, 2013

This guy is the brain behind Burna Boy, Pucado and the rest of Aristokrat Records‘ smooth-sounding and well-produced music. He goes by the name LeriQ, and he’s SICK!

Finally we can put a face to the talent.


YouTube Preview Image

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8 responses to “VIDEO: LeriQ, The Producer Behind Burna Boy & Aristokrat Records”

  1. Nametalkam says:

    u try bro GUN SHOT TO LeriQ

  2. weahbaba says:

    cool headed dude!

  3. Someone_Special says:

    Call the paramedics! Well done

  4. 6ix says:

    i knew u way back and seeing u go this far make me believe dreams come true….thumbs up!

  5. Emmanuel Bassey says:

    fresh boy…..PH gat your back bro! u hv touch many of our lives wif your gift…

  6. Padi says:

    LeriQ = Eric Isaac Utere. Akwa Ibom representing!!

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