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VIDEO: Channel O Presents: Forbes Top 10 Most Bankable African Artists

Post by Ovie O, September 3rd, 2013

As announced before-hand, Channel O Africa, in association with Forbes Africa, presents a list of the Top 10 Most Bankable African Artists as of September 2013. The list was determined by several key factors including, but not limited to, other business ventures and current endorsement deals.

Who is making bank and who is talking smack? Wait no more. Check ’em out below.


Top-10-Most-Bankable-Urban-Music-Artists edit

10. Banky W

10 Banky W

YouTube Preview Image

9. Ice Prince

9 Ice Prince

YouTube Preview Image

8. Sarkodie

8 Sarkodie

YouTube Preview Image

7. Aselmo Ralph

7 Anselmo Ralph

YouTube Preview Image

6. 2face Idibia

6 2Face

YouTube Preview Image

5. Wizkid

5 Wizkid

YouTube Preview Image

4. D’Banj

4 D'Banj

YouTube Preview Image

3. P-Square

3 P-Square

YouTube Preview Image

2. Don Jazzy

2 Don Jazzy

YouTube Preview Image

1. Akon

1 Akon

YouTube Preview Image

Credits: Channel O Africa (@ChannelOAfrica @ChannelOTV)

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49 responses to “VIDEO: Channel O Presents: Forbes Top 10 Most Bankable African Artists”

  1. Justmy2Cent says:

    So M.I isn't rich as iceprince ?

  2. Naa… Like seriously, wizkid should be No. 1. Dat dude z currently d hottest African artiste. #Nolie

  3. EarsOfTheStreetz says:

    Good stuff, been wondering who'll do this. It would have been nice to see the actual worths of these guys. New content…these post hungry bloggers in naij should work on doing research and publishing exclusive content and not copy each other. This is a good step in the right direction

  4. Cheals(Wado) says:

    Who do this yeye report?


    hahaha DON JAZZYY no 2???
    Bankable Kor bankable ni,, List is Wack!!
    Looks like a crappy linda gossip ikeji compilation!

    list is so ff'd up!!
    Were is Fall Ipupa?
    OBO Davido?
    Ledendary youssou N'dour?
    K'Naan from Somalia (i mean Akon was included right?)

    What are the Criteria's of 'bankable'?
    Haha ice prince? nigQa lives in rented apartmt!

    list is as doggy as PDP.. i dear say durella should be on this list with the looks of things!!

  6. owolabz says:

    7 nigerians! i am very proud!

    Naija is africa and africa is naija… congrats guys, not a small feat. More grease to your elbows. This is just the begining…

    i have checked the list more than 4 times and my name isnt there lol… Chineke please don't forget your Son o.

  7. Dsam says:

    Scam Alert!!!

  8. SaySo says:

    hahaha many fuzzing because jazzy is before ejanla? Jazzy is not a mere producer, dude is to naija/africa what dr dre is to america/worldwide, dre is worth more than Wayne, Kanye, 50Cent…and the list goes on, yet he’s a producer. Let’s celebrate our own (naija has most usd billionaire/millionaires in africa). Artistes, invest wisely and spend less on chains – same shackles used for our forefathers is same shackles being used to slave they souls (bling bling)

  9. omobah says:

    Forbes or what is it called failed on this one big time.. The list is making me laugh..This is full crap

  10. Bugatti1 says:

    @justmy2cent @owolabz @yemi Buraimoh

    Meaning: Guaranteed to bring profit

    It clearly states "Bankable artist" not "richest artist"

    no disrespect just wanted to clarify!!!

  11. Dafido says:

    rubbish list, Iyanya is the richest musician now, N100m contract within a year, dbanj has done that before during Mohit days, Iyanya Uk/US Show Sold out, How come Sarkodia is richer than IcePrince, Wizkid just left EME and Davido might be richer than Wizkid as present, cos he was getting shows and paid directly to him, P-Square should make no.2, cos they have african concert sold out all times… Ojuro list

  12. air-comodore briggs says:

    I know emotion would override reason here as always, thus the saying… Reason is Greek, emotion is Nigerian. Simple English adjective has become complicated. Its worrisome to see aggressive ignorance on display amongst our so called schooled youth. So many exposed and uninformed at the same time. If you don't understand an exam question, how then can you answer it correctly?

