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Sina Rambo – Thank You Lord (Modupe Olorun)

Post by Ovie O, August 27th, 2013

Happy Birthday Sina Rambo!

To mark his birthday, the HKN rapper blesses us with a new mixtape single titled “Thank You Lord (Modupe Olorun)”.

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. If you’ve ever doubted it, Sina Rambo is living proof. He keeps getting better and better with each new material.

Look out for “Sisi Eko” video which is currently in the works.


Sina Rambo TYL Art

Produced by Maleek Berry. Co-Produced by Shizzi [DOWNLOAD]

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30 responses to “Sina Rambo – Thank You Lord (Modupe Olorun)”

  1. Nwa Aba says:

    Sweet jam. Good job Sina. You don try

  2. baddessst says:


  3. bolaspamemail says:

    Davido is a bad friend. Davido makes music the mass in Nigeria can relate to and he is rewarded with fans that love and adore him and also endorsements.. but he lets Sina Rambo break the naija music cardinal rule. rapping like an american…lol.. the regular danfo guy or lag person doesnt have time for this yankee stuff… lol smh!!!!

  4. bigerman002 says:

    FUCK UP SONG.. RUBBISH and notjust ok will keep posting crap

  5. vikchyy says:

    how u sing lik dis after so many year.. ovie oooooooo Y nah..

  6. Iamontwitter says:

    Oshey Sina I believe in you..Shoutout to Maleek and Shizzi standard beat…he sounded like T.i in the beginning and that's my best rapper so thumbs up (Y)…i'm now a fan

  7. owolabz says:

    Its an OKAY song but i don't think its NAIJA WORTHY….. Mr Sina, please give us the type of music every sule,ngozi and wale can dance/relate to.. Move with the time unless you'll get left behind bruv! Have you heard Skelewu / Caro etc ? You need to give us some bad @ss commercial joint(s) so you can be listed for upcoming concerts (december don come o) …………. While I applaud your effort, this one would not make my playlist..


  8. wiliamsn says:

    Nonsense!!!! mcheeewwww

  9. omekaarizona says:

    I am not surprise he can't give what he doesn't have bro

  10. login says:

    Not bad at alll

  11. -';'/´`')_ says:

    this boy doesnt know how to trend. phone davido

  12. weahbaba says:

    The naija market seldomly gravitates to this kind of sound. It's not a bad effort but the hardship in naija won't allow peeps to feel this, cus they wan't to dance and temporarily forget about their problems. Go commercial dude!

  13. Changeclothz says:

    Why u guys complaining this shitttt goooooooo harrrrddd!!!!!!

  14. ☤✡ Angel Junkie ✡☤ says:

    the fact that this guy has 15 coments in 10hr show that ppl r interested in him. the fact that the comments r mostly -ve n not ve shows that he is not living up to expectation. the jam no bad @all o but my own advice to SINA is ''keep doing ur thing ,thats the only way u grow, but know where u r and just fine-tune it a bit so it can gel well with ur AFRICANITY (lol grammar) ….infact scrap all i've said and work on ur delivery…its getting better tho ….@ the end of the day i'm rating this as music, not naija music or SA music or chin chong music…just music JUNKIE SCALE {{{7.0}}} ………….BTW hbd

  15. @lilpex says:

    This guy is giving his all, instead u guys motivate him…u keep pulling this dude down….nice one shina…..nice standard….his been release beautiful tracks like "sisi eko" now "thank God"….no look them shina…

  16. PiusIkedia says:

    Nice song joor.. he tried… haters gon hate

  17. FLY STUDZ says:

    me i love the song mehn.. i dont know what yall are going on about.. sina rambo has tried to do the dance dance una talk say im no try.. im don do the one wey fit im style naw, make sense.. you guys are naw saying you want dance…… this is a hit…. nice punch lines too… FLY STUDZ SAY SO

  18. FLY STUDZ says:

    Admit it. Dude has stepped his game up.

  19. Kalpriss Nnamdi says:


  20. John says:

    Great work! Keep it up!

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