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BlaqBonez – Warning (Yung6ix Diss)

Post by Ovie O, August 31st, 2013

I knew this would happen, but I didn’t expect a diss track to drop so soon. Yung6ix – in a Kendrick Lamar-esque manner – declared himself the “Best Rapper in Nigeria” earlier today via twitter, and “rapheads” have been buzzing ever since.

BlaqBonez is a name I literally just came across less than an hour ago after receiving this song via email. It’s a “Warning” shot to Yung6ix for making such a bold claim. Am I impressed? Hell yes! Hopefully this will turn out to be a stepping stone for this new kid on the block.

BlaqBonez 1-o Yung6ix. Who’s next?




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55 responses to “BlaqBonez – Warning (Yung6ix Diss)”

  1. Apuesto says:

    OKAY nau!!!>….. The battle line is drawn !…. Waiting for a reply from the self acclaimed "Best Rapper in Nigeria"

  2. otownbabe says:

    soooooooo happpyyyyy

  3. SAD says:


  4. Imo Gaius says:

    BlaqBonez, Yung6ix Jst Gave U A Lift In Lyfe……..#PERIOD.

  5. kendrick lamar says:

    yea nice one boy..You tryin do wat i did in america…lol..U should come to MADE IN AMERICA concert in philly.

  6. sholascott says:

    Looooooooool Do a better diss track , this one is wack !!!

  7. CORE says:

    Ok…Rap war awake….lets see who is betaa…

  8. air-comodore briggs says:

    @Ovie O, Oga sir, how did this qualify to be posted on njok FCOL (for crying out loud). We need to be apprised of njok's benchmark for songs' posting or else anybody who has just ended a skunk claro and in ephemeral euphoria would think his hallucination is worthy of your space. Would you ask this wannabe to say RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY 3 times pls.

  9. owolabz says:

    Is this a joke? This is yawning boring mehn…

  10. Cheals(Wado) says:

    Yungsix doesn't even have to replay cause this dude sucks, in the word of six this dude no go succesex sorry I meant success. If you want to diss someone you need to diss them not kiss ass.

  11. Dafido says:

    YungSix is best Rapper in 9ja, Period!! The boy is Hot

  12. forceofhundredhorses says:

    #fail!!!! blaqbonez go learn how to rhyme abeg!!! yung6ix aint the best rapper sha but hes better than your wack ass

  13. kenneth says:

    I actually liked the warning ….

  14. shattawale says:

    yung61x no even suppose reply dis guy..blaqbonez never reach

  15. jonx says:

    jobless pple(yung 6ix and blaqbones).dis guy just come spoil my favourite bornsinner track.lazy yung 6ix couldn't even drop bars to proclaim himself best rapper…beeeeetch nigga be tweetin smh!

  16. cee says:

    ~ Hiss… U re still learning… Maybe I should diss u for this track… "little dude rapper u misplaced ur lyrics on this track under the floor of ur tongue, raise ur tongue with ur toothbrush, u ain't no adviser of urself and stop diss'n…ur time aint even 1 oclock in rap game n u diss'n yungsix whose clock tick 6 o'clock…u ain't got no rap facts, slim lyrics…go back to ur mama womb…u b small boy…period".

  17. Music Lover says:

    So this could make it to NJO? Ovie is such a sick fellow who feels and thinks he's a celebrity on twitter. Pls get another job if you can't promote good stuff. NONSENSE

  18. Moshope says:

    i guess its either the yung6 himself replying verbally to all post here or his friends. cuz its only a deaf and dumb feelow willl say this kid didnt kill this track. and who is yung6 to say he is the best rapper.. as ruggedman said 'If You Have To SHooot, SHoot, Dont Talk" Go to the studio and drop something not just go to twitter and run ur mouth. glad our renounced rappers aint saying a word. NO TIME. SHout out to Modo, MI, SauceKid, Ruggedman.

  19. the fact is that this dude has that touch to be great….nice punch lines dude.

