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IBK Spaceshipboi – Light In Me ft. TyChi

Post by Ovie O, September 5th, 2013

IBK Spaceshipboi is one of the leading lights when it comes to African Gospel Hip-Hop. In addition to winning the Don Jazzy #ENIGMA competition 2 years ago, IBK also has strong ties with Cobhams Asuquo, so you can tell he’s got a sound music background.

“Light In Me” (featuring TyChi) is new song in a line of excellent pieces dedicated to the Word of God. He raps as good as anyone out there and delivers his message in a way every listener can comprehend.

Listen/download and be blessed.


IBK-Light In Me2

DOWNLOAD (via iTunes).

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29 responses to “IBK Spaceshipboi – Light In Me ft. TyChi”

  1. Senator says:

    Dope……so Dope

  2. owolabz says:

    Wow! Wow! Nice one… Oluwa is involved

  3. inspector says:

    some one! call Jay-Z! this shud be his next signing! that's if this guy isn't signed already. my lord!!! fire smoking hot record.

  4. I am happy to bring you this news!

    IBK spaceshipboi drops new single (LIGHT IN ME ft TYCHI)! listen and download off itunes, googleplay, spotify, amazon etc. tell a friend.

    click link to the site below and download. support the ministry.

  5. JoJo says:

    listened once, hit the (download via itunes) button, now listening for the 7th time and counting. lol!!!! awesome music. If this guy is from naija, then naija is blessed. talent yakpa!!!

  6. paulmirabilis says:

    Omo, where has this guy been?…this is excellent!

  7. air-comodore briggs says:

    Dont expect this to rake in many comments here, the reason we all know; its not mediocre.
    Easily the best song i have listen to this year on njok. Brilliant. Blessed you are bro.

  8. This is genius! I've unknowingly listened to this like 1 million times!

  9. john brook says:

    omg! sick sick! jamming on my itouch so u knw i bought the jam! 🙂

  10. choi says:

    See talent..Warri na talent producing city biko dont hate, fro:..
    1. IBK
    2. Omawumi
    3. AY
    4. I go die
    5. Bovi
    6. Erigga
    7. Original stereoman
    8. Yung6ix
    10. Ali Baba
    11 ….infact this list no fit contain talent wey full troway for AREA

    AREA wado…

  11. IBK Spaceshipboi has been dropping gospel hits for like a decade now, its awesome to see him still waxing strong n fresh like he just started yesterday! kudos bruv! stay blessed!

  12. 9jafreak says:

    Usually, I don't do this but dear Lord this is outrageously dope!

  13. dhandy says:

    Now I just listened to arranged music.IBK’s productions are world class. Simply amazing El classico

  14. john brook says:

    who produced this jam? it is sick!!!

  15. iamrey says:

    Would love to hear IBK and VECTOR go on d same track..

  16. Shadi says:

    Good Job man..

  17. sick beat sick flo guy u gat it.

  18. NoHYPEfx says:

    awesomness… of the best rap pieces 2013

  19. Cece says:

    pure talent is all… been begging this lad to do something out of the "gospel" … not vulgar but just a lil more secular so a lot more peeps can hear him cause he's just really different… his accent, his mentality, his style… unique and darnnnn.. dis dude sings just as good or even better… i've known u since we was kids and still am intrigued.. turn up fam!

  20. @activ8ed says:

    if this guy wasnt doing gospel we for don de count am join the rop naija rappers… look at that kanye shit right there mix with something else

  21. omox says:

    This iS goOd muSic… … …

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