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Morell – High On Rum

Post by Ovie O, August 22nd, 2013

Morell has always been a versatile artiste from Day 1. Singing is his mainstay. However, when he decides to spit bars, he does it as well as most full-time rappers. Listen to this fierce cut titled “High On Rum”.


Morell 1


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13 responses to “Morell – High On Rum”

  1. login says:

    See jaaaam!


    Menn These is the Jam jooor…..Morrell is Super Dope….

  3. weahbaba says:

    Thanks for sharing the info, lol. Good stuff sha

  4. UrFadaInit says:

    Dear Ovie O,

    It is 'Morell has always been' and not 'Morell has always being'

    Concerned notjustokIAN

  5. Nangamboko says:

    Guy, drop sep na EP nao? U're underestimating the size and loyalty of your fanbase o

  6. john says:

    Is this guy saying high on 'Rum' or 'Rome' ???? loool naija artists sha

  7. Onuoha Obinna Danielescu says:


  8. Someone_Special says:

    Rum na new kpef?

  9. Amaka says:

    Love it.. Im a big morell fan im so happy to hear dis jam it toooo baddddd

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