    That said, I'm indifferent to the list whether it is random order or positional, whether it is gross, net or face value. I am more interested in their socio-cultural and moral value/worth. Have their fame and money enhanced anything other than their ego, do they have a high, low or zero nuisance value, how have they leveraged their popularity to advance values, are they raising or falling our hand, what is their commitment level to fighting social injustice, what cause(s) of human interest have they initiated, are involved in… etc. That is what matters ultimately not some economic advantage that serve no meaningful purpose.

    I congratulate 2baba on his recent peace project initiative and others thinking along altruistic line. To whom much is given much is expected. Obrigado

  13. SaySo says:

    Shebi una no see wetin Ovie write for the post ni “who’s making bank and who’s talking smack” una don dey talk smack here! Forbes don’t publish without checking and accountability, otherwise naija will dominate in world billionaire list, but you can tell forbes you made your fortunes being a PDP godfather or errand boy for otokoto and political hallelujah boy! This is about guaranteed cashflow, not family’s richest so make person no mention davido here again!!! Iyanya’s one album, one tour and 60m from mtn doesn’t bring him close to this list, abeg! Wizkid is highest paid pepsi Ambassador in Africa so is not smack, and the boy nacks shows more than hefner nackin’, ice prince 2nds him in terms of show bookings and ice singles sales more than gala/lacasera! Jazzy is well diversified so abeg look beyond his beats you dance to, Dbanj is no surprise, koko brand is faded!

    *check the score boards, numbers don’t lie*

  14. WilliamTakor says:

    These people should've made clear the difference between bankable and richest. They've just activated a shitstorm of ignorance.

  15. Mr k says:

    but most of y'all are retarded you no understand English

  16. well if producing oliver twist was one of d achievement that placed a producer in 2nd position then what abt the owner of the song, the artist that got paid for performing in different shows cos of the song; how about the CEO of EME records that had a cut on every shows and endorsements of wizkid(how many artist had more shows than him for the past 2 yrs, excluding 2013…maybe 1/2 ) #DoTheMaths ……The list is 95 % right but the positioning of the artist on the list is questionable

  17. Comment says:

    Na over-kaku go kill Nigerians! So bankable doesn't mean the richest? They listed their endorsement ,amounts of shows,albums sales which all = INCOME! and they're not talking about the richest? ok o

  18. Someone_Special says:

    Why do we always allow small things like this cause too much argument? They did their list based on their own criteria. I am pretty sure some of the artists listed here don't even take the list serious. "JUST LET IT GO"

  19. Man 2 Man says:

    I hope unna understand say this list was not done by NJO, its was done by Forbes (credible body).. so don't seat your YANSH home and think they don't know what they are doing..

    If your artist is not number one here, so be it.. let him work harder.. he might be number one next year..

  20. yusuf says:

    it"s so energetic………like whaooooo

  21. Pearl says:

    My peeps, this list is not on forbes website. Why the stress? I have typed this topic on their search engine, all i get is, “not found”.

  22. JAY says:


  23. seun says:

    forbes is not wrong here, take twitter presence and show off- take the fake million naira chapayne the guy was displaying- it says bankable not richest.

    in fact, you can be bankable and be very broke. take Saka for instance, nigga is bankable but was broke until MTN came to the rescue.

  24. gori guu says:

    I think pple are talkin too much here, instead we can also creat our list if we think we knw better. Whn black american entertainers tot de grammy ws side lining them they didn’t whine lke sm lil kids, they gv birth to de BET which today even awards africans. Let’s creat our own forbes nd we can hv a ‘ true representation’, word.

  25. Malon T says:

    Naija for us/ nigeria can be the most bankable country in the world cos of its reserve but it is not the richest. Example to them akpors in the house

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