  20. Harwal says:

    Emeka God bless you my nigga, show that faggot nigga he ain’t shii, he stole ur line again, you gon end his career…… He ain’t even dissed him so yall fools should stfu……. He wanna diss him I bet this track will be a 5mins or longer track…… This is just a warning shot,… GOD bless you my nigga #teamblaqbonez #Hiphopinblaqyear….. Lol

  21. dayo says:

    Ovie u such a BITCH Wat and how did dis wack fuck get on when beatbuxx dropped their own ‘warning shotz’ tape u didn’t post it. Dumbfuck and u go ahead to post this crap mscheeewww! U r jus useless , pls stop postin rubbish

  22. OgaBosssss says:

    6ix can’t even beat phenom on a track & he calls himself ‘BEST RAPPER IN 9JA’? Defuq y’all saying? Blaqbones killed him,if your can’t reason with this track,your sense of music is a BISH.. Sick Verse Blaqbones

  23. KINGS says:


  24. Window says:

    I think Blaqbones was one of the contestants of the Don Jazzy 'Enigma' competition back in 2011 or 2012. Someone should correct me if I am wrong.

  25. meeee says:

    Mshewww…Una think una fit play Kendrick Lamar game for naija?..Na road side we go buy all una album or make we download ham burn ham for disc… Ewu

  26. concern says:

    This is dope, Don't even hate mhenn

  27. Anon says:

    On the real tho, looks like yung six sent his family members to spam comments. Blaq hit him hard.. big ups

  28. JUGNU says:

    no dis to blaq bones but this needs more Ether. NJO will always go for what will draw in views and comments so I won't even go that route. poor mix even if he said so, they could still have mixed it properly yet NJO will not post dope tracks by other hiphop artists. hphop is dead in naija. give it up….sans boogey,modenine and str8buttah.

  29. danco says:

    #notjustok wey my comment i posted wen did song show..all of una na mumu with yung6ix

  30. gaxkoin says:

    Young6ix is wack but blaqbonez is wacker looking for a loop hole to use and shine. Female MC’s like Splash, EVa, Muna, Pryse, Tesh Carter are far better than young666. I don’t want to mention MODE9 ( the Don in 9ja Rap) Male MC’s like Phyno, Phenom, Skales, Erigga, Nigga Raw, Raskid, Even Black rev. Way back. Are far better than young6. And he’s calling himself NO1 in9ja. Maybe NO1 in his Family. He doesn’t even have a single hit track and his yip yapping! Young6 is a Bagger and blaqbonez is Banglaset.

  31. James Papi says:

    blaqbonez mehnnn dat guy is so so hot, yung6ix trust me when I say don't go there, cus dis dude called blaqbonez wud kill u with rap ohhhh pls I am begging u ohhhhhh, omo nijja rappers dey vex!

  32. niggas be like, we must get famous… lol

  33. Mpayne says:

    Blaqbones…you need a solid backbone to stand up to young6. Tho, me not saying 6 is the best but he is better than this confused (w)rapper.

  34. nappy says:

    When I read the hype ovio gave this guy i was waitn to hear some fire bars but he gets an E for effort,in my opinion wack shouldn’t diss wack

  35. unknown says:

    una dey mad…make u guyz too go diss dat murdfckn youg6!! best rapper ma foot

  36. tusheghe says:

    blaqbonez killed yung6ix PERIOD!!!

  37. NoHYPEfx says:

    its only in nigeria that rappers like young6 can say they d best and boys like blaqbones can raise so much dust…. does dis show yall how much work needs to be done? plus all the emcees we got.. how many? sometimes i feel i just wanna ask us to forget rap and let em pop boys do their thing… this is what happens when lil wayne is your role model…lol

  38. @ClintonSpel Eleto Sweetpoison: bend ur head and let my truth pass joor…in as much as you hate to hear it, it's still the truth.

  39. SolitudeDaChosen says:

    what is this f*ckery?! smh…black bones ko

  40. choi says:

    illiterate mumu…people think using the "N" word make them hard, using derogatory words like the F word etc make them hard… or tattoos make you hard or somethign

    blaqbone is wack
    yungsix is wack
    some of the hardest men in my hood in warri growing up never used the N word or didnt have tattoos but go try them whether your mama no go cry

  41. BANKS says:

    This aint diss track buh you're gonna diss someone, meaning?

  42. Labasky says:

    Dis guy can sing some song o….. Because of him I come know of a rapper called young6…. I never 4 once listen to dat retarded voice of him that sounds like all those people selling bread on the road side… Man good job for putting dat pickin where en belong to…. well done boss

  43. Labasky says:

    Dis guy can sing some song o….. Because of him I come know of a rapper called young6…. I never 4 once listen to dat retarded voice of him that sounds like all those people selling bread on the road side… Man good job for putting dat pickin where en belong to…. well done boss


  45. imustwrite says:

    somebody should give this guy water…..hahaha.. he is a joke, stepping stone kho, climbing stop ni ….make em chop stone bah?